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Gift of Ganglari/Script

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If Corrin is male, Felicia will feature. If Corrin is female, Jakob will feature instead.


(Kingdom of Nohr: Capital of Windmire. The camera moves through Castle Krakenburg, arriving at Corrin and his/her siblings, entering the castle. At one point, Elise waves at Corrin to catch up, before joining the others. The scene then fades to inside the castle.)

Garon: I see you made it here safely, Corrin.
Corrin: Yes, Father. Long have I wished to see you and visit Castle Krakenburg again. I feel like I'm dreaming...
Garon: It is only thanks to your diligence that you are here. I am told you are now a warrior almost on par with Xander. You finally possess the strength to be an instrument of Nohr's power in the world.
Elise: But, Father, will <he/she> be all right outside of the fortress?
Camilla: I worry about that as well. Isn't it dangerous for Corrin to live outside the fortress's magical barrier?
Corrin: I appreciate your concern, but I earned my way here and I'm ready to fight.
Garon: Corrin, as you know, Nohr is at war with the eastern kingdom of Hoshido.
Corrin: Yes, Father. I have heard as much.
Garon: We of the royal family are descendants of the ancient gods, the First Dragons. As inheritors of that divine strength, we conquer those who oppose us with ease. One who learns to wield that power can destroy an entire army of common troops. Xander, Camilla, and Leo have already shown that they possess this power. I expect no less from you.
Corrin: I am aware of your expectations, Father. And I have trained every day to become more like my siblings.
Garon: Hmm... you show promise. But you will need a suitable weapon in order to serve Nohr.

(Garon produces a sword before Corrin)

Corrin: Wow...
Garon: This is Ganglari, a sword infused with magic from another world. With this sword at your side, you will crush the Hoshidan army with ease.
Corrin: Thank you for this generous gift, Father.
Xander: Hmm... Generous indeed.
Garon: Now, let us see you put that sword to its proper use... Bring out the prisoners!
Nohrian: Yes, sire!
Corrin: Prisoners?

(enter the prisoners)

Garon: These are prisoners from our most recent skirmish with Hoshido. I want to see your power with my own eyes. Use that sword to strike them down.

(Cut to the map screen)

Gunter: I shall join you, <milord/milady>. My lance arm is perhaps rusty but still serviceable. <Felicia/Jakob>, will you join as well?

  • Felicia: Of course! I'm as much a bodyguard as a domestic, after all. To be honest, I was never that great at the domestic stuff anyway.
  • Jakob: Naturally. I couldn't allow someone of your advanced years to bear the burden alone. Lady Corrin, there is no need for you to soil your hands with this filth. Please relax and leave the fighting to us. Afterward, I will prepare you some tea.

Rinkah: I am Rinkah! Daughter of the Flame Tribe's honorable chieftain. What is your name, Nohrian <prince/princess>?
Corrin: I'm Corrin.
Kaze: Corrin... Can it be?
Corrin: Huh? Have you heard of me?
Kaze: ... I am Kaze, a ninja of Hoshido. Show me what you can do.
Garon: Kill them all.


(Turn 1 player phase, start of turn. The cursor points to a Dragon Vein)

Corrin: Is that...

  • Felicia: Is something wrong, milord?
  • Jakob: Hm? Is something the matter, milady?

Corrin: I feel... something emanating from the ground. Could it be?

(when using the Dragon Vein)

  • Felicia: Oh! Th-that's amazing! You blew away all the debris!
  • Jakob: Extraordinary! No debris field can stand up to your mighty lineage!

Garon: Heh... Well done.
Gunter: Excellent plan, <milord/milady>–now we can hide in there and ambush our foes.

(when selecting Gunter)

Gunter: Remain focused, <milord/milady>. This is no mock battle–a mistake here could cost you your life.

(when selecting Felicia for the first time)

Felicia: You should know I'm trained to use daggers – up close or thrown from afar. I can even hit enemies hiding behind walls, which might come in handy!

(when selecting Jakob for the first time)

Jakob: Milady, I'm well trained in the dagger–effective both up close and at range. I can even attack foes hiding behind walls, which may prove useful.

(Turn 2 player phase, start of turn)

Gunter: Remember your training. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses. You would do well to consider them before you attack.

  • Felicia: I'm sure you know this, milord, but it's useful to stay close to your allies. If you fight side by side, you can help each other in battle.
  • Jakob: I'm sure you know this, milady, but it's most effective to fight beside allies. If you fight side by side, you can help each other in combat.

