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Foreign Land and Sky/Script

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(Bernadetta's taking a break in the Library.)
Bernadetta: Ah, nothing like a moment of perfect stillness...

Petra: Why is it preferable to have stillness?
Bernadetta: Ah! Petra?! Please don't sneak up on me like that!
(As Bernadetta's startled, she notices Byleth is accompanying Petra.)
Bernadetta: Oh... You're here too, Professor? What's going on?
Petra: I was asking my question first. What are you enjoying about air that is still?
Bernadetta: Um. Still air makes me feel better, that's all. It means you're in a nice, closed-off space where you can hide.
Petra: But spaces that are wide and open are wonderful. Places like forests and oceans.
Bernadetta: Guess we'll have to agree to disagree about that.
Petra: I am not understanding your answer, but I am appreciating your explanation. I am reminded. I was wanting to ask if you wish to be going to the forest or ocean with me?
Bernadetta: Um. What? What part of anything I said would make you think I wanted that?
(As the scene fades to black, Petra explain what's happening...)

Bernadetta: So your grandfather is in trouble. He's trying to lend us soldiers from Brigid, but...

Crimson Flower Crimson Flower Other Routes Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind

Bernadetta: The church is sending messengers there because they'd be in trouble if the Empire gets stronger.

Petra: You are saying messengers, but the truth is they are a threat. Brigid is having no power to refuse.
Bernadetta: I get it, but what does this have to do with me?
Petra: Professor was asking this of me.
Petra: I was told...if I am going to a far away place, to be taking Bernie with me, since she is hiding away.
Bernadetta: What?! Professor! What did I do to deserve this?!

Crimson Flower Crimson Flower Other Routes Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind

Bernadetta: Haven't I gone out of my room enough lately?!

Choice 1 Choice 2
You can't refuse. Lend me your strength.
Bernadetta: Tyranny! Abuse of power! I have rights! (Support points with Bernadetta go up.)
Bernadetta: You say that, but I don't think I'm ready for this.

Petra: Bernie, I am wanting this as well. Please join me.
Bernadetta: Since you put it that way, Petra...I'll think about it. Do you really want me to go, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I do. (Begin Paralogue battle) I'm not sure. (Return to previous screen)
Bernadetta: All right. I'll lend a hand...for everyone's sake!
Petra: What is the point of lending a hand? Are you not needing both of them to battle?
Bernadetta: What?! No, it's a figure of speech! Oh, don't make me imagine that!

Crimson Flower Crimson Flower Other Routes Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind

Petra: Maybe we are not needing you then. I will try borrowing the power of Her Majesty.
Bernadetta: Um, OK... I don't mind shutting myself in like usual. But I can't say I feel good about all this!
Petra: If your mind is changing, please tell me. I will be waiting as long as I can.

Battle: Foreign Land and Sky

Forest (Brigid)

Before Battle

Bernadetta: Professor, this is bad! The enemy's already here!
Petra: In strength, the enemies may be winning, but I am having an idea...
Petra: I have been hearing that my friends are being imprisoned in the western stronghold... We will be taking the stronghold and releasing our allies! Do not let loose your hope.
Bernadetta: Wh-what? That side's crawling with enemies! We should go east! Way fewer of them over there...

Petra is damaged by the enemy

Petra: My life is endangered! I must keep alive! I am being attacked, but I will not be losing!

Western Stronghold is occupied by Petra

Petra: The capturing of the stronghold has been completed. Our friends from the stronghold will soon be aiding us in battle...
Petra: I must be going inside the stronghold and releasing our allies. Professor... Friends... Please have patience for the reinforcements.
Petra: Reinforcements are ready. Let us attack with each other!

Petra: Reinforcements are ready. Take my apologies for the wait!

Eastern Stronghold is occupied by Bernadetta

Crimson Flower Crimson Flower Other Routes Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind

Knight of Seiros: What's this?! You there! Identify yourselves!

