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Henry/Quotes (Awakening)

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Event tile and Barracks event quotes

I've seen a man transform into a raven before. Maybe with enough study...
— Henry, when gaining experience from an event tile or in the Barracks.
If practices makes perfect, then an extra bit of practice is perfectly fine by me.
— Henry, when gaining weapon experience from an event tile.
Ooh... Mysterious object!
— Henry, when finding an item in an event tile or in the Barracks.
Wow! My blood's pumping so hard today, I think my thumbs might explode!
— Henry, when getting a surge in the Barracks.
Do you think we could breed Risen in here? I love pets!
— Henry, when failing to get a reward in the Barracks.

Barracks greeting quotes

Hello, Robin. Taking a break to kick off a day of bloodshed?
— Henry, during the morning.
Hello, Robin. I sure do love lunchtime and ripping thumbs off!
— Henry, during the afternoon.
Hey, Robin. You think I'll melt my eyeballs if I stare at the sunset?
— Henry, during the evening.
Wow, Robin. Do you ever sleep? ...Wait, are you undead?
— Henry, at night.
Happy birthday, Robin! Good thing you lived to see it!
— Henry, on Robin's birthday.
Hello, Robin. Isn't the blood-red sunrise great?
— Henry, during the morning if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. Hope you're having a sidesplitting day!
— Henry, during the afternoon if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. I love when it gets dark. Spooky!
— Henry, during the evening if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. You're not going to sleep yet, are you?
— Henry, at night if married to Robin.

Event tile and Barracks conversation quotes

General quotes

You look happy as a hog! Were you out there playing with the crows, too?
— Henry, when asking a question about mood
Oh, no. I was just playing hide-and-seek with the nicest black cat. It's my lucky day!
— Henry, when answering a question about mood
Hey, I'm bored! Got any ideas about how to pass the time?
— Henry, when asking a question about hobby
I collect crow feathers. Maybe if I gather enough, I can fly. Fingers crossed!
— Henry, when answering a question about hobby
We all need a dream worth dying for. Or a death worth dreaming about! What's yours?
— Henry, when asking a question about dreams
I want to die a horrible, bloody death that's completely painless. ...I don't like ouchies.
— Henry, when answering a question about dreams
You fight really funny. We should try taking on the enemy together!
— Henry, when asking a question about fighting together
All right. We'll sweep up the enemy with my curses and your skills!
— Henry, when answering a question about fighting together

Quotes specifically with a lover

<Lover>, I love you so much, my spleen hurts. ...I hope that's normal.
— Henry, his "I love you" quote
I love you too! Since that's settled, can I hex you so you can't look at other guys?
— Henry, responding to his lover's "I love you" quote
<Lover>, you're as cute as a dead puppy. I'm head over heels for you!
— Henry, his "You're beautiful" quote
Woo-hoo! I've been told I grow on people. It's my secret power.
— Henry, responding to his lover's "You're beautiful" quote
Can I hold your hand, <lover>? I'm having morbid thoughts.
— Henry, asking his lover not to leave him
Don't worry. I won't die a gory death just yet. And no curse will ever part us!
— Henry, answering his lover when asked not to leave her
What have you got there, <lover>? And why are you trying to hide it?
— Henry, when offering his lover a gift
Oh, I made this trinket out of dread animal parts. You want it? It'd look good on you.
— Henry, when his lover offers a gift

Quotes specifically with a child

What's the future like, <child>? Do pegasi evolve into aquatic creatures?
— Henry, when asking a question about a child's life in the future
I mostly just sling curses and hang out with crows. But I'm not about to add deadbeat dad to my list of hobbies! I'll take care of you. Even if I die a horrible death, I'll protect you from the... Hey, why the long face?
— Henry, when answering a child's question about his/her life
You look beat, <child>. Want me to work out some knots? ...With a fork?
— Henry, asking a child if he/she is ill
Wow, you see right through me. ...Wait, does that mean I finally turned invisible?!
— Henry, answering a child asking if he/she is ill
<Child>, can I get you anything using the horrible power of dark magic?
— Henry, when offering his child a gift
Really? How about a sick weapon I can use to maim people and protect you?
— Henry, when his child offers a gift
<Child>, why don't we have a little mock battle? I promise not to curse you!
— Henry, when asking a child to train
Okay, but my magic is kind of scary, so we should set up a safe word first.
— Henry, when a child asks to train

Paired battle quotes

Go get 'em!
— Henry
Brace yourself.
— Henry
Try not to die!
— Henry
— Henry
This isn't so bad!
— Henry
Ooh, ugly!
— Henry
Good times!
— Henry
— Henry
Got you covered!
— Henry
What do you need?
— Henry
— Henry, performing a Dual Strike.
Me! Me! Me!
— Henry, performing a Dual Strike.
Have some more!
— Henry, performing a Dual Strike.
Just die already!
— Henry, performing a Dual Strike.
So long sucker!
— Henry, performing a Dual Strike.
Nice try!
— Henry, performing a Dual Guard.
Close save!
— Henry, performing a Dual Guard.
Do that again!
— Henry, if his partner defeated the enemy.
That was awesome!
— Henry, if his partner defeated the enemy.
— Henry, if his partner defeated the enemy.