Gunter: Indeed. Supporting each other will likely be the key to victory.

(when selecting Felicia for the second time)

Felicia: Maids can also use staves to heal wounds. If you get hurt, let me know right away!

(when selecting Jakob for the second time)

Jakob: Butlers can also use staves to heal wounds. Please inform me immediately should you become injured.

(when fighting Kaze)

Kaze: A ninja's shuriken may not cut deep, but it can sap you of your strength. Your death need not come all at once.

(after defeating Kaze)

Kaze: I regret... nothing...

(when fighting Rinkah)

Rinkah: Behold the might of the Flame Tribe!

(after defeating Rinkah)

Rinkah: Nohrian scum...


Kaze: So this is how it ends...
Corrin: Phew! They're really tough, aren't they? I hope all Hoshidans aren't this strong.
Garon: Don't just stand there, idiot <boy/girl>. Finish them!
Corrin: But, Father... they're beaten. You want me to execute helpless prisoners?
Garon: You dare question me?! I order you to kill them!
Corrin: No! It's wrong!
Garon: I won't argue the point any further.

(Garon casts Ragnarok on the prisoners)

Corrin: Gods!

(Garon uses Ragnarok again, but Corrin blocks the attack)

Kaze: Hm?
Elise: Corrin! What are you–
Xander: Unbelievable...
Garon: You would defy me directly, Corrin?!
Xander: Father, please forgive <him/her>! <He/she> doesn't yet understand our situation...
Garon: Fine. Xander, you kill them. And if anyone gets in your way, kill them too.
Xander: Ngh.
Xander: ...

(Xander approaches the Corrin and the prisoners)

Xander: Stand down, Corrin. If you don't, I will be forced to–
Corrin: No, Xander. I won't let you do this!

(Xander and Corrin attack each other)

Xander: Why do you refuse, Corrin? You know the Hoshidans are our sworn enemies.
Corrin: I know, but... this is different. These people can't fight anymore. Why not show mercy?
Camilla: Please, Corrin, don't fight him... My dear, sweet Corrin...
Elise: No no no! Leo, what should we do?
Leo: *sigh* Why does this fall to me?

(Leo casts Brynhildr on the prisoners)

Leo: Father, I have dispatched our enemies on behalf of my softhearted <brother/sister>.
Garon: Hmph.
Leo: I only ask that you would be merciful in your punishment of <him/her>...
Garon: Enough! I will consider the matter later.

(Garon leaves)

Corrin: Leo! How could you?! They were beaten! There was no reason to execute them!
Leo: Agreed. Now hush.
Corrin: Leo, did you–

(Xander enters)

Xander: Enough, both of you. The battle is over.
Corrin: ...
Xander: Mark my words, Corrin... One day an act of kindness may be the death of you.
Corrin: Perhaps, but if I'm kind, I will die without regrets.
Xander: ...Well said. Guard! I would examine the prisoners' belongings. Bring their remains to my quarters.
Nohrian: Yes, Your Highness!
Corrin: Leo, your spell...
Leo: Was only enough to weaken them, yes. I should have followed Father's orders. But Camilla and Elise always make such a fuss when I do anything to upset you.
Corrin: Thank you, Leo. I'm sorry for teasing you about your collar.
Leo: *sigh* You can repay me by not mentioning it again.
Elise: That was great, Brother!
Camilla: It was, but I doubt this will be the last we hear of this. Father never forgets a slight.

(cut to Corrin, Xander, Kaze, and Rinkah, outside the castle)

Xander: Listen well. It is only my <brother/sister>'s kind heart that has bought your freedom. Disappear now, lest you be spotted by our king.
Kaze: ...

(Kaze leaves)

Rinkah: Tch. I am not a hostage to be freed. You said your name is Corrin? When next we meet, I will make you pay for this humiliation!
Corrin: I was hoping the next time we met, it could be as friends.
Rinkah: Softhearted fool! I am a Hoshidan warrior. You do not understand what you suggest.
Corrin: I understand that right now Hoshido and Nohr are at war. But I'm trying to plan ahead for the day the war is over and we can live in peace.
Rinkah: I've heard rumors of a sheltered Nohrian <prince/princess> who knows nothing of the world. I see those rumors are true. If we do meet again, the world will have no doubt taught you the error of your ways.

(Rinkah leaves)