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Four-Fanged Offense (Lloyd)/Script (Hector)

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Heeding the archsage Athos's advice, Hector sets out for Bern. Bern: the greatest military force on the continent. The Lycian League has always enjoyed close relations with the kingdom of Bern. Recently, however, King Desmond has begun to flaunt his military strength. Lycian nobles can no longer move freely within Bern's borders. Hector and his group enter the country in the guise of simple travelers.


Eliwood: We move to Bern from here in an instant. ...Incredible. Even in a remote village like this, they've heard announcements for the prince's coming-of-age ceremony.
Lyn: Well, Prince Zephiel's ceremony is only ten days away. There's no helping all the excitement.
Hector: They've no idea what's happening... Carefree fools.
Eliwood: ......

If Hawkeye was not defeated
Eliwood: Tell me, Hawkeye, do you know the location of the Shrine of Seals?
Hawkeye: I've heard it's north of Bern. But the location of the shrine itself is secret. I doubt if anyone outside the royal family knows how to reach it.
Lyn: So, if we want to reach the shrine, we'll have to contact the royal family, is that it?
Hector: Without revealing our identities or our motives? There's got to be another way to find where it is.
Pent: ...I can provide you with its general location.
Eliwood: Lord Pent?
Pent: I'm privy to the highest secrets of military information in Etruria. When we learned of the shrine's existence, we investigated. However, none of our operatives returned. Bern's defenses are formidable.
If Hawkeye was defeated
Eliwood: By the way, Lord Pent, do you know the location of the Shrine of Seals?
Pent: ...I can provide you with its general location. I'm privy to the highest secrets of military information in Etruria. When we learned of the shrine's existence, we investigated. However, none of our operatives returned. Bern's defenses are formidable.

Hector: So, even if we reach the shrine, we're as like as not to be captured?
Pent: Most likely. And if your identities are discovered, Bern will see it as an excuse to invade Lycia.
Eliwood: That, above all else, must be avoided.
Pent: That's where I come in.
Eliwood: What do you mean?
Pent: Duty demands that I attend the post-ceremony festivities. However, I will greet the queen privately before the ceremony.
Eliwood: Privately? You can do that?
Louise: Queen Hellene was born in Etruria. She and I are related, albeit a distant relation.
Pent: When we meet, I will discreetly ask about the Shrine of Seals. Most like, she'll not say much, but anything will help, will it not? Rest assured, even if I fail, I will not reveal your presence.
Eliwood: Lord Pent! That's--
Pent: If we do not return by tomorrow, return to Lycia and come up with a new plan. Understood?
Eliwood: ...If you fail, what will become of you?
Pent: Everything will work out. It wouldn't be a bad life. Abandoning my position... Living on the run with Louise...
Louise: If I'm with you, my lord Pent, I care not where we go.
Hector: I pray for your success.
Pent: Please do! Let us proceed, Louise.
(Pent and Louise leave)
Lyn: Come back safely! We'll be waiting for you!!

(Pent and Louise leave south)

If Hawkeye was not defeated

(Hawkeye follows Pent and Louise)

Hawkeye: ...Pent, hold on.
Pent: What is it, Hawkeye?
Hawkeye: I was holding this for the master.
Pent: It's a...Heaven seal!
Hawkeye: Mm... There are only three in existence.
Pent: What is Archsage Athos's plan?
Hawkeye: I'm to give it to them when the time is right.
Pent: I see.
Hawkeye: I... I might not know the right time when it comes. I want you to take care of it.
Pent: Thank you, but what if we do not return?
Hawkeye: You will. You and Louise... ......without fail.
Pent: ...I understand.
Louise: Lord Hawkeye, we...we will most certainly return.

Regardless of Hawkeye's status

Linus: Well, if it isn't Nino.
Nino: Yeah! Lloyd! Linus! What is it? Are you working?
Lloyd: I suppose we are.
Linus: How about you? Where are you off to in such a hurry?
Nino: I have a job to do, too! I'm carrying messages for Mother, so I have to do my best! See you! Let's do something when your job is finished.
(Nino leaves)
Lloyd: She's a good lass.
Linus: Yes. Hard to believe she's that woman's child.

