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Frozen Land/Conversations

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Anri's Way

Jagen: Thanks to the heroic people of Altea who stood up to protect the princess, the people of Archanea came to know she was alive, and resumed their battle against Dolhr. Their liberation army was led by Duke Cartas, who fought with the royal shield given to him by Artemis, and thanks to their efforts, the tides of battle turned to their favor. However, the king of the earth dragons, Medeus, finally decided to make his move.
Kris: Medeus...!
Jagen: Before his overwhelming might, it seemed like Altea's resistance wouldn't last any longer. But then, a sage appeared before them. He spoke of a divine sword enshrined in the ice shrine in the distant north. With that blade, it would be possible to fell Medeus, but the way to obtain it would be by no means easy... And that would be Anri's Way. The way we're going through right now...

Current status

Jagen: We've passed the Desert of Death and the Fire Dragons' Graveyard. The last of Anri's Way leads to the Ice Dragon Shrine. If we obtain the Lightsphere from Lord Gotoh, we'll be able to combat the Darksphere that controls Hardin. And then, we might just be able to reclaim Altea and save Hardin.