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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Gordin's paired base conversations.

Gordin and Kris

First conversation

Gordin: Hmmm...
Kris: Sir Gordin, is something troubling you?
Gordin: Oh, hey Kris. It's nothing important, but... Kris, how do I look?
Kris: Huh? I'm not exactly the best person to ask for fashion advice...
Gordin: No, I was just thinking... I've never really had any presence.
Kris: Presence? You mean, like Sir Jagen?
Gordin: Yeah, the kind of presence people recognize from a glance: the kind that makes you nervous even when you've done no wrong. I've got a kiddy face, so I don't look like a senior knight much. The worst part is when I look even younger than you...
Kris: Indeed...
Gordin: It was like that the last time I watched the new knights training. When the young apprentice knights passed by me in the castle, they'd say "you do your best, too!" I can't help but think they mistook me for an apprentice like themselves...
Kris: S-so you've experienced that.
Gordin: That's not all, some even wanted me run errands for them... Because of things like that, I want to become respected. Kris, could you tell me if you ever find a good way?

Second conversation

Gordin: Kris! Training again today, huh?
Kris: S-sir Gordin?
Gordin: Good work! That's what an Altean knight is made of! But don't think I'll be left in the dust!
Kris: ... ...What's the matter? Do you have a fever?
Gordin: What? No... Sorry. Was I really that weird?
Kris: If you must ask... Yes, you were.
Gordin: I-I knew it... I thought I'd become more dignified by changing the way I speak... So I tried to mimic the tone of a senior knight I respect, but...
Kris: I see...
Gordin: I guess I really can't be somebody I'm not. Kris, do you have any ideas on what I should try next?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: I don't know if it'll help, but... What do you think about changing your looks?
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Hmm... What do you think about changing your looks?

Gordin: Hey, good idea. I should make myself look more imposing... Maybe I ought to grow a beard. Kris, do you think I'll look dignified with a beard?
Kris: ... ...Pff!
Gordin: D-did you laugh? You imagined me with a beard and laughed, didn't you?
Kris: S-sorry. I didn't mean...
Gordin: No, it's fine. I guess it really wouldn't suit me... What am I supposed to do...?

Third conversation

Gordin: Hey, Kris. You training too?
Kris: Yes, are you as well, Sir Gordin?
Gordin: Yes. I decided to leave the "presence" matter for now, and do my best on training. I figured that if I became more useful in battle, I'd naturally look more imposing.
Kris: So that's why. I noticed you've been fighting far better as of late, Sir Gordin.
Gordin: R-really? That makes me happy. So do I look dignified now?
Kris: Not really.
Gordin: I-I see...
Kris: However, isn't it fine for you to stay like this, Sir Gordin?
Gordin: Eh?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: I think your approachability is a quality others lack. I believe the reason they greeted you, being anxious new knights themselves, was because you left them at ease.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: I think your approachability is a quality others lack. I, too, feel at ease when you're by my side, Sir Gordin. I believe the reason they greeted you, being anxious new knights themselves, was because you left them at ease.

Gordin: I-is that so?
Kris: Yes. Also, when people have worries that they find hard to divulge... They feel like they can discuss them with you, Sir Gordin. For instance, say... If somebody is distressed about love... Were they to thoughtlessly talk to Sir Jagen about their problems...
Gordin: Ahaha, that wouldn't do. He'd flay them alive! I can hear him already: "You forget your duty as a knight!" You're right! B-but keep this a secret from Sir Jagen, would you? Don't tell him I said that. If this leaks out, he'd flay ME alive...
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Haha. Of course, Sir Gordin.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Heehee. You have my word, Sir Gordin...

Gordin and Jeorge

First conversation

Gordin: Gasp! Yah!!
Gordin: One, two, three... Whew, five, huh.
Jeorge: Aren't you full of enthusiasm today.
Gordin: Ah, Master Jeorge! W-were you watching?
Jeorge: I was indeed. That's an awfully straight face for someone doing something so fun.
Gordin: That's mean, Master. You could have said something if you were watching.
Jeorge: Watching over his little student's staggering efforts is the duty of a teacher, is it not?
Gordin: Knowing you, you were probably laughing at me instead...
Jeorge: That WAS the idea, but... I got distracted.
Gordin: So you were planning to laugh after all.
Jeorge: Shaking the tree with your first shot... Then hitting as many falling leaves as you could with your second shot. I'm impressed. In your first shot, you put in all your strength... In the second, concentration and precision are key. Moreover, if those two shots aren't fired in rapid succession, then there aren't any leaves left to shoot. Pretty well thought out, if you ask me.
Gordin: That's Master Jeorge for you. You've seen right through my training!
Jeorge: So, the secret of Altea's finest archer has come to light.
Gordin: Ah, no, you're exaggerating, sir...
Jeorge: No, I really am not. Look at you, You were a child -a mere apprentice when we met. And now... you've grown so much.
Gordin: It was all thanks to your guidance, Master.
Jeorge: Hahaha, flattery will not get you everywhere. ...But, it's true. As your master, I ought to give you one last lesson.
Gordin: One last...?
Jeorge: Stand back, Gordin.
Gordin: Y-yes.
Jeorge: Uh... Hyaah!!
Gordin: W-what!?
Jeorge: How many?
Gordin: T-twelve...
Jeorge: Heh. Not too shabby for my first try.
Gordin: That... that's just so cool... Argh, and I thought I was doing pretty good too...

