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Gunter/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

I'm impressed with how dedicated you are, Lord/Lady Corrin. Be sure to rest, though.
— Gunter, when encountered by the player.
I'm just about to set out on patrol. I'll seek you out later if there is anything to report.
— Gunter, when encountered by the player.
I'm thankful for all you've done to bring us together like this, Lord/Lady Corrin.
— Gunter, when encountered by the player.
Lord/Lady Corrin, how is this day treating you?
— Gunter, when encountered by the player.
Sorry to be brief, but I'd like to use this free time to sneak in some training.
— Gunter, when encountered by the player.
There's a fierce battle coming. I'll stay close and protect you, Lord/Lady Corrin.
— Gunter, when encountered by the player.
My appearance reflects my commitment to my liege. Perhaps an accessory is needed...
— Gunter, asking for an accessory.
Your kindness is most moving, Lord/Lady Corrin. Thank you.
— Gunter, receiving an accessory he likes.
I am humbled to have you acknowledge my birthday, Lord/Lady Corrin.
— Gunter, receiving an accessory he likes on his birthday.
...Lord/Lady Corrin, when giving a gift, it's important to think about the recipient.
— Gunter, receiving an accessory he doesn't like.

Event and conversation quotes

I feel 20 years younger today... I bet I could train a little harder.
— Gunter, gaining a surge in My Castle.
I keep my weapon in perfect condition- you never know when my liege will need me.
— Gunter, gaining weapon experience from an event tile or My Castle.
To think someone would misplace something like this...
— Gunter, when finding an item in an event tile or My Castle.
Fresh vegetables make for healthy soldiers. You should partake too, milord/milady.
— Gunter, when at the cabbage patch.
Pardon me for asking, but I'm curious—how do you spend your free time?
— Gunter, asking someone about their free time.
I fill my time with exercise and reading. I must maintain my regimen.
— Gunter, answering a question about her free time.
Together, we can forge the way to victory... Will you fight by my side?
— Gunter, asking someone about fighting together.
You would fight by my side? As you wish. Know that I don't hold anything back.
— Gunter, answering a question about fighting together.

Shop quotes

May I assist you with something else?
— Gunter, when Corrin decides or declines to do anything else in his shop.


Stronger weapons? Silly without a sure hand.
— Gunter, when one of his weapons is forged.

Prison quotes

This is the prison. I don't know why you would ever want to see this place...
— Gunter, when in charge of the prison.
I want you to understand one thing. I may have to resort to drastic measures.
— Gunter, when asked to persuade a prisoner.

Arena quotes

Welcome to the arena. I may not be young, but I don't plan on losing this fight.
— Gunter, when selected to fight in the arena.
Experience trumps youth.
— Gunter, after winning a fight in the arena.
I wish I could have done more to win...
— Gunter, after losing a fight in the arena.

Mess Hall quotes

Hmph... I suppose it is my turn to show off my skills in the kitchen.
— Gunter, when on chef duty.
Just wait here.
— Gunter, when given the ingredients to make a meal.
Ah, here you go. I remember when I first gave you cooking lessons.
— Gunter, after cooking an okay meal.
Hmph! Well, that's...different. This dish doesn't taste quite like I expected.
— Gunter, after cooking a terrible or delicious meal.
What's this—something that's truly delicious?
— Gunter, after eating a delicious meal.

Private quarters quotes

May I assist you, milady/milord? We must keep your things in working order.
— Gunter, being invited to the private quarters.
This seems like the perfect opportunity for a hot cup of tea.
— Gunter, being invited to the private quarters.
Excuse me, milord/milady. I hate to intrude, but we have a few matters to discuss.
— Gunter, being invited to the private quarters.
Perhaps next time we could get into a sparring match or two?
— Gunter, bonding in the private quarters.
This room is quite comfortable. Please invite me back next time.
— Gunter, bonding in the private quarters.
You have my undying loyalty.
— Gunter, bonding in the private quarters.
Thank you for spending your time with me. I will never leave your side so long as you need my help.
— Gunter, bonding in the private quarters.
I never dreamed you and I...? But so it is.
— Gunter, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
I'm not sure what you've come to see in me. But I am so happy.
— Gunter, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
A kiss to inspire my lady love...? Ah, I fear I'm a bit rusty.
— Gunter, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
I thought I would be alone for the rest of my life. You changed that. My heart was a dying fire... You rekindled my flame.
— Gunter, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.