If Legault was not recruited or was defeated

Eliwood: I can't take this waiting. There must be something we can do.
Hector: Maybe we can get some information about the Black Fang.
Lyn: Good idea. After all, they are originally from Bern. The more we know about our foe, the better, right?

If Legault was recruited and was not defeated

Eliwood: This waiting is hard. There must be something we can do.
Hector: I know what you mean, but we have to lay low...
Legault: Why don't we try and gather some information on the Black Fang?
Lyn: Hm? Information?
Legault: Yes. Black Fang's headquarters are here in Bern. The location was never disclosed to me, though. The Black Fang is so much different than it once was. Any information we could gain would be beneficial.
Eliwood: That's a good idea. Thanks, Legault.
Legault: Think nothing of it.

Regardless of Legault's status, if Mark is present

Eliwood: What do you think, Mark? ...You're right. Any information we find would be a starting place. Then it's settled. Let's get started.

Regardless of Mark's status

Eliwood: Let's split up and go. Try to blend in.
Hector: We'd better be careful.
Lyn: Especially you, Hector.
Hector: What!?

(Hector and Lyn leave)

Eliwood: Those two... I can't tell if they're friends or not.
Ninian: Tee hee...
Eliwood: Is something funny, Ninian?
Ninian: It's just... Listen to you grumble, Lord Eliwood! You sound like you're their chaperon!
Eliwood: Really? Is that what it sounds like to you?
Ninian: Uh-huh.
Eliwood: That's great...
Ninian: Ha ha ha.
Eliwood: ...I like it when you laugh.
Ninian: Excuse me?
Eliwood: Oh, nothing. Come on! Let's go!

Hector: Hey, Lyn! Will you stop!? We're leaving Eliwood behind!
Lyn: So? We don't want to be in the way, do we?
Hector: Huh? In the way?
Lyn: ...Teeheehee... You mean to tell me you don't see it? Anyway, it's more important that we start gathering information.
Hector: I guess we go our separate ways here then? I'm going this way.
(Hector leaves)
Lyn: Hector!
(Hector returns)
Hector: Yeah?
Lyn: Be careful.
Hector: Mm. You, too.

Lloyd: ...Can it really be them? I thought they were in Nabata!
Linus: What does it matter where they've been? We've found them, so let's take care of them.
Lloyd: I guess you're right... Linus, go tell Father what's happening.
Linus: Why!? They're right in front of us! You and I can finish this now.
Lloyd: Moron. It's a precaution. Fangs cannot afford mistakes. Don't worry, I've underlings aplenty. I'll taunt the foe and draw them to the fortress in the north. I doubt I'll lose, but... They've survived this long, so they must be tough. I might run into trouble. Deliver your report, then get back here with reinforcements.
Linus: You can't be serious. They don't look like they can last long against you, the White Wolf.
Lloyd: Just get moving, Linus.
Linus: ...Understood. I'll be back soon, though, so leave some for me!

(A Black Fang member approaches Eliwood)

Black Fang: You must be Eliwood...
Eliwood: Ah! Black Fang!?
Black Fang: That's right. You have the honor of dying at the hands of the Four Fangs. Our commander is Lord Lloyd, the White Wolf.
Hector: Eliwood! Is that the enemy?
Eliwood: Counterattack! To arms, everyone!
Black Fang: ...Come. You'll get your throats ripped out...


Nils: I see...shades of the battle yet to come...

Nils: A moment, please... ... ... ... Fog will make it tough to see... Take torches and thieves with you. Your foe is fearsome... There is a blade master among them. Beware his killing strokes. Wait! There is something more. You will meet someone... A friend of Lady Lyn's, perhaps? And...someone slips through the darkness... A thief. If you hope to save the village, you must hurry...

