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Harvest Scramble/Script

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Frederick: Well, milord, here we are. This must be the place. Hmm? Look at all the people in the streets. And these decorations... It seems we've arrived amidst a festival of some sort.
Chrom: Looks that way, doesn't it? At least the town seems secure. Perhaps we might forget our troubles for a day and join the festivities?
Lissa: You mean it? I love festivals! Come on! What are we waiting for?
Chrom: Um, Lissa? Where did you get that hat?
Lissa: The nice man with funny sideburns gave it to me! Pretty cool, huh?
Chrom: ...Funny sideburns?
Vincent: Well, hiya there! Welcome to our humble little village, okay? It's not every day we get guests from another world, don'tcha know.
Chrom: Huh?! I know you! You're—
Vincent: The captain of the village cheer brigade, yessiree!
Chrom: Hmm...You do seem quite...cheerful...
Vincent: Well, of COURSE I do, Silly Billy! Our annual harvest fair just started! Singing, dancing—we're all just havin' a gay ol' time here, don'tcha know! ...What? Why are you staring like that? ...Is my wee little party hat crooked?
Chrom: N-no, it's just...uh... *Ahem* So! A harvest festival, you say?
Vincent: Oh yeah, you betcha! We got all kinds of fresh produce, plus games and prizes and fun at every stall! Take a gander for yourself— Oh, and don't forget to bring a friend! They say the fair has a special magic that brings folks closer together, ya know. There's so much to do and see and talk about! Oh, sooo much to talk about! You start chatting, and it's just blah-blah-blah this, and blah-blah-blah that... Blah-blah-blah the other one and blah-blah-blah don'tcha know and... Blah-blah-blah-blah! It's THAT much fun! People just won't shut up!
Frederick: *Ahem* Yes, I believe I see your point... Nevertheless, it seems a worthy endeavor to strengthen the ties between our troops. I shall inform the others.
Lissa: Ooh, I wonder who I should invite! Maybe Maribelle? Hey, mister, who are you taking?
Vincent: Me? Why, I'm so glad you asked! He should be here any second... Oh! There he is. ...Victor!
Victor: Vincent! Oh, Vincent! It's just terrible! Horrible! Awful, don'tcha know!
Vincent: What's wrong, Victor? Where's your party hat?! And your face—you look like you've seen a ghost!
Victor: I think I have, Vincent! Or a zombie at least. Monsters have invaded the village! They're shambling all over the square and being all moany and just spoiling everything!
Chrom: What?! Monsters?
Frederick: So much for forgetting our troubles…
Chrom: It can't be helped. If the village is in trouble, we have to lend a hand. Vincent, Victor—lead the way. We'll do all we can to help defend—
Vincent: Oh, Victor, you poor thing! Are you sure you're all right?
Victor: Just peachy, Vincent—not a scratch! But awww, that's just so sweet of ya to worry about me!
Chrom: Er, hello? Did you hear me? We're soldiers. My army can protect you from—
Vincent: Well, of course I was worried, Silly Billy! And I still am—let's getcha outta here! I say we run home, lock the doors and bar the windows, and wait for this to blow over.
Victor: Good idea, Vincent! You're just as sharp as a tack, ain'tcha? But don't worry—whatever happens, I'll protect ya, okay?
Chrom: ...Uh, guys?
Vincent: Aw, thanks, Victor! And I'll protect you too!
Victor: Aw, Vincent, you're a peach! We make sure a great team, don'tcha know!
Vincent: Yessiree! We faced that crisis head on, and together we made it though!
Chrom: No, you did not! The crisis is just starting, and you're planning to run!
Vincent: Huh? ...Oh! You're still there? You'd best be running too, don'tcha know! This is no place for a bunch of scrawny tourists, nosiree! Ta-ta now! (Vincent leaves)
Chrom: ...T-tourists?! Rrgh... Well, I guess it's up to us "tourists" to save their cheery backsides... Lissa, Frederick—rally the others!
Lissa: Does this mean we can still go to the fair? Yay!
Frederick: ......
Chrom: Frederick? What is it?
Frederick: Those two men…
Chrom: Oh, that? Heh, I know they came off as rude, but I'm certain it wasn't intention—
Frederick: N-no. It's just... Their concern for one another... Such dedication... It' inspiring...
Chrom: Excuse me?!
Frederick: Would that we all could demonstrate such compassion for our fellow man…
Chrom: Well, er, yes... I suppose that's one way of looking at it... But you do realize that—
Frederick: Milord, wait! *sniff* I have something to say!
Chrom: Oh, gods…
Frederick: From this day forward, let us, too, share such a relationship! I will be as your Vincent, milord, and you, my Victor!
Chrom: Would you just grab a lance and start killing things? That's an order!


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Chrom: ...There. I think we got them all.
Frederick: Well done, milord. Now the townsfolk can get back to their festival.
Lissa: Did you see the smiles on their faces?
Chrom: I did. There's no better reward for doing a good deed.
Vincent: Wow, Victor! You weren't kidding! The monsters have all disappeared!
Chrom: ...Well, look who's returned.
Vincent: Hmm? Oh, the tourists. You're still here? Are you all right? You're lucky those monsters didn't getcha!
Chrom: Actually, it was WE who got THEM. And it wasn't luck—it was courage and skilled fighting that won the day.
Vincent: Good griffons! You mean you're SOLDIERS? Well, why didn'tcha say so, for Pete's sake?!
Chrom: Just... Never mind...
Vincent: You're staring again... Is my party hat off kilter? Well, anyway—you saved our little village here, didn'tcha! That deserves a reward. Help yourselves to our produce—all you can carry! The least Victor and I can do is share the "fruits" of our labor. *wink*
Lissa: Really? Well, all right! In that case, I'll take all the fruit from here.
Chrom: Lissa, that's half the cart. How would you even carry it all?
Lissa: I won't have it for long. Watch this: HEY, EVERYONE! Free fruit! Come help me eat it!
Chrom: Lissa, slow down! If you trip carrying all that—
Frederick: Fear not, milord. I took the liberty of clearing the path of all pebble and other debris.
Chrom: Oh? ...Then for once I'm grateful for your fastidious nature, Frederick.
Frederick: Thank you, milord.
Chrom: ......
Frederick: Milord? ...Is something else troubling you?
Chrom: No, it's just... It's so peaceful here. Look at all these happy villagers.
Frederick: Indeed... Once again the streets are filled with the sounds of laughter and celebration.
Chrom: We saved this town. We kept the peace…
Frederick: It was a good day for the Shepherds.
Chrom: ...No. Not yet.
Frederick: Beg pardon, milord?
Chrom: Once we bring peace to Ylisse—THEN we can call it a good day.
Frederick: We will. Don't you doubt it for even a moment. And once Ylisse IS safe, we'll throw our own harvest fair! We'll invite Lissa, Robin...everyone! The entire kingdom! And you and I will co-captain the cheer brigade, just like Victor and Vincent! Perhaps they might teach us a few of their tandem harvest-dance routines if we—
Chrom: *Ahem* WELL, would you look at the time! The festival fireworks start in just five or six hours—we'd best hurry to secure seats!