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Glorious Gifts/Script

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Part 1: An Enchanting Sight


Sharena: At long last, the wait is over! Bring on the wintertime celebration!
Alfonse: Try to control yourself, Sharena. Hold a moment. Is that who I think it is?
Laevatein: This must be the winter festival. The way the land seems to glitter… It’s actually rather lovely.
Laegjarn: It is an enchanting sight, is it not? I am pleased to be able to experience it alongside you, Laevatein.
Sharena: The Princesses of Múspell? But Princess Laegjarn, she…
Alfonse: Yes, but it appears these two hail from a different world than ours.
Laegjarn: All the spoils of victory shall belong to you today, dear sister.
Laevatein: Nonsense, Laegjarn. I insist that we divide our winnings evenly.
Sharena: Sisterly love… Oh, I’m getting misty! That’s it—I’ve decided. If I win, I’m going to share with everyone!
Alfonse: Wonderful. Wait… What was your original plan, then?
Sharena: Never mind that! Time to get started!

(scene change to the map screen)

Sothis: The customs of other worlds are strange indeed. Is fantastical garb such as this truly traditional?
Nino: Don’t be shy, Sothis! The tree look is wonderful on you. Your green hair really makes it!
Sothis: It is unclear to me what is wondrous about looking like a fern.
Zephiel: Shall we table this discussion, for the moment? Our opposition has arrived.
Nino: Right! Let’s win this thing, so we can pass out all the gifts!


Zephiel: It appears we are at a disadvantage. Let us retreat and regroup, while we still can.
Nino: If only Jaffar was with us now… Ah, well. Let’s pull back!
Sothis: Until we meet again!

Part 2: Delight in Battle


Elice: Warm winter greetings to you all! It is an absolute pleasure to be here. I am sincerely delighted!
Marth: This is a battlefield, Elice. You could stand to be a little less delighted.
Elice: With this festive atmosphere, how could I? Just look at our beautiful reindeer man, here!
Jaffar: My name is Jaffar.
Elice: Of course—my apologies! It’s just…a bit difficult to see past the antlers, that’s all.
Jaffar: Right…


Marth: We’d best retreat for now, Elice.
Elice: These foes are a bit much for us, aren’t they? Very well, let’s!

Part 3: A Vigorous Jingle


Marth: Time to tie this winter festival off with a neat little bow, wouldn’t you say?
Elice: Yes! Let’s finish it with a bang—or a vigorous jingle, at least!
Nino: I believe in us! Let’s see it through all the way to the end!
Jaffar: The sooner the better.
Zephiel: Though I am loath to part ways with present company, I would like to know how my sister is faring.
Sothis: Come! The night’s entertainment is not nearly done!


Sharena: We’ve done it! Victory is ours!
Laevatein: Defeated… Forgive me, dear sister.
Laegjarn: No, Laevatein. It is I who should beg forgiveness. I had hoped to give you a glorious present…
Sharena: Well, why don’t you take these?
Laevatein: You’re…truly offering?
Sharena: Of course! If I’m passing out gifts, it would be rude not to include you.
Laegjarn: That is very kind, Princess Sharena. We shall humbly accept. Laevatein, I hope you will be pleased with this as a winter festival gift.
Laevatein: Very much, Laegjarn. Thank you. Will you accept this from me, in kind?
Laegjarn: Very gratefully. To receive such a gesture from you… My heart melts as softly as snow…
Alfonse: Look how happy you’ve made them, Sharena. That was quite a good deed.
Sharena: I’ve realized something important today, Alfonse. Giving out presents is even better than receiving them!
Alfonse: Well said indeed.
Sharena: That’s why, when I ask for presents from the winter festival envoy, I’ll ask for gifts to give everyone else!
Alfonse: Very good. Wait, what?
Sharena: I’ve been well-behaved this year, haven’t I? I’ve earned lots of gifts! Hear that, winter festival envoy? Mark that on your list!
Alfonse: Sharena, the winter festival envoy is… No, you know what? Never mind.