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Forma Soul

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Forma Soul

Is feh forma soul.png
Icon of a Forma Soul from Heroes.



First game

Fire Emblem Heroes

The Forma Soul is an item appearing exclusively in Fire Emblem Heroes. Forma Souls allow players to bring units from Hall of Forms events into their regular armies complete with the setups they had at the end of the event minus merges and Sacred Seals, but with several unique quirks. In addition to having blue backgrounds in their roster icons and blue rarity stars in their profiles, they cannot be used as the source for ally merges and skill inheritance (although they can be the recipient in both cases), and cannot be turned into Combat Manuals.

Forma Souls are available through Forma Soul Packs, which are available for real-world currency through the game's shop; these packs, including the soul and 60 Orbs, are offered to all players of the game and are not restricted to subscribers of the Feh Pass. Since the March 2021 update, Forma Souls are also available in the Celestial Stone Shop, where players are able to trade in 3 Celestial Stones for 1 Forma Soul.

Pricing information

This list may be incomplete.
Forma Soul Pack price information
(Packs include the Forma Soul and 60 Orbs)
Currency Price in currency
U.S. dollar $29.99
Euro €32.99
British pound £28.99
Canadian dollar $??.??
Australian dollar $62.48
New Zealand dollar $??.??
Japanese yen ¥????
Polish złoty zł??.??
Brazilian real R$112.90
Norwegian krone kr??.??
Hong Kong dollar HK$??.??
Singapore dollar $??.??
Swiss franc CHF??.??
Philippine peso ₱1,490.00


Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Heroes Is feh forma soul.png 1 -- Allows player to recruit one Forma from a Hall of Forms event into their army.
Cannot recruit a Forma that had been previously recruited through a Forma Soul.



Shop Forma Soul Packs
Trade Trade in 3 Celestial Stones

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Forma Soul

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