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Following a Dream/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Silver Snow
Verdant Rain Moon

Following a Dream

Opening Narration FETH Crest of Flames banner.png

Cg fe16 verdant rain moon mural part 2.png
The ambitions of those who slither in the dark are forever shattered with Shambhala's destruction. But in the process, Rhea is grievously injured. What fate awaits her, and who will bear the weight of Fódlan on their shoulders?
— Chapter 21 opening narration

Event - The Price of Victory

Date: 8/1
Entrance Hall

(The screen is black. Nothing can be seen.)
Rhea: Ugh...
Cyril: Hang in there, Lady Rhea.
Seteth: She needs help! Hurry!
Manuela: That's a serious injury... It's a miracle that she's even alive right now. I'll do what I can, but...
(Manuela finishes reporting and leaves. Seteth, Flayn and Byleth now stand alone, worried.)
Seteth: Five years ago, when this place fell an enormous white creature appeared on the battlefield. It was the Immaculate One... Rhea.

She tried to save me...

Seteth: What? You already knew Rhea's true identity?

Thinking back, I suppose so.

Seteth: I see. In the past the children of the goddess were all able to change their appearance, just like the Immaculate One. I lost that power long ago, but it seems Rhea has not.

You're one of the children of the goddess?

Seteth: Is it not obvious? Flayn and I both are. We have protected Garreg Mach, and all of Fódlan, for a very long time. But now...the light of Rhea's life is on the verge of disappearing from this world. It is flickering... I do not know if she can be saved. Even if she is, I wonder if she will remain unchanged...
Flayn: Professor. Are you able to carry on Rhea's work? As the protector of Fódlan and as leader of the people who live here... You must defend the people. Guide them and teach them. Join their hearts and spread peace across the whole of the land.
Seteth: It is not as though you must become the archbishop. But Fódlan needs leadership it is up to you to govern this war-torn land.


Seteth: You need not reply right this moment. We will strive to heal Rhea as best we can.
Flayn: Perhaps it would help to seek counsel from our friends at the monastery about this matter.
Seteth: I agree. When your mind is made up, please speak with me. I would ask that you give me your decision in the presence of Rhea herself.

Exploration: Following a Dream

Potential Dates: 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23 and 8/30

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Event - Rampage

Potential Dates: 8/2, 8/9, 8/16, 8/23, 8/30 and 8/31
Outer City Wall*

(Seteth, Flayn and Byleth reunite with Rhea.)
Rhea: Sweet child... You have finally come... I am so happy. It does my heart well to see you here, safe and sound.
Seteth: Have you made your decision, professor? Thankfully, Rhea has survived her trying ordeal.
However... There is no telling how much longer her light will continue to shine.
Flayn: Professor, have you decided? Will you become the next ruler of Fódlan?
Byleth: ...
Rhea: Before I hear your answer, I shall fulfill the promise I made to you. You will know the truth about your identity... I will hold nothing back.
Rhea: I... created you. And within you is the Crest Stone of the progenitor god... I hid the Crest Stone within your heart in order to revive her. Sweet child... I am sorry. I wanted to see her... see my mother... even if it meant doing that which is forbidden.

What does it all mean?

Rhea: I thought that I could regain all I had lost, if only I could revive my mother... And so I tried to bring her back by creating a body, and then burying a Crest Stone within it. A young woman I created... my twelfth try after much heartache... was a failure. She grew up lacking the conscience of the progenitor god and fell in love with the captain of the Knights of Seiros. In time, she became pregnant... but she and the child were not able to survive the birth. The child she bore was not breathing, and she herself was in grave danger. The new mother pleaded with me to take the Crest Stone of the progenitor god from her own body and place it within the baby. If I had done nothing, both mother and child would have died. And so I granted her final wish. As she had hoped, the baby started breathing again... The new life was saved. Your life, sweet child.


Rhea: Well before that, I had saved Jeralt's life using the power of my blood. That means you are the child of a mother born of the progenitor god's Crest Stone and a father who carried my own blood. I knew, deep in my heart, that you would be capable of housing the conscience of the progenitor god. I was right... And yet, she merely gifted her power to you and then disappeared once more. My dearest wish did not come true... but here you are. You alone wield the power of the progenitor God.
Rhea: And now, I must ask you to use that power to save this world. You must...
(Strong heartbeats coming from Rhea can be heard.)
(Rhea begins to recoil in pain.)
What... No... Arrgh!
(Smoke begins surrounding Rhea. Everyone's confused.)
Seteth: Rhea?! Rhea!
Flayn: What is wrong? Please calm yourself, Rhea!
(A bright green light envelops Rhea.)
Seteth: Is the power of the crest taking over her body? Why is this happening?!
(As the screen turns white, Rhea transforms into her Sky Dragon form and quickly soars away. Green particles can be seen falling from the sky once the screen clears.)
(Suddenly, soldiers begin reporting.)
Knight of Seiros: Seteth! It's terrible! White beasts have appeared all over Garreg Mach! It's hard to believe, but there have been reports that the priests and Knights have been changing form.
Seteth: White Beasts... Are they the ones Rhea shared her blood and stones with?
Church Soldier: Seteth! Demonic beasts are heading this way!
Seteth: They are after Rhea... Professor, our situation is dire. If we do nothing, Fódlan will be destroyed by a rampaging Immaculate One and these "children" of hers. There is only one way to stop this.
Seteth: We... we must... Damn it! We have no choice but to kill the Immaculate One... to kill Rhea!
(Byleth looks at the sky, sporting a grim look on their face, knowing what's to come.)

