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From Pain, Awakening/Conversations

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Mist: What's this? A bag of spirit powder?
Boyd: Yeah. You said you wanted one, right?
Mist: And you found one for me? Thanks, Boyd. You're the greatest.
Boyd: Yeah, well. You always take such good care of us.
Mist: ...
Boyd: What's wrong, Mist? Are you feeling sick? You look a little pale.
Mist: Yeah. I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately.
Boyd: Hey, you can't go out and fight if you're feeling sick! You should rest!
Mist: No! No way!
Boyd: Mist?
Mist: I'm staying with everyone! I have to! I'm not going to be left behind. Something might happen!
Boyd: But you're in no condition to...
Mist: Dad never came back! He died somewhere, and I wasn't there to say good-bye!
Boyd: Aww, but that's--
Mist: That's why I'm not staying behind! I want to stay with my family until our last moment together. Please, Boyd. Don't stop me.
Boyd: All right, I won't say anything. I won't tell you to stay behind, either. I guess I'll just have to be careful to protect you when we're out in the field. Does that sound good?
Mist: Yes, Boyd. Thank you.

(You got a Spirit DustIs wii spirit dust.png.)

Master and Pupil

Rolf: Ah, I see...
Shinon: Then you secure it right here, and... There, it's finished!
Rolf: Yeah! Shinon, you're the greatest! I'm so proud that you're my teacher!
Shinon: Oh, come on, Rolf. Don't make puppy eyes at me.
Rolf: What? But it's true! You're really amazing!
Shinon: Cut it out, kid. You exaggerate too much.
Rolf: Are you going to sell this one to Aimee again? Can I come along? Please?
Shinon: I'm not selling this one.
Rolf: What? But... Oh, I get it. You're going to use it yourself. Then can I fight alongside you? I want you to teach me that trick where you shoot them in the neck and then--
Shinon: We can talk about that later. Here, this is for you. Go on, take it.
Rolf: But this is--
Shinon: You've been running around camp with that silly grin plastered on your face, but I can tell all the fighting's wearing you down. I can't help you get a good night's sleep, or make you eat your vegetables, but I can see that you're using a decent bow.
Rolf: Shinon...
Shinon: I don't know why we're fighting this stinkin' war, but I ain't about to die like a dog. And I know you're too young to be pushing up daisies.
Rolf: But I...
Shinon: What's your problem, kid?
Rolf: I can't possibly pay you back for it! A great bow like this... What can I do? You taught me how to shoot a bow. How to make a bow. And that's not all! You've given me so much, and yet there's nothing I can do to pay you back for it.
Shinon: Of all the stupid...
Rolf: Ouch!
Shinon: Quit whining at me!
Rolf: Oww! You didn't have to hit me with that bow!
Shinon: Did I ever ask you to pay me back? Did I ever tell you my help had any strings attached? No! Kids should be kids and just learn from their elders!
Rolf: But--
Shinon: If you want to pay me back, then be better than me! Doesn't matter if it's using a bow or making one. Just do it better. Then I can point at you and tell people "That's the best student I ever had."
Rolf: Shinon...
Shinon: I look after you because you have talent. I like watching you, kid! I like watching you shoot better every single day, you know? But if someone sticks an arrow in your eye, I ain't gonna have any way to pass the time. So stay sharp! You hear?
Rolf: ...Fine. Thanks, master. I'll do my best to surpass you. I swear!
Shinon: "Master"? I think I like the sound of that. Keep listening to me and you'll be all right.

(You got a SilencerIs wii silencer.png.)