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Happy New Year!/Script

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Part 1: New Year's Greetings


Anna: Kinga shinnen!
Sharena: Commander Anna, what language is that? I’ve never heard anything like it!
Anna: It’s how they say "Happy New Year!" in Hoshido. Kinga shinnen!
Sharena: Kinga shinnen! How cool!
Anna: And with that, let’s move out! Our next mission takes us to Hoshido, where they’re currently celebrating the new year!

(scene change to the map screen)

Corrin: Look, Takumi! I got "daikichi"! That means I’ll be really lucky, right?
Takumi: Yes, but… Why are you so excited over a silly fortune? They’re just a bunch of nonsense if you ask me.
Corrin: Wow, this fortune goes into extra detail. "You will get along with your brothers in the new year." How about yours, Takumi? What does your fortune say?
Takumi: It says… Ugh, never mind what it says. The enemy has arrived. We must fight to abide by the contract.


Takumi: We have no choice but to retreat for now.
Corrin: I think you’re right… Oh, that reminds me. What did your fortune say?
Takumi: You remember now, of all times? Ugh, it said…"You will get along with your brothers in the new year." Now let’s get going!

Part 2: Princesses at the Shrine


Camilla: This Hoshidan kimono is lovely, but it just doesn’t seem…quite my style.
Azura: I can’t say I’m surprised you feel that way, Camilla. Though, I am surprised you chose to accompany me on my first shrine visit of the new year.
Camilla: It’s called “hatsumode,” right? And of course I’m glad to go with you, Azura! We are sisters, after all.
Azura: Thank you, Camilla. It makes me happy to hear you say that.
Camilla: And since we’re in Hoshido, my dear little sister… Heehee, feel free to call me “oneesan” for the day!
Azura: Umm… Are you…sure?
Camilla: Absolutely! There’s no reason to be embarrassed. Like I said, we’re sisters. Oh, but maybe "oneechan" would be better…?
Azura: Well… Let me think it over…


Camilla: I think we need to fall back. Stay close, Azura.
Azura: Of course, Camilla… Um… Oneesan…
Camilla: Heehee. We’ll get along as sisters just splendidly, I’m sure.

Part 3: Wishes for the New Year


Corrin: You’ve arrived. Once this battle is decided, we’ll be free.
Takumi: I can’t believe our luck. The year’s barely started and we’re already being made to fight!
Camilla: It’s not all bad, is it? At least I get to spend time with my little sister.
Azura: This is our first real battle at the dawn of a new year. Shall we begin?


Azura: Does this mean…you’ve demonstrated your strength? We owe you our thanks for that. The next time we meet, we’ll lend you our strength in return. Farewell until then!
Anna: Well, that wraps this mission up. But since we’re here…how about we do hatsumode too?
Sharena: "Hatsumode"? What’s that?
Anna: It’s a sacred rite where everyone prays at a shrine and sends their wishes to the gods. Hmm… And our prayer should be, "May Anna and the Order of Heroes have a very profitable year!" Or maybe something like, "May the Order of Heroes receive a bigger budget in the new year!" No, more like, "May I receive a great amount of money!" No, "An obscene amount of money!"
Sharena: Ohh, I understand. But what should I wish for? Hmm… What will your wish be, Alfonse?
Alofnse: I think…I’ll wish for world peace.
Sharena: There you go again! Always with the perfect answer. Well, I’ll wish to get along with my brother. That way, the two of us won’t ever grow apart! Oh, but I don’t want to grow apart from Kiran or Commander Anna, or the Heroes… I’ve got it! I’ll wish to get along with everybody, forever!
Anna: Well, let’s go, everyone! It’s about time this rite got started. First, put your hands together like this… May this new year be as good as the last.
Alfonse: May this be a good year.
Sharena: May this be a good year!