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Forging Bonds/The Orb Case

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Are you familiar with the Orbs we use to summon Heroes? Well, they're missing.
— Alfonse

The Orb Case (Japanese: 消えたオーブの謎 Mystery of the Missing Orbs) is the seventh edition of Fire Emblem Heroes's Forging Bonds. This event ran from February 20, 2019 through March 6, 2019. It was available in three difficulty options; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


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Prize table

For the list of general rewards, see Forging Bonds.

Is feh red friendship bond.png Is feh orange friendship bond.png Is feh green friendship bond.png Is feh blue friendship bond.png
Conversation Keaton's C Conversation Velouria's C Conversation Kaden's C Conversation Selkie's C Conversation
Keaton's B Conversation Velouria's B Conversation Kaden's B Conversation Selkie's B Conversation
Keaton's A Conversation Velouria's A Conversation Kaden's A Conversation Selkie's A Conversation
Keaton's S Conversation Velouria's S Conversation Kaden's S Conversation Selkie's S Conversation
Accessory Is feh worn-out doll.png Is feh bird nest.png Is feh kitsune ears.png Is feh kitsune doodad.png
Accessory EX Is feh worn-out doll ex.png Is feh bird nest ex.png Is feh kitsune ears ex.png Is feh kitsune doodad ex.png


Keaton: Lupine Collector

Character Conversation
Portrait keaton lupine collector feh.png
Keaton: Lupine Collector

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Anna: Phew! Another victory down—who knows many more to go! Good work out there, everyone!
Keaton: The enemy never stood a chance! When we give it all we've got, no one can get in our way!
Sharena: Keaton, I saw you diving in behind the enemy lines. I could hardly keep track of you! It was incredible!
Keaton: You're beginning to understand the strength of the wolfskin, are you? Ha! I was barely even warmed up!
Anna: I believe it! Seems like you've energy to spare. I'm just glad we all made it back safely... Which is what I wanted to talk to you about, Keaton... You weren't sticking to the plan out there, were you... The plan was that you'd wait in the forest to the north—but didn't I see you coming in from the south?
Keaton: Er, well, you see... What happened was that, umm... I went with my gut instead! It seemed like that would be for the best! Never let me down before, anyway...
Sharena: Your gut, huh? I see... Sounds like another way of saying it was your beast intuition!
Keaton: Maybe! Listen—I think all that fighting just caught up with me. I'm gonna go take a nap somewhere.
Sharena: Hey! Keaton! Aaaand he's gone... Didn't he say he was barely warmed up and was ready for more? But then he suddenly needed to go nap?
Alfonse: Hmm... Interesting.

Velouria: Wolf Cub

Character Conversation
Portrait velouria wolf cub feh.png
Velouria: Wolf Cub

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Selkie: Ah! There you are, Velouria! I've been looking all over for you. I brought you something awesome!
Velouria: Busy as always, I see... What's this so-called awesome something, then? Must be a...dust bunny? Or...a shed snake skin? Maybe an old shoe?
Selkie: Whaaat are you talking about? Ew! It's nothing like ANY of that! It's...some pretty flowers! There are tons of them blooming all around the castle, so I gathered some up for myself. Aren't they pretty? You should have one too, Velouria! Here!
Velouria: Er, uhh.. Thank you?
Selkie: If I find more pretty flowers, I'll make sure you get some. In fact, I'm gonna go look for some right now!
Velouria: Selkie, wait. I don't— Oh. She's gone already. That was fast. Hmm..."Pretty flowers", huh? Hmph.

Kaden: Kitsune Braggart

Character Conversation
Portrait kaden kitsune braggart feh.png
Kaden: Kitsune Braggart

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Anna: Hm? What's with this crowd? Seems like they're all excited about something...
Sharena: Looks like they're all gathering around Kaden! I've heard people say his tail is super soft... Maybe he was letting people touch it and a crowd formed?
Anna: I see. That explains the crowd... But there are some brawny Heroes mixed in there too...
Sharena: The draw of a tail that fluffy is irresistible to people of all kinds, it seems!
Anna: Hmm... Fluffy... Irresistible appeal... Aha! I just got an idea! Pardon me, Kaden, but could I trouble you for a moment of your time? It's a small business matter...
Kaden: OK, Commander Anna! Are you sure you haven't stopped me just to touch my tail though?
Anna: Well, that's not why—I mean, it IS related to your tail—but...since you're offering... May I touch it?
Kaden: Of course! Touch it as much as your heart desires.
Anna: In that case... Wow! It's so...fluffy! I feel like been transported to a world of warm, fuzzy clouds! It's...even fluffier than I expected. Now I understand why such a crowd would have gathered!
Kaden: Hah! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Anna: Now that I've felt it, I HAVE to do this... Kaden, I wanted to talk to you about this idea I have.
Kaden: All right? What's your idea, then?
Anna: I want to create pillows that replicate the fluffiness of your tail! If I can replicate the cozy softness, they'll be a huge hit! My plan is to find a material I can use to match the texture, but it won't be easy...
Kaden: Hmm... I don't mind you trying, but...a kitsune tail is an extraordinary thing, so it will be quite difficult to replicate.
Anna: No matter! I swear I'll replicate that fluffiness—or my name isn't Anna!

Selkie: Free Spirit

Character Conversation
Portrait selkie free spirit feh.png
Selkie: Free Spirit

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Selkie: Look who it is—Alfonse and Sharena! What are you guys up to?
Alfonse: Oh, hi, Selkie. We're just doing some weapon and armor maintenance so that all's ready for our next battle.
Sharena: You look like you're in a good mood, Selkie. What are you up to?
Selkie: Oh, I just came from playing with a big group of Heroes! That's one awesome thing about this castle—there are so many Heroes, someone's always happy to play! Plus there are mountain-sized Heroes and Heroes who dance with grace like I've never seen... There are even some Heroes who can transform like I can! It's great!
Kaden: Selkie! I've been looking for you. Didn't we have a plan to train together today?
Selkie: Oh, did we? I'm sorry, Daddy. There are so many fun things to do in this castle—I just want to run around and play all day!
Sharena: I know there are lots of fun things to do, Selkie, but you must keep your promises to Kaden, don't you think?
Kaden: Yeah, that's what she said! The second I take my eye off of you, you just run of to who knows where... We weren't summoned into this world so we could play, you know. We're here to help restore peace.
Selkie: OK, OK... Then let's go train! It's basically playing anyway, so I don't know what the fuss is about...
Alfonse: Heh. Everything comes back to playing with Selkie, huh?
Kaden: Well, she is my daughter... I do wish she were a bit more serious, though.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

The Orb Case




Mystery of the Missing Orbs


Robo de orbes

Missing Orbs


Le vol d'orbes

The Missing Orbs


Der Sphärendieb

The Missing Orbs


Il kitsune in giallo

The Kitsune's Detective Work


Cadê os orbes?

Where's the Orbs?

Traditional Chinese


Mystery of the Missing Orbs