Narration - The Final Battle

Though showing brief signs of recovery, even Rhea's strength has its limits. Having changed form to The Immaculate One, she is unable to control her power. As if in response, priests and knights who are directly related to Rhea by blood change into White Beasts themselves. Facing this unexpected threat, the resistance army prepares for its final battle to save Fódlan.
— Introduction to The Final Battle

Battle: The Final Battle

Monastery (Outer Wall)

Before Battle

Seteth: It is kept secret, but there is a certain rite that all initiates to high office in the church must undergo. In this rite, one pledges to serve the goddess, and in return, receives a Crest Stone fragment and blood.
Seteth: The ones who have transformed alongside Rhea just now are the ones who have accepted those gifts. They will shield Rhea—the Immaculate One, I should say—with their very lives. But if we do not strike her down, Fódlan will have no future. To arms!

Player Phase 1

Seteth: Surrounded already, it seems. The White Beasts are those in whom Rhea's blood flows strongest. Until we get rid of them, we will not be able to so much as touch Rhea.

If Caspar is deployed

Caspar: Damn. After all that's happened...why do we have to kill Lady Rhea?

Bernadetta after Entering Combat

Bernadetta: Isn't the fighting already over?! Why do we have to do this to Lady Rhea?!

Ferdinand after Entering Combat

Ferdinand: "The Immaculate One." We cannot afford to lose here, whoever our foe may be!

Reinforcements come from the South Stronghold

Seteth: They're coming one by one from the southern stronghold. If we do not capture it, there will be more.

Reinforcements come from the East & West Strongholds (unused)

Seteth: Winged beasts from the east and west—we should try to capture those strongholds quickly.

Attacking the Immaculate One with Reinforcements Active

Seteth: Stop! Any damage to the Immaculate One will only be transferred to those beasts.

If Petra is deployed

Petra: It is seeming that my understanding of Fódlan tradition is...insufficient. What is happening?

Seteth: It is too dangerous to approach her now. Capture the southern stronghold first to seal the beasts away!

After the Immaculate One has Entered Combat Twice

Seteth: Leave off! We must defeat the beasts before—oh, no. Rhea?! What's happening?!
(Rhea goes into Phase Two)
The Immaculate One: Graaaargh!
(Rhea goes into Phase Two)
Seteth: Rhea?! Not even I have seen this form!

If Linhardt is deployed

Linhardt: Well, that's something, isn't it? A shame we must kill her. Consider the research potential...

One Stronhold has been captured (unused)

Seteth: Excellent. We've secured a stronghold. Let us hurry and proceed to the others.

Two Stronholds has been captured (unused)

Seteth: Only one stronghold remains.

All Strongholds (unused)/South Stronghold has been captured

Seteth: Let us turn our attention to the Immaculate One.

If Dorothea is deployed

Dorothea: This is it. The final battle.

The Immaculate One: Graaaargh!
(Rhea goes into Phase Two)
Seteth: Rhea?! Not even I have seen this form!

If Linhardt is deployed

Linhardt: Well, that's something, isn't it? A shame we must kill her. Consider the research potential...

Main Boss - The Immaculate One

Vs Anyone:

— Rhea Vs Anyone

Vs Seteth:

Seteth: I will inherit the pride of Nabatea. Rest in peace by Sothis's side!
— Rhea Vs Seteth

Vs Flayn:

Flayn: Rhea... How tragic. But there is no time to waste. She must be stopped!
— Rhea Vs Flayn

Vs Cyril:

Cyril: This is me, paying ya back. No matter what, I'll stop Lady Rhea!
— Rhea Vs Cyril

Vs Catherine:

Catherine: Lady Rhea... With my sword, I will put an end to your suffering.
— Rhea Vs Catherine

After Battle

The Immaculate One: Graaargh...
(Rhea retreats.)
Seteth: Rhea! Please!

Movie - Wailing

Ss fe16 wailing fbyleth icon.png

The Immaculate One attempts to escape, flying toward the monastery in pain. Byleth gives chase to Rhea, which takes them to the cathedral. Rhea screams and suffers after arriving, up until she can't remain flying anymore. She drops to the ground.

The screen turns white, and the room is filled up with snow-colored feathers as Rhea returns to normal and begins to fall slowly, almost as if the gravity had taken mercy on her body. Seeing this, Byleth drops their sword and runs towards Rhea, as the camera focuses on her injured face.

Byleth catches Rhea before she touches the ground. Just then, Rhea opens her eyes, looks at Byleth and speaks.

Rhea: You're here, Mother...

Rhea passes out in Byleth's arms. Just then, the camera shows how a new dawn has arrived at last...


Ss fe16 silver snow ending mural.png

A rising flame was alight as the flow of time carved a new history for Fódlan.

Rhea's wild rampage was put to an end, averting what could have been the greatest crisis in the history of Fódlan. After five and a half years of war, a new age was set to begin.

The Empire, Kingdom, and Alliance—all political structures that had once shaped the continent—were gone. A unified nation began to take shape under the watchful eye of the Church of Seiros.

The church's new leader became a champion of the people, working tirelessly to help them overcome the horrors of war and to carve out a path towards reconstruction.

Just as Saint Seiros tended to those who suffered in wars of the past, Fódlan's new ruler embraced their role as mother of all life and arbiter of every soul.

— Epilogue