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Barrier (monster)

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Is ns01 barrier.png
Icon used by Barriers in Three Houses.

Reduces damage received and activates a barrier ability. Disabled in one blow when receiving a gambit or effective special attack.




Three Houses

Barriers (Japanese: 障壁 Barrier) are a form of defense used by monsters which debuted in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They are a special force that surrounds monsters, granting them enhanced survivability, as well as various abilities while they are present.


A barrier is present for each space a monster occupies, and each has its own durability independent of the other barriers. If a space with a barrier is targeted when attacking the monster, the damage dealt to the monster will be reduced, and they also gain access to their barrier abilities. Barriers will be weakened, and eventually destroyed if they endure up to two rounds of combat in which they take damage from their opponent. They will be destroyed instantly if they are the primary target of a gambit, or if they take damage from a weapon or a combat art that they are weak to. Destroying a barrier will deprive one of the monster's spaces of its power, and attacking the space will no longer invoke any barrier abilities or damage reduction for the monster.

When a barrier is destroyed, a monster will additionally be Is ns01 status confusion.png confused, preventing them from counterattacking, no matter which of their spaces is targeted. Destroying all of a monster's barriers results in an Is ns01 status paralysis.png armor break, a more severe form of confusion that also prevents the monster from acting during their next phase. Achieving an armor break will also reward the player with rare materials, such as ores.

If given the chance, monsters can repair damaged barriers or regain barriers that were destroyed previously, usually after preparing a Staggering Blow. Barriers cannot be repaired or regained if the monster was inflicted with an armor break, however.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
Three Houses
Is ns01 barrier.png Reduces all damage dealt to the user by 50%.
Grants access to the user's Barrier Abilities.
If an intact barrier is targeted -- --
Three Houses
(Enclosing Wall)
Is ns01 barrier.png Reduces all damage dealt to the user by 50%.
Grants access to the user's Barrier Abilities.
If an intact barrier is targeted -- Can only endure one round of combat before being destroyed.
Three Houses
(Dragon-Scale Wall)
Is ns01 barrier.png Reduces all damage dealt to the user by 70%.
Grants access to the user's Barrier Abilities.
If an intact barrier is targeted -- --
Three Houses
(Heavily Armored Wall)
Is ns01 barrier.png Reduces all damage dealt to the user by 50%.
Grants access to the user's Barrier Abilities.
If an intact barrier is targeted -- Will not inflict an Is ns01 status paralysis.png armor break to the user upon being destroyed.
Refreshes at the start of each turn.
Three Houses
(Essence Barrier)
Is ns01 barrier.png Reduces all damage dealt to the user by 70%.
Grants access to the user's Barrier Abilities.
If an intact barrier is targeted -- --


Three Houses

Unobtainable Exclusively used by monster classes

Barrier-exclusive abilities

While barriers can grant nearly any kind of ability when they are intact, there are also a select few abilities that are only available from barriers; most others can be obtained through other methods. The abilities that are exclusive to barriers are the following:


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Barrier --
Japanese 障壁 Barrier
Spanish Barrera Barrier
French Barrière Barrier
German Barriere Barrier
Italian Barriera Barrier
Korean 배리어
Simplified Chinese 防护障壁
Traditional Chinese 防護障壁



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