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Forging Bonds/High Tea Jinks

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Legendary tea? It must be pretty good. And that's really what we need?
— Silas

High Tea Jinks (Japanese: 極上のひとときを The Finest Moments) is the third edition of Fire Emblem Heroes's Forging Bonds. This event ran from September 18, 2018 through
October 2, 2018. It was available in three difficulty options; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


Main article: Forging Bonds/Script § High Tea Jinks

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Prize table

For the list of general rewards, see Forging Bonds.

Is feh red friendship bond.png Is feh orange friendship bond.png Is feh green friendship bond.png Is feh blue friendship bond.png
Conversation Flora's C Conversation Nina's C Conversation Ophelia's C Conversation Silas's C Conversation
Flora's B Conversation Nina's B Conversation Ophelia's B Conversation Silas' B Conversation
Flora's A Conversation Nina's A Conversation Ophelia's A Conversation Silas's A Conversation
Flora's S Conversation Nina's S Conversation Ophelia's S Conversation Silas's S Conversation
Accessory Maid Headpiece Reading Glasses Sacred Stardust Knight Headpiece
Accessory EX Maid Headpiece EX Reading Glasses EX Sacred Stardust EX Knight Headpiece EX


Flora: Cold as Ice

Character Conversation
Portrait flora feh.png
Flora: Cold as Ice

C rank B rank A rank S rank

If you become overwhelmed by your duties, please allow me to assist you, <player>. I beg you. I'm used to looking after Corrin, but's you who bears the weight of the world on your shoulders. Likewise, if my twin sister, Felicia, can be of any help, I'm sure she would be more than happy to aid you as well. Speaking of Felicia... I hope she's not causing you any trouble. You'd tell me if she were, I trust? She...wants to help, but there are times when her efforts cause more trouble than they solve. If she happens to do anything overly careless, please do not hesitate to inform me. I've plenty of experience in steering her back on course and will do my best to keep out from underfoot. Of course, I wish she'd learn to steer herself a little better, but...well, what are big sisters for?

Nina: Eye Spy

Character Conversation
Portrait nina feh.png
Nina: Eye Spy

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Oh no, oh no... How could I lose something so important? It's gotta be around here somewhere... Let me retrace my steps... I was here when I began thinking about how I've always favored the bow and arrow... But then here, I began thinking that perhaps a lance and shield was the better combination... So if I became lost in thought here...and my distraction caused me to drop it, then it must be... Oh! <player>! I found you at a good time. Have you um...seen anything that might look as had been dropped? Well, it's a book... A thin book. The contents of which are not— Wait—that's it! The book you're holding right now! Give it here! Right now! Hurry, hand it over! Ha! Haha! Oh, um... Ahem... Did you... Did you happen to look inside? He-hey, don't look at me like I'm some deviant! What does that look even mean, huh?! Well, if you did happen to peek inside, I forbid you from discussing its contents with anyone! If anyone hears about what's in there, it will be the end of me. And of you! Hmph!

Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine

Character Conversation
Portrait ophelia feh.png
Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine

C rank B rank A rank S rank

I have finally found you—the chosen summoner of the highest echelon! I was hoping you'd indulge a humble request... Please, allow me to borrow your divine weapon, Breidablik! If even for just the briefest of moments, I— Hh? You'll let me borrow it?! F-for real?! Ahem, I mean... Many thanks, friend! Ah, so this is the divine weapon that you and you alone may wield. However, as a fellow chosen one and the holder of radiance, wielding it should pose no challenge! Here goes! Divine weapon Breidablik...answer my call to summon! Hyaaah! Hyaaah, I said! Hyah! Um... Hyuh?! Gyaah! Hmph! The trigger refuses to budge! What could be amiss?! I must turn to my last resort... I have no choice but to release the seal on my Royal Bloodmark of the Exalt. Hng... Hyaaah! The strength of dusk overflows into swirling pools of inky...Inky dusk! It manifests as...a miracle! ... ... ... Aw, come on... Nothing? Seriously? It would seem that the stars are not aligned in my favor. Well, I guess you can have this back now. However, as the chosen heroine, I shall not give up! Next time, my radiance will shine its brightest, and the Breidablik will bend to my will!

Silas: Loyal Knight

Character Conversation
Portrait silas feh.png
Silas: Loyal Knight

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Hey...has something been troubling you lately, <player>? If so, just let me know, and i'll do whatever I can to help—even if it's something trivial! ...Huh? You're worried about m-my bedhead? Hey! Th-this is NOT bedhead, OK? It's a proper haircut! So, er...n-no to trouble yourself over it, all right? ...Ah, so that's not actually what's troubling you then? I see... Well, as a sworn knight, I'll do whatever I can to help. That's the oath I made. I want to use what strength I have for the benefit of others, so I can't just ignore when someone's in trouble. If you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask. If anything is ever troubling you, just leave it to me. I'll take care of it—no problem at all!

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

High Tea Jinks




The Finest Moments


Té legendario

Legendary Tea


Thé légendaire

Legendary Tea



Tea Friends


L'ora del tè

Tea Time

Traditional Chinese


Offering of the Finest Moments