Bernadetta: Ah! They're here. I'm not the one you want. I'm innocent!

Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

Crimson Flower Crimson Flower Other Routes Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind

(Catherine and multiple church soldiers appear across the map.)
Catherine: I came here to ask the people of Brigid not to join forces with our enemies. Looks like the Empire had the same idea. Let's block the road and cut them off!

Petra: If they are blocking the road, I will not have the ability to be seeing my grandfather! I must be moving quickly!

Enemy Approaches the Marked Tile

Petra: Professor, danger is becoming near! Soon, the enemy will be blocking the road!

If Petra Falls

Petra: Grandfather, I cannot be meeting you... My objective was failed...
Bernadetta: Petra?! Petra, no! Don't leave us!

Main Boss

Crimson Flower Crimson Flower Other Routes Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant Wind


Vs anyone:

Brigid will not become a puppet of the Empire. The Knights of Seiros won't let it happen!
— Catherine Vs Anyone

Vs Bernadetta:

Bernadetta: Ah! It's Thunder Catherine! We're done for!
Catherine: Hey, I was going to say that! You didn't let me introduce myself. How rude. Thunderbrand and I will have to teach you some manners.

— Catherine Vs Bernadetta

Defeat Quote:

I can't achieve anything more here. Keep fighting! Stop them!
— Catherine's defeat quote

After Battle

Petra: It is done! Now, I can be meeting my grandfather. We must be moving with haste!
Bernadetta: Finally over? Phew! All right, let's get out of here! This isn't exactly, um, the ideal environment for a recluse, you know.
Petra: I will be speaking with my grandfather. Once he is convinced, I will be returning. Professor, everyone, please be waiting here. Enemies may still be nearby.


(Bernadetta looks around.)
Bernadetta: The vegetation around here's pretty different from the kinds we usually see. It may be no good for a recluse, but the forest does have its own charms, doesn't it?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm surprised to hear you say that. You like plants?
Bernadetta: Didn't you know? I love greenery! Especially carnivorous plants. They're my favorite. Bernadetta: Sure do! Especially the carnivorous ones!

Carnivorous plants...

Bernadetta: Yes! They just sit there, nice and still, and wait for their dinner to come to them! How great is that? And they all look so unique too!
Byleth: ...
(Byleth looks worried.)
Bernadetta: What? Don't you think so? Oh, look! Petra's back!

(Petra returns.)
Petra: Sorry to be making you wait. I have spoken with him.
Bernadetta: It's been a long time since you've seen your grandfather, huh? How'd it go?
Petra: As is usual, my grandfather was well and strong. He was saying that he will be supporting us and giving us troops.
Bernadetta: That's great! So we did it?
Petra: We did. You have my thanks. Ever since we were losing the war to the Empire, Brigid has been viewed as a vassal state. But with Fódlan at is a chance for Brigid to be changing our situation. Our cooperation today is part of that chance. Brigid is wanting equality with Fódlan. We will be working hard to make this happen.
Bernadetta: Ah...
(Bernadetta gets emotional.)
Petra: Bernie? What is it you are feeling?
Bernadetta: You're amazing, Petra. You went all by yourself to a foreign country... You worked hard for your homeland, and you achieved your goal. I'm always focused on my own problems, and I barely ever get anywhere...
Petra: That is not the truth. You were fighting hard for me. You came here to be helping everyone. You were not thinking only of yourself. I am never doubting that you are working hard. We will be working together to keep moving forward to the future.
Bernadetta: You...really mean it? That's so nice!
Petra: And you were telling me about your interest in foreign vegetation. That is one reason why I wanted to be bringing you here. Did it make you happy?
Bernadetta: It did! It was really exciting! I've got so many drawings I need to do before we head back! I might even have enough to make into a book. Yeah, I should do that!
(Bernadetta then looks at Byleth.)
Bernadetta: Want to help, Professor?