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Forging Bonds/Dueling Desires

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Ladies! We are allies here, bound by fate! You must not quarrel! And you certainly can't kill one another!
— Owain

Dueling Desires (Japanese: ふたりの魔女 Two Enchantresses) is the fourth edition of Fire Emblem Heroes's Forging Bonds. This event ran from October 27, 2018 through November 10, 2018. It was available in three difficulty options; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


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Prize table

For the list of general rewards, see Forging Bonds.

Is feh red friendship bond.png Is feh orange friendship bond.png Is feh green friendship bond.png Is feh blue friendship bond.png
Conversation Loki's C Conversation Aversa's C Conversation Owain's C Conversation Kliff's C Conversation
Loki's B Conversation Aversa's B Conversation Owain's B Conversation Kliff' B Conversation
Loki's A Conversation Aversa's A Conversation Owain's A Conversation Kliff's A Conversation
Loki's S Conversation Aversa's S Conversation Owain's S Conversation Kliff's S Conversation
Accessory Tactician's Hat Plegian Crown Wings of Darkness Explorer's Hat
Accessory EX Tactician's Hat EX Plegian Crown EX Wings of Darkness EX Explorer's Hat EX


Loki: The Trickster

Character Conversation
Portrait loki feh.png
Loki: The Trickster

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Looking back on it now, I just can't stop myself from laughing... The look on Alfonse's face when you summoned me... It tickled me so. In fact, they all looked so...crestfallen. But you and other Heroes you've have welcomed me into your ranks. You trust me to fight side by side with you. What a fascinating little group you've gathered, <player>... I'm used to being judged for my appearance, but I am much more responsible that you might think. And've given me an obligation to repay your trust in me. It helps that I'm enjoying it here, dear. I can't help myself! What a lovely world you've got! Thank you so very much for summoning me. Hee-hee.

Aversa: Dark One

Character Conversation
Portrait aversa feh.png
Aversa: Dark One

C rank B rank A rank S rank

You know, there's just something about you, <player>. Your face is gentle—so gentle that, had I not seen you in battle, I am not sure that I could have envisaged it... But I have seen you standing there, steely eyed, issuing command after command... Your face is quite something. At times, it shows hard-won wisdom...and at others, childlike naïveté. What matters most to me, however, is that you have have placed your faith in me. In this world, I fight shoulder to shoulder with Heroes who were my bitter foes not so long ago... Yet you trust me. You do, don't you? Since I have arrived here, I have found myself growing more and more taken with you. I wonder where these feelings come from... Are they true feelings, from deep inside me? I do wonder...

Owain: Chosen One

Character Conversation
Portrait owain feh.png
Owain: Chosen One

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Emergency! This is an emergency! Sound the alarm! Light the signal fire! <player>! I need you! I was just out for a stroll when I spied a Hero identical to myself! What foul specter is responsible for this?! Huh? His name is...Odin? He has a face identical to my own. How could this be? Could it be... Could it be that I have discovered the shadow version of myself?! Don't tell me to settle down! I must— Uh... what? Oh, is that so? He and I have both been called forth by your divine weapon... I see. Tell me... Does a weapon for such power such as the Breidablik...bear a second name? It is only right for arms of such untold legend to be baptized with a name of power twice over! Surely you agree! Simply leave this task to none other than Owain Dark. No need to look so shocked and overjoyed! I insist upon doing your divine weapon this honor. This is my specialty, after all. This weapon shall receive a name truer than any name bestowed upon any weapon to date. Tremble in anticipation of my ultimate naming technique... Burning Lexicon of Nomenclature!

Kliff: Curious Spirit

Character Conversation
Portrait kliff feh.png
Kliff: Curious Spirit

C rank B rank A rank S rank

Oh, <player>... What brings you here? You're patrolling? You take your responsibilities awfully seriously don't you? Me? I'm people-watching. When I have nothing to do, this is where you'll find me. Look at all these different Heroes... They all come from different worlds and cultures. It's something, isn't it? Some of them even come from legends... Others are royalty. And me... What am I doing here? There is nowhere else you can find a gathering like this. Nobody in my world would believe me if I told them. And they've all been brought here because of you. It's outstanding. You're too modest, you know. Everybody here knows what you're capable of. And even with all of these Heroes you've gathered, you summoned me. I don't get it... Oh, don't take me too seriously. I'm just thinking out loud. You don't need to start worrying about me.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Dueling Desires




Two Enchantresses


Duelo pasional

Passionate Duel


Duel de désirs

Duel of Desires



Dueling Desires


Passioni rivali

Passionate Rivals

Traditional Chinese


Two Enchantresses