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Forging Bonds/The Sworn Oath

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I need to speak with you, Gunnthrá. It seems that our worries have become reality, my sister. Surtr is coming, with the Fiery Hordes of Múspell at his back.
— Hríd

The Sworn Oath (Japanese: 遠き日の誓い Oath of a Distant Day) is the fifth edition of Fire Emblem Heroes's Forging Bonds. This event ran from November 28, 2018 through December 12, 2018. It was available in three difficulty options; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


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Prize table

For the list of general rewards, see Forging Bonds.

Is feh red friendship bond.png Is feh orange friendship bond.png Is feh green friendship bond.png Is feh blue friendship bond.png
Conversation Ylgr's C Conversation Hríd's C Conversation Gunnthrá's C Conversation Fjorm's C Conversation
Ylgr's B Conversation Hríd's B Conversation Gunnthrá's B Conversation Fjorm's B Conversation
Ylgr's A Conversation Hríd's A Conversation Gunnthrá's A Conversation Fjorm's A Conversation
Ylgr's S Conversation Hríd's S Conversation Gunnthrá's S Conversation Fjorm's S Conversation
Accessory Star of Nifl Crown of Nifl Frostflower Band Chilly Tiara
Accessory EX Star of Nifl EX Crown of Nifl EX Frostflower Band Chilly Tiara EX


Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall

Character Conversation
Portrait ylgr feh.png
Ylgr: Fresh Snowfall

C rank B rank A rank S rank

So...soft. Mmm... I dreaming? Wait a minute! I remember you! You've been showing up in my dreams lately. Who are you? You're not from Nifl. You're a good person, though. I can tell. How can I be so sure? I can just tell. Your's the warmth of the sun... I don't know what it is, but I feel safe when you're around. It's almost like you're one of you're part of the family. Hee-hee. I'm Ylgr, the youngest princess of Nifl. Tell me your name. Hmmm... <player>... I see. Visit me again, OK? I don't know anything about you yet! Next time, we need to talk. Really talk. OK?

Hríd: Icy Blade

Character Conversation
Portrait hríd feh.png
Hríd: Icy Blade

C rank B rank A rank S rank

This's so strange. Am I dreaming? Who's there? That hood... You're the same person who appeared in Ylgr's dream, aren't you? Dream though this may be, this meeting may be significant. I am Hríd, Prince of Nifl. Would you tell me you name? So it's <player>, is it? This may be our first meeting, yet you are so familiar to me... I feel there must be some connection between us... Yes, I feel I already know you. You seem to know me!

Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams

Character Conversation
Portrait gunnthrá feh.png
Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Fjorm: Gunnthrá...tonight is the night, isn't it? For the Rite of Dreams...
Gunnthrá: Yes. I have gone to the temple and offered my prayers to Nifl, the dragon of ice.
Ylgr: I really want to know about this person you're going to meet in your dream... When I wake up, I forget almost everything! But with your powers, you should be able to remember. I'm jealous! That sounds wonderful...
Hríd: The Rite of Dreams has always been connected to the fate of Nifl... I hope that you learn much that may help us.
Ylgr: Good luck!
Gunnthrá: Thank you, Ylgr. Perhaps the person you have been speaking to is the same person I am fated to meet...
Fjorm: I will pray for your success, my sister.
Gunnthrá: Thank you, Fjorm. I look forward to this meeting...with the one my fate is bound to.

Fjorm: Princess of Ice

Character Conversation
Portrait fjorm feh.png
Fjorm: Princess of Ice

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Fjorm: Ah... Aagh! So hot...burning... Aaagh! An ocean of flames? Where am I?
Surtr: Hah-hah-hah! Weaklings, all of you, fit only to burn!
Hríd: Guh!
Gunnthrá: Aah!
Ylgr: Hríd! Gunnthrá! Fjorm! Help!
Fjorm: Ylgr? Hríd, Gunnthrá! Where are you?
Surtr: Hah-hah-hah! Feel my flames devour you...devour your very souls!
Fjorm: How can you be so cruel? To laugh in the faces of your victims! Are you a man or a devil?
Surtr: The weak are slaughtered. That is the proper order. It is your turn to burn! I will char your bones till they are ash!
Sharena: No you don't!
Anna: Not of we can help it!
Fjorm: Who are—
Alfonse: We must save Princess Fjorm! Your orders, <player>?
Fjorm: You're save me? Just who are you? Who...

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

The Sworn Oath




Oath of a Distant Day


Promesa a Nifl

Promise of Nifl


Le serment

The Oath


Geschworener Eid

A Sworn Oath


Il giuramento

The Oath

Traditional Chinese


Long-term Oath