Nils: ...That's it. Would you like me to repeat this augury?

In battle

Player phase of turn 1

If Mark is present and Legault is deployed

Legault: ...... Who? Oh, it's you, is it, Mark? You caught me unawares and looking stupid. It's just that I AM a former Black Fang member. And I was a bit wrapped up in some silly emotions. Nothing for you to worry about. Direct me as you will.

Regardless of Mark's and Heath's statuses

(Wallace arrives)

Wallace: Grrrr!! Not again! This is the 75th time! I could have SWORN Caelin was in this direction! Grrr... Eh? Something's wrong... Is it a sneak attack!? You cowards, waiting there in the fog!! My name is Wallace! The boldest knight in all Caelin (wherever it is)! If you're not afraid to die, show yourselves!!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Player phase of turn 2

Nino: Let's see... I'm sure this is the place, but... I guess he's not here yet. ... ... Hmm! Fog's thick today. It's the perfect weather for taking on evildoers! Yet here I am again, running errands... I wish I were more worthy, so that I could help out in battle.
(Jaffar appears)
Nino: Waah! Don't... Don't scare me like that, Jaffar. What's wrong? You're never late for anything.
Jaffar: ...My last job took longer than expected.
Nino: What? There are things that can slow you down? I would never have expected that.
Jaffar: ...If you've my next mission...let me hear it.
Nino: Oh, right. Mother gave this to me... Huh? Oh! Wha-What happened!? You're covered in blood!
Jaffar: ...It's a scratch. Pay it no heed...
Nino: Scratches don't bleed like that! Let me see.
Jaffar: Forget it. Next target...hurry... ......
(Jaffar collapses)
Nino: Jaffar! Come on, wake... Wake up! What should I do?


Eliwood: ...Are you well?
Lloyd: ...I'm beaten. You are strong. Stronger than I'd realized.
Eliwood: ......
Lloyd: You're foolish as well. To waste sentiment on me, your enemy...
Eliwood: Ah!
(Lloyd moves behind Eliwood)
Lloyd: This is what happens!
Hector: Eliwood!
Eliwood: ......
Lloyd: Peace. I've no plans on fleeing with a hostage. After I deal with you, I'll let the rest of them go.
Eliwood: Uhai said the same thing.
Lloyd: What?
Eliwood: We battled your comrade Uhai on the Dread Isle... He told us that he'd do nothing so cowardly as take a hostage. He fought with honor. You Black Fang are not evil by nature. So why is it that we fight?
Lloyd: Uhai... You spoke with him?
Eliwood: Yes. With his dying breath, he told us the way to the Dragon's Gate.
Lloyd: I see...
(Lloyd lets Eliwood go)
Eliwood: Ah!
Lloyd: Go. Don't worry. I, too, have my honor. I will not attack you again.
Eliwood: Will you join our cause?
Lloyd: No... However, something is amiss. You have been granted a brief reprieve until I have my answers.
Eliwood: ...Tell us, what is your name?
Lloyd: I'll tell you next time we meet. Be seeing you. Watch out for the woman named Sonia.

Hector: That was close.
Eliwood: Forgive me. I wanted to speak with him at least once.
Lyn: Don't sweat it. At least we learned a little something about our opponent.
Eliwood: The Black Fang seems to have some honor after all. Perhaps they really are just being used by Nergal. We should talk to their leader, Brendan Reed.
Lyn: Perhaps we can resolve this without any more fighting.
Hector: I don't like it. Sounds like a terrible plan.
Eliwood: Hector?
Hector: Let's get back to camp. We might have some word from Pent and the others.
(Hector leaves)
Lyn: I wonder what that was all about.
Eliwood: ......

Lloyd: ...As I suspected. They're not the gang of thugs Sonia made them out to be. ...How do I unmask that woman for what she truly is? Ah!!
(Magic swirls in the background; Limstella appears)
Lloyd: ...Uwaa......
Limstella: ......
Lloyd: Impossible... Not a sound... ......nothing......
Limstella: Lloyd, the White Wolf. Such strong quintessence.
Lloyd: ......... ......Li...Linus... ...Tell......Father...

