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Heaven Seal

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Heaven Seal

Is gba heaven seal.png
Icon of the Heaven Seal from Fire Emblem.

For lords above Lv. 10 who have been deemed worthy.



First game

Fire Emblem

A Heaven seal... It reveals hidden strengths. It only works for a select few, but...
— Pent

The Heaven seal (Japanese: 天の刻印 Heaven Seal) is a class change item which is exclusive to Fire Emblem. It is used to promote the game's three Lord characters, Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector. Two are made available in every playthrough of Eliwood's and Hector's tales, and can be used at any time to promote the mode's two secondary Lords. The story's primary Lord is not allowed to use these two, and will instead use a third one as part of a cutscene to automatically promote at the end of Chapter 27 (29 in Hector's tale) regardless of their level.

Heaven seals also play a minor role in the story of the game.


Only three Heaven seals are known to have existed in Elibe. Two of them originally belonged to Athos, while the third belonged to his apprentice, Pent. Pent gave his Heaven seal to Queen Hellene of Bern, a cousin of his own wife Louise, as a wedding gift when she married King Desmond. Hellene originally intended to save it for her son, Zephiel.[1]

When Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn approached Athos for help to defeat Nergal, Athos left one of the Heaven Seals with his servant, Hawkeye, as he accompanied them to Bern to find the Shrine of Seals. Hawkeye was instructed to present it to the group when he felt the time was right, but instead gave it to Pent and Louise, as he felt he could not tell when the right time occurs.[2] Pent later presented the seal to the trio at Bern Keep, when they fought off a Black Fang band led by Vaida. After saving Zephiel from assassination by the Black Fang, Hellene presented her Heaven Seal to the group as well, along with the route to the Shrine of Seals.[1]

The party's leader, Eliwood*/Hector*, tried to use these first two seals themselves, but found that the seals did not respond to him. His belief was that the seals did not find him worthy. After taking the Shrine of Seals and Ninian's abduction by Nergal, Athos presented the third Heaven seal to Eliwood/Hector and insisted that he take it despite his protestations. This time, the seal responded to Eliwood/Hector and granted him power.[3][4]


Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Fire Emblem Is gba heaven seal.png 1 20,000 Initiates class change for Lords at Level 10 or higher.
Does not work on Eliwood if playing Eliwood's Story, or on Hector if playing Hector's Story.


Fire Emblem

Event Eliwood's tale: Chapter 24, start of chapter if Hawkeye was still alive at the start of either version of Chapter 23 • Chapter 26, end of chapter
Hector's tale: Chapter 26, start of chapter if Hawkeye was still alive at the start of Chapter 25Chapter 28, end of chapter



Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Heaven seal --
Japanese 天の刻印 Heaven Seal
Spanish Sello celestial Celestial seal. Abbreviated to S celestial in gameplay for space reasons.
French Sceau aera Sky seal
German Himmelssiegel Heaven's seal. Abbreviated to Himmelssieg. in gameplay for space reasons.
Italian Sigil. cielo Heaven seal


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    Eliwood: Your Majesty?
    Hellene: This book contains the road to the Shrine of Seals. The seal was a wedding present from Count Reglay from Etruria. I was saving it for Zephiel, but… I believe at this time that you need it more. Furthermore, your path will remain clear for the next three days. No matter what happens during that time, Bern’s soldiers will not move. I can make no promises about the king’s own troops, though.
    " - Hellene and Eliwood, Fire Emblem
  2. "Hawkeye: I was holding this for the master.
    Pent: It’s a… Heaven seal!
    Hawkeye: Mm… There are only three in existence.
    Pent: What is Archsage Athos’s plan?
    Hawkeye: I’m to give it to them when the time is right.
    Pent: I see.
    Hawkeye: I… I might not know the right time when it comes. I want you to take care of it.
    " - Hawkeye and Pent, Fire Emblem
  3. "Athos: You must go to Ostia and take possession of Roland’s blade. But before you go… take this, Eliwood.
    Eliwood: This is… It’s a…
    Athos: That’s right, it’s a Heaven seal.
    Eliwood: I’m sorry, Lord Athos. These seals… They do not find me worthy.
    Athos: Trust me. Take it, and hold it in your hands.
    " - Athos and Eliwood, Fire Emblem
  4. "Athos: To find the legendary item, you must travel westward. But before that… Hector, this is for you.
    Hector: Huh? This is…
    Athos: That’s right, it’s a Heaven seal.
    Hector: Listen, Graybeard… I tried one of these earlier and… Well, nothing happened, OK?
    Athos: Trust me. Take it, and hold it in your hands.
    " - Athos and Hector, Fire Emblem

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