Battle quotes

In the name of the king of Valla, I sentence DEATH!
— Gunter, as the boss of Revelation Chapter 26
Gunter: Welcome, Corrin! Do you still think you can try to sway me with your mutterings of trust and belief?
Corrin: Of course. I believe in you, Gunter.
Gunter: Your foolishness is just impressive. That's all right, though. If thinking as you do will be a comfort as your life fades, then be my guest!

— Gunter fighting Corrin in Revelation Chapter 26

DLC battle quotes

Perhaps I should let one of the youths have a shot at defeating you instead... It seems wasteful for an old soldier like me to reap the benefits.
— Gunter, in Boo Camp
At my age, night watch isn't as easy as it once was. But I will not make excuses! I am— Zzzzzz... Huh?! Pardon me. Let's go!
— Gunter, in Ghostly Gold
Heh. Young people always think shiny new tools will make them stronger. But what counts is your resolve. You—come! Let us test yours.
— Gunter, in Museum Melee
I feel like I'm seeing double...or worse. Is this some trap? Some illusion meant to throw me off my game? Because I may be old, but these eyes are still sharp to spot a target.
— Gunter, in Anna on the Run

Paired battle quotes

This one's not afraid to die.
— Gunter
Stand firm.
— Gunter
Allow me to join you.
— Gunter
Age before beauty.
— Gunter
We will not fail.
— Gunter
Listen to your elders.
— Gunter
You have my support.
— Gunter
I live to serve.
— Gunter
Remain focused.
— Gunter
Reminds me of the old days.
— Gunter
Too slow!
— Gunter, performing a Dual Strike.
Need a hand?
— Gunter, performing a Dual Strike.
— Gunter, performing a Dual Strike.
Your flank is open!
— Gunter, performing a Dual Strike.
It's not your time yet!
— Gunter, performing a Dual Guard.
Watch your back, child!
— Gunter, performing a Dual Guard.
You're lucky I'm here!
— Gunter, performing a Dual Guard.

Critical quotes

A grave mistake!
— Gunter
I will cut you down!
— Gunter
I will have my revenge!
— Gunter
This ends now!
— Gunter

Victory quotes

War and I go way back.
— Gunter, after defeating an enemy.
— Gunter, after defeating an enemy.
Age and guile.
— Gunter, after defeating an enemy.
I won't die here.
— Gunter, after defeating an enemy.
— Gunter, after defeating an enemy.
Still got it.
— Gunter, after defeating an enemy.
I appreciate your help.
— Gunter, if his partner defeated the enemy.
Well done!
— Gunter, if his partner defeated the enemy.

Level up quotes

At my age, I'm lucky I don't feel weaker.
— Gunter, when one or fewer stats grow in a level up.
Guess I can learn new tricks...
— Gunter, when two or three stats grow in a level up.
It feels good to be in action again!
— Gunter, when four or five stats grow in a level up.
Unbelievable! Was I always this strong?
— Gunter, when six or more stats grow in a level up.
I am well past my season of growth.
— Gunter, when his stats are mostly capped and one or fewer stats grow in a level up.

Defeat quotes

— Gunter's defeat voice clip.
You don't live as long as I have without learning when to withdraw from battle.
— Gunter's defeat quote in Casual Mode.
I may be old...but I can't die yet. I'll retreat and protect Lord/Lady Corrin another day...
— Gunter's defeat quote in Classic Mode.
How are you...this powerful? Anankos...
— Gunter's defeat quote in Revelation Chapter 26.

Endgame quotes

I forbid you to die, milord/milady. No good could possibly come of it.
— Gunter in the Conquest Endgame