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Geese/Quotes (Heroes)

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Geese: A Life at Sea

At the castle

I'm Geese. I was never a pirate by choice, but if it's for a festival then I guess that's all right...
— When summoned.
I mentioned we were pirates, but I originally ran a legitimate shipping company before the war.
— At the castle.
I used to have a brother, and let me tell ya, he fit the role of a pirate far better than me.
— At the castle.
You know when you're sailing into the sunset and for a split second the ocean glows like gold? I live for that moment.
— At the castle.
If you need anything for the festival, just holler. I'll have it delivered in no time, <player>.
— At the castle.
I keep my promises 'cause trust isn't something gold can buy. That's what I learned working the family business.
— At the castle.
Hello. I'm Geese. Your castle's on one of my trading routes. I've got a parcel from <friend>.
— Delivering greetings from a friend.

On the character status screen

The name's Geese. You could call me a pirate, but I'm more a victim of circumstance.
— On the character status screen.
Need something?
— On the character status screen.
Might be hard to believe, but I used to captain a merchant ship. I've been everywhere the waves can take me.
— On the character status screen.
My targets are typically those who can afford to lose their precious baubles.
— On the character status screen.
Come again? There are people who...pretend to be pirates? I will never understand all the festivals of this world...
— On the character status screen.
Saving a life is more satisfying than raking in even the biggest plunder.
— On the character status screen.
You're always welcome aboard my ship. If you ever visit my world, I'll show you how beautiful the sea can be.
— On the character status screen.

Level 40 quote

My crew an' I used to run an honest trading business. But we had to turn to piracy to keep food on the table. That life isn't all it's cracked up to be, you know. It's not like the stories. Seizing innocent ships, stealing, and killing... The role of a pirate truly never suited me. But if there's no bloodshed here and we're just going to drink and sing, then that's fine. I'll try to be merry. Hopefully one day I can sail on peaceful waters again. Yeah, that's the dream.
— After reaching level 40 at five-star Rarity.

Map quotes

Will do.
— When selected on the map screen.
What's the plan?
— When selected on the map screen.
I'm on it.
— When selected on the map screen.

Level-up quotes

Some days you get clear sailing, others you get some chop.
— When gaining 1–2 stats from a level-up.
Not a bad return on investment.
— When gaining 3–4 stats from a level-up.
Feels good to be able to help people for once!
— When gaining 5–6 stats from a level-up.
You've got a good eye. I can tell you know what you're doing!
— When learning a new skill or increasing rarity.

Special skill quotes

Prepare to be boarded.
— When using a special skill.
Can't outsail me.
— When using a special skill.
The sea is mine.
— When using a special skill.
— When using a special skill.

Defeat quote

Is this as far as I go?
— When defeated.