Jaffar: ......
Nino: Are you awake? Thank goodness...
Jaffar: You... I know you...
Nino: Uh-huh. We've met many times. I don't think I told you my name, though. I'm Nino! Sonia's daughter.
Jaffar: What are you doing?
Nino: Huh?
Jaffar: Have you forgotten the law of the Fang? "Sacrifice the wounded to salvage the strong."
Nino: That's not...
Jaffar: I was unconscious and alone outside of our safe halls. You should have obeyed the law... Killed me, and then fled. Yet you didn't. Why?
Nino: Bu-But... Letting a comrade die? I...couldn't do that.
Jaffar: Don't be a fool!
Nino: Sniff...
Jaffar: ...Tsk...
Nino: Don't move! Here! Lean on me!
Jaffar: ...Don't...touch...
Nino: Please, don't move. So much blood... You're bleeding again. What do I do? It won't stop.
Jaffar: ......
Nino: Please...don't die. You mustn't die.

Linus: Lloyd... Brother? Lloyd!! unforgivable! I will kill them all!! Not a one will survive!!!

(At the Bern Manse)

Soldier: Your Royal Highness, His Majesty the king has arrived.
Desmond: Where's Zephiel?
Hellene: Your Majesty... 'Tis a pleasure to see you. What a glorious day that sees you grace us with your presence.
Desmond: ...Enough. Call the boy!
Hellene: Your son is practicing his falconry.
Desmond: You knew I was coming, and yet you sent him away. Hmph... As crafty as ever, woman. Very well, you will have to do. It's ten days until the boy's coming-of-age ceremony. I would speak of it.
Hellene: At last... Once the ceremony ends, our son, so long lingering in the shadows, will be received by all as the legitimate heir to your throne. Do you know how he has longed for this day?
Desmond: Cease your complaints. You and Zephiel, queen and heir of Bern, have never wanted for anything.
Hellene: We are here in this manse, while you live in the palace with...that woman. You must be so disappointed that she bore you not a prince but a princess.
Desmond: Hellene! You go too far!!
Hellene: My child, who through me carries the noble blood of Etruria in his veins, will in ten days be named as the right-born heir to the throne. Ha ha ha! No matter how you may dote on her, your illegitimate daughter, Guinivere, is destined to be nothing more than a baseborn shadow... It is my son who shall reign in Bern! My son, Zephiel! Ha ha ha ha ha! How it gives me such pleasure to say those words!
Desmond: Have you said your mind? Well, I have something for you to hear as well.
Hellene: What could it be?
Desmond: Last night, from the palace, the Fire Emblem was stolen away by some villain.
Hellene: It can't be! ...Ha ha ha. You are so wicked, Your Majesty. Pray tell, who would believe such a tale? The Fire Emblem is Bern's greatest national treasure. No gem in existence is its equal. Stealing such a heavily guarded object is impossible, is it not?
Desmond: Unfortunately, I speak true.
Hellene: No...
Desmond: You know of the importance of the Fire Emblem. It's the symbol of the heir, the heart of the ceremony. Without the Emblem, the ceremony must be canceled.
Hellene: No!! Thi-This was your doing, wasn't it? How can you despise Zephiel so? He is of your blood. He is your beloved son, is he not?
Desmond: I have heard that Zephiel is...a gifted student, a stunning fighter, excelling in all he tries. And I've also heard that he is much loved by the people.
Hellene: Yes! It is true. All of it! He is a worthy son.
Desmond: I...excelled at neither books nor blades.
Hellene: What do you--
Desmond: I cannot say that I command the love of my subjects... Zephiel and I are opposites in every way. It is hard to believe that he is my son.
Hellene: Zephiel is Your Majesty's child! Your Grace, you know this is truth!
Desmond: Mine or not, without the ceremony... He will not be named heir. Mark my words, and prepare yourself, woman.
(Desmond leaves)
Hellene: Your Majesty! King Desmond!! Please... Please wait! He is your heir! Your son! Please... What am I to do? Zephiel...