Critical quotes

I'm gonna kill you!
— Henry
— Henry
Special delivery!
— Henry
Have some death!
— Henry

Level up quotes

Nya ha! I hardly learned a thing!
— Henry, when one or fewer stats grow in a Level Up.
Ooh, wow! When did I grow that?
— Henry, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
My body's pulsing! I wonder if I'll explode!
— Henry, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
I'm a hex of a lot stronger now, GET IT?
— Henry, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
I'm done growing... but still no sixth finger...
— Henry, when his stats are mostly capped and one or no stats grow in a Level Up.

Class change quote

This looks so silly! Can I keep it?
— Henry, when changing class.

Shop quotes

Yay! Excesssive spending!
— Henry, when buying items at a shop.
Should we mention the hex or just sell it as is?
— Henry, when selling items at a shop.
Ooh! Put spikes on it! Make it something brutal!
— Henry, when forging weapons at a shop.

Death/retreat quotes

It nice...
— Henry's defeat voice clip
Argh, this is the end for me... So dark... So quiet... So beautiful...
— Henry's death quote in Classic Mode
Nya ha, That got me good! I can't see with all this blood in my eyes... I better go...
— Henry's retreat quote in Casual Mode

Battle quotes

Victory quotes

— Henry
Yeah, blood!
— Henry
Line 'em up!
— Henry
Bye bye!
— Henry

Endgame: Grima quotes

I know the darkness is warm and delicious... But too much of a good thing is just bad!
— Henry
Hey, Robin, everyone's dying to see you alive. We're sick to death of death! That reminds me of a good one: two Risen, a wyvern, and a priest walk into a bar—
— Henry, if Robin sacrifices him/herself to kill Grima.
Oh, NICE! I'm still bleeding in, like, twelve different places! Look at all that blood...
— Henry, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima.
Just DYING to die, aren't ya! Yeah, well over my dead body! My bloody, crumpled corpse... All bruised and broken... Mmm...
— Henry, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima, and if he is married to Robin.

Against Deirdre in Champions of Yore 1

Deirdre: Must another battlefield run red with blood and sorrow?
Henry: Nya ha! That's what battlefields are for! Otherwise we'd call them "boringfields."

Against Deirdre in Champions of Yore 3

Henry: Wow, you're pretty! You wanna go out and loot graves sometime?
Deirdre: I do not. Such things bring only sorrow to the world.
Henry: Nuh-uh! See how happy I am? Oh well. I guess I'll just dismember you so we can go home.

Against Merric in Lost Bloodlines 2

Henry: Oh boy! You look like you're capable of all kinds of horrible torment.
Merric: I studied in Khadein. Would you like a demonstration?
Henry: Why don't we both go? Ready? On three. One... two...

Against Merric in Lost Bloodlines 3

Henry: Ooh! You look tough! I'm going to get splattered all over the place!
Merric: Er, if you know that, ought you not surrender? Ought you not leave?
Henry: What, and miss the best part? Not a chance! Nya ha ha!

Against Soren in Smash Brethren 1

Henry: Oh, are we fighting? Because I'm kind of powerful.
Soren: Why should I care? If you're an enemy of Ike's, you have to deal with me.

Against Soren in Smash Brethren 3

Henry: Ooh! You look dangerous. But you should probably clear out of here before I mangle you and stuff.
Soren: Your threats are only words. If you're an enemy of Ike's, you're my enemy, too.

Against Micaiah in Rogues & Redeemers 2

Henry: Are you sure you want to do this? I tend to make a mess of people.
Micaiah: All the more reason to keep you away from my friends!

Against Micaiah in Rogues & Redeemers 3

Henry: Hey, it's not too late to avoid being splattered all over the grass. ...I just thought I'd mention that. Seems like it'd be a shame to waste you...
Micaiah: Very kind of you. But I've managed to avoid getting "splattered" so far.
Henry: All right then... I wonder what happens if I do...this...

DLC battle quotes

Are you the one who stole my bag? Because the stuff in there'll probably kill you slowly and painfully. Just saying. Aw, but I'm a nice guy, so come here. I'll finish you off quickly. Hold still...
— Henry, in The Golden Gaffe.
Dead things! I love dead things! Especially when I get to kill them again. That's a very special experience. Ooh! After I kill you, do you think you could get back up again? Pleeeease?!
— Henry, in EXPonential Growth.
Dang! That's quite a nasty curse someone put on you. So if I strike you down, you'll come back as strong as before? Sounds like an eternity of agony... Where do I sign up?
— Henry, in Infinite Regalia.
The spikes here remind me of the ones back in wizard school. Whenever I did something naughty, they'd put me in a room like this. ...I almost died! It was neat. Still, nonstop pain is no fun for anyone, so I'll try to make this quick!
— Henry, in Death's Embrace.
Wow, just look at all this lava! It's like a river—no, a LAKE of blood! If I toss you in, which part of you do you think will turn to mush first? ...Aww, no pouty faces! I'll make sure you're dead before you splash down!
— Henry, in Five-Anna Firefight.
Aww, you peeked at the roster? Now you must know all my perverted little secrets. That's not fair! You'll just have to tell me YOUR how much you'll shriek when you die!
— Henry, in Roster Rescue.
Hey, jerk! Didn't anyone ever tell you it's not nice to hog the beach? Now I'm gonna have to chop you up and toss you into the sea. Oh, don't worry—there's plenty of hungry fish out there, nya ha!
— Henry, in Summer Scramble.
Ooh, hot springs! I've heard of these! You sit in the water for a while, and the minerals do stuff to your body. I wonder if the minerals can help me cast any awesome new dark magic!
— Henry, in Hot-Spring Scramble.