Second conversation

Gordin: Err... Nine this time... Guess I'm still no match for Master.
Jeorge: I see your defenses are still wide open.
Gordin: Whoa!! W-what... Wait, Master Jeorge! Don't just appear outta nowhere and poke me! It tickles!
Jeorge: Oh come on. Get over it. What would you do if an enemy poked you in the ribs, huh?
Gordin: With all due respect, no self-respecting soldier spends their time poking people in battle.
Jeorge: Heh... Well, indeed. If I were on a battlefield, I'd use a dagger, not my finger.
Gordin: P-please don't say things like that. You're kind of creeping me out.
Jeorge: I'm joking. Anyway, how is it going?
Gordin: Well, I've improved a little, but I'm still no match for you, Master.
Jeorge: So you can't measure up, huh? If you say so, then it has to be true.
Gordin: W-what do you mean?
Jeorge: ...You have talent. Those around you recognize that, too. However, you still lack something crucial.
Gordin: Something crucial?
Jeorge: Self-confidence, in other words. You don't seem to have noticed, but you're too easily swayed by others. That pure, modest heart of yours is powerful, but it is also your weakness.
Gordin: What do you mean?
Jeorge: I mean you vacillate. Ergo, you aren't sure of yourself, and you let others influence you. And that hesitation, however slight, affects the arrows you shoot.
Gordin: My hesitation, and my arrows...
Jeorge: Steel yourself, Gordin. Get over your self-esteem issues, and you won't lose to anyone. Not even me.
Gordin: Y-yes sir!

Third conversation

Jeorge: ...
Gordin: ...Here goes nothing. Hmm... Hyah!!
Jeorge: Hm, that's...!
Gordin: Eleven, twelve, thir...teen!
Jeorge: Well done, Gordin. You've finally surpassed me.
Gordin: No way. I'm nowhere near your level yet. But... it doesn't really matter. I'm me, and that's that. I'm through with using everyone else as a benchmark. I'll improve by myself, not because I think I'm better or worse than someone else.
Jeorge: ...That's good to hear. Truly, you're you. There's no need for you to be led astray by others' opinion.
Gordin: Yes. I'm still kind of childish though. Master, I'm counting on your guidance!
Jeorge: Heh, you haven't a drop of arrogance in you. You really are something else.

Gordin and Ryan

First conversation

Ryan: Brother!
Gordin: Hey, Ryan. Whoa... It seems you've grown taller since I last saw you at home.
Ryan: Not only am I now taller, my skill with the bow has improved as well! Though my hand kinda hurts.
Gordin: Hmm? Yikes... That's got to hurt. We need to apply some medicine.
Ryan: Yeah. But Brother, your hands used to be like this, too.
Gordin: Not as much now. ...But if your hands hurt too much, you might not be able to hold a bow straight.
Ryan: Well, I have been training every day...
Gordin: Plus, that bow might not be suited to you. ...Alright, then let's train together again. I'll see what the problem is.
Ryan: S-sorry for being a pain... ...
Gordin: Oh, but you've become much better compared to before. I was surprised when I saw you fighting earlier.
Ryan: Ah! Were you watching?
Gordin: Yes, I was in a position that allowed me to watch you. Although, watching you made me a bit anxious.
Ryan: In that case, I'll have to train harder so, next time, you'll be able to watch me without worrying!

Second conversation

Gordin: Hey, Ryan. Have you seen Kris?
Ryan: Kris? He/She was here until a moment ago. Kris!!! ...He/She doesn't seem to be around.
Gordin: Ryan... You've become stronger.
Ryan: Why do you say that?
Gordin: Before, you'd never shout for anything.
Ryan: ... I think you should thank everyone in the 7th Platoon.
Gordin: Yeah... Sounds likely. Then, perhaps I should have you make a speech in front of everyone?
Ryan: What!? I-I'm not ready for something like that yet. If it's a speech you want, ask Kris, not me...
Gordin: Ahaha, I see. So that's still hard for you. Though I'm not good at making speeches either.
Ryan: Don't make do what you can't, Brother...
Gordin: But I think that alone should allow me to write a good reply.
Ryan: What reply?
Gordin: Mother was worried about you, so she sent me a letter. I think it'd sound better if I could say you made a public speech, but...
Ryan: Wha-! Err, I'll go look for Kris...!

Third conversation

Gordin: Your hand should be fine now, though it might hurt a bit to hold a bow, for a while.
Ryan: Thanks, but I wonder if I've gotten as good as you now, Brother?
Gordin: Indeed. If we leave the experience in, er, odd battlefields aside, you might be even better...
Ryan: What? You're exaggerating. And who was it that saved me in earlier battles...?
Gordin: And you did the same for me. Ryan, you're already a veteran knight.
Ryan: Brother... I volunteered to be an Altean knight because I was watching your back, following your stepts. ...And that's why it makes me happy to hear that kind of praise from you.
Gordin: I feel awkward if you say it that openly. But Ryan, I hear a weapon user shouldn't show the palm of his hand to others.
Ryan: Why is that?
Gordin: By looking at the thickness of one's hand and fingers, one's blisters and calluses, one's habits and ability can be deduced. It's the same as showing your hand to the enemy.
Ryan: Wow... In that case, we need gloves to battle, right?
Gordin: You needn't go that far... There aren't many who can tell all that just by seeing your hand. I know I can't.
Ryan: Oh, then we'll know which of us is better if we ask someone who can!
Gordin: Indeed... But if I were told that you're better than me now, I think I'd feel depressed. ...I think I'll go train.