Attendant: I beg your pardon, Your Highness. You have a visitor...
Hellene: I will see no one. Send him home.
Attendant: Your Highness, I...
Louise (off-screen): It's all right. You may go. I will take care of this.
Attendant: Yes, my lady.
Hellene: Who?
Louise: Lady Hellene, it's been far too long. It is I, Louise.
Hellee: Louise!? Is it truly you? Ah... Louise...
Louise: What is it? Your eyes are so red. It's a shame to see such beauty marred by tears.
Hellene: There is something... I...
Louise: If it please you, I would hear your troubles. My husband is here with me. Perhaps he will be able to lend you his aid.
Hellene: Lord Pent is also here? I see... ...... ...To be honest...

Eliwood: Lord Pent! Lady Louise!!
Pent: Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Eliwood: ...How did everything go?
Pent: ...I can't say it was a complete failure, yet...
Lyn: What do you mean?
Louise: We've a task to perform.
Hector: What do you mean?
Pent: Queen Hellene is looking for something. If we find it for her...
Eliwood: She will listen to our request, is that it?
Pent: We have until the morning of the tenth day from today. ...What will you do? The decision is yours.
Eliwood: ...We'll do it. It is most certainly a test we were destined to take.

Villages and houses

Central village

Old man: Long ago, I used to work in Bern's royal palace. I was Prince Zephiel's teacher of history. The prince is a wise lad. He's the royal family's first prodigy. Yet King Desmond ignores the boy's talents, and they wither. Here...I'd like you to take this. This is an Earth seal. This one item contains the powers of many: Knight crest, Guide ring, Hero crest, Elysian whip... I am unsure why I would entrust this treasure to a complete stranger. I cannot explain it, but I have a feeling. For some reason, I believe you will aid the prince... Strange... Go on! Humor an old man and take it.

Northern village

Harken (off-screen): ...Stop right there.
Visitor: Who?
Harken (off-screen): No need for alarm. For reasons of my own, I wear the garb of the Black Fang, but I'm a loyal citizen of Lycia, and I am not your enemy.
Visitor: ......
Harken (off-screen): A woman now leads the Black Fang around by the nose. When at last you confront her, use this staff. This woman is the ringleader you seek. Her name is Sonia. Do not forget. Sonia.

Eastern house

Before turn 2

Nino: Eeek! You... You scared me! Who are you? ...What? The Black Fang? I don't know anything! Nothing! Really, I don't!!

After turn 2

House has not been visited

Nino: Er... Is there something I can help you with? I have an injured man here. Please keep your voice down! No, I don't know anything about the Black Fang! Leave, please! You'll upset my patient!

House has been visited

Nino: ...Go away, please! ...I beg of you.

Upper-west house

Woman: Tell me, traveler, have you heard of the Four Fangs? The folk of Bern know all about them. They're the four strongest members of the righteous Black Fang. I'm quite fond of the White Wolf. Of course, I've never seen him, but... I'm sure he's as handsome as can be. I've heard some troubling rumors about the Black Fang lately, though. I wonder what's going on.

Lower-west house

Soldier: I will repeat it as often as necessary, Lord Murdock! If we let the king's tyranny continue, Bern will--
Murdock: Hold your tongue.
Soldier: But--
Murdock: Be still. Is someone there?
Visitor: Oh!
(Visitor leaves)

Talk conversations

Lyn and Wallace

Lyn: Sir Wallace!
Wallace: Oho! Lady Lyndis! Well met, indeed.
Lyn: Where have you been? After you helped me last year, you vanished without a word. And now I find you in Bern. What has brought you here?
Wallace: Nothing really. Some minor business. More importantly, milady, you appear to be in the midst of a skirmish.
Lyn: Yes. I've been...
Wallace: You can tell me the whys and wherefores later. For now, let my strength be your own to command.
Lyn: Sir Wallace... Are you sure?
Wallace: You are Lady Lyndis of Caelin! Anything for you. I, General Wallace, will lay low every foe you face!

Florina and Wallace

Florina (off-screen): Uh, um...
Wallace: Hm?
(Florina moves on screen)
Wallace: Ah! You there! You're Florina, aren't you, lass? You should speak up, girl! I didn't notice you there.
Florina: But I... Yes, sir.
Wallace: Wait... If you're here, that must mean... Is the lady Lyndis traveling with you?
Florina: Yes... I'm here with Lady Lyndis, and we're--
Wallace: That's enough. Say no more. Whatever it is, you can count me in.
Florina: Oh...really? sure?
Wallace: If Lady Lyndis is in danger, I can't sit idly by, can I? Show me the foe! General Wallace will crush them all!

Wil and Wallace

Wil: Ah! Lord Wallace!
Wallace: Bless my soul! It's the bowman! Your name's Wil, isn't it, my boy? Looks like you've been working hard since pledging to House Caelin.
Wil: Yes, sir. Even now, I'm escorting Lady Lyndis.
Wallace: Lady Lyndis? Why didn't you say so to begin with? No doubt, you can use the strength of an experienced soldier!
Wil: Beg your pardon?
Wallace: If Lady Lyndis is in danger, I can't sit idly by, can I? Show me the foe! General Wallace will crush them all!

Kent and Wallace

Kent: Lord Wallace!
Wallace: Oh, Kent. Well met.
Kent: Well met. General Wallace, why are you in Bern?
Wallace: No special reason. A small personal matter. More importantly, what are you doing here? If you're here, it must mean...
Kent: Yes, Lady Lyndis is here with me.
Wallace: I thought so. Well then, I shall join you in your skirmish.
Kent: Would you do us the honor?
Wallace: Without question! If Lady Lyndis is in danger, I can't sit idly by, can I? Show me the foe! General Wallace will crush them all!

Sain and Wallace

Wallace: Oh, is that you, Sain? Well met.
Sain: General Wallace!? What... What are you doing here?
Wallace: Hmph! Where I go is my own business, boy. Actually, I'd like to know what you're doing here. You haven't forgotten your duties to Caelin, have you?
Sain: Of course not! I'm escorting the Lady Lyndis, and--
Wallace: Oh... So Lady Lyndis is here as well... It's settled then. It looks like I'll be fighting at your side once more!
Sain: I... Really?
Wallace: Naturally. If Lady Lyndis is in danger, I can't sit idly by, can I? Show me the foe! General Wallace will crush them all!

Battle quotes

Fighting Lloyd

Lloyd: In the name of the Fang, I sentence you to death. Do not blame me for your fate. It is your own doing.

With Eliwood

Eliwood: ...Are you the leader of this group?
Lloyd: Yes.
Eliwood: I heard that the Black Fang possessed strong convictions. If so, then why do you follow a man like Nergal?
Lloyd: This has nothing to do with Nergal or Sonia. We simply complete the missions given us.
Eliwood: And you never question the justness of your missions?
Lloyd: Who are we to pass judgment on the commands given us? We are the jaw that bites. We act without question.
Eliwood: But...
Lloyd: Granted, you don't seem like a bad sort. However, the Fang's judgment cannot be undone. It is time for you to die.
Eliwood: Ah!!

With Hector

Hector: ...And you would be the leader of this pack of curs?
Lloyd: Aye. That I am.
Hector: I've no mercy for Nergal's hounds of the hunt! Stand and prepare to be beaten.
Lloyd: You... You wish to challenge me with that axe of yours? ...You're amusing, I'll grant you that. I'm sure you'd have Linus laughing if he were here. Be warned, you would do well not to take me lightly.

Defeating Lloyd

Lloyd: Urgh...