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Five-Anna Firefight/Script

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Lissa: There's another armory...and another. And another... Wait, that one too?! Wow, what is with this town? Every other shop is an armory! Are you seeing this, Chrom?
Chrom: I am. The people don't seem particularly warlike... I wonder what it could be. In any case, it seems a perfect opportunity to restock our weapons.
Lissa: Ooh, good idea! I could use a new staff... Come on. Let's start with this shop here…
Merchant: Oh, hey there, travelers! What can I get for you two today?
Chrom: Ah, just looking for now, thank you. With all the armories about, we figure a little comparison shopping is in order.
Merchant: Well, you've come to the right place—this is the weapons capital of the Outrealms. And no wonder—the mountains around here are chock full of the purest ore you'll find! Everything you see here has been crafted by hand too. No magical shortcuts, no, sir!
Lissa: Do you carry any staves? This one just doesn't feel, I dunno..."me."
Merchant: Do we carry staves?! Why, it just so happens staves are our specialty, sweetie! In fact, this week we have a special on Rescue staves: buy two, get the—
Villager: Ack! Oh, gods! Oh, gods, it's horrible! They's comin'! Oh, gods, they's comin'!
Merchant: Huh? What's wrong? Who's coming? ...It's not a rival weapons outlet, is it? With wholesale prices?!
Villager: Ngah! Oh, gods, we ain't got time! We gotta run! Run! Oh, gods, oh, gods!
Chrom: The gods have heard you by now, friend. Why don't you calm yourself and tell US what happened? Perhaps we can help.
Villager: W-we was minin' up in the mountains...when there was a terrrrrrible shakin'! The earth just RIPPED right open, and then lava splashed in, all red-hot-like! Oh, gods! And then THEY attacked! Terrible beasties with dead eyes and r-razors for claws! They tore up five men without breakin' a sweat! They's comin' fer the rest of us!
Chrom: Hmm... Sounds like Risen to me.
Merchant: What?! But my sisters were up mining in those mountains today too! Anna and Anna! Anna too! And little Anna! ...Was there one more? ...Oh, yes, Anna! I have to save them!
Villager: What, are ya gonna bargain 'em to death?! Ain't no way you'd last two seconds!
Chrom: He's right—let us handle this.
Merchant: What? You''d do that for me?
Lissa: Sure! Helping total strangers out of sticky situations is kind of our thing. Plus, I know what it's like to worry yourself sick about a sister... We'll chew those Risen up and spit 'em right out! I to speak. Ick…
Chrom: Indeed—we will not rest until Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna and...what was the last one? ...Ah yes, Anna—we will not rest until all five of them are safe. You have my word.
Merchant: Oh, I cannot thank you enough! Please, is there anything I can do to help?
Lissa: How about a few of those Rescue staves you mentioned earlier? They might come in handy.
Merchant: Oh, yes, um... About that... So the mountains around here are actually Rescue-proof... The staves won't work. We used to have a problem with thieves using them to steal ore, you see. So we magically blocked the use of any staff that facilitates transportation of matter. To be honest, that's why they were on sale. Not much demand for them around here.
Lissa: What?! That's crazy! There's no way we can— Er, fail? No way we can FAIL! That's what I was saying just now! Um, right, Chrom?
Chrom: Er...right. Who needs indispensable magical items? We'll rescue them by hand! I'm certain Robin will come up with something…
Merchant: Oh, thank you, thank you so very much! I feel better already... Out of all my sisters, I'm closest with those five, you know. Together we've run this monopoly—er, CHAIN of armories for years and years. If anything should happen to any one of them, I...I just don't know what I would do. Promise me you'll rescue them all? Promise you won't leave anyone behind?
Chrom: I promise we'll bring them back safe.
Merchant: Then good luck and gods' speed!


Chrom: Those must be the five Annas we're here to save... How did they end up back there? You couldn't pick a worse spot if you tried... Well, no helping that now. We must do all we can to keep them safe. You hear me, troops?! Protect those Annas at all costs!

(should any of the NPC Annas be defeated)

Lissa: Oh no, Chrom! Anna down! Anna down!
Chrom: We couldn't protect her... What will we tell Other Anna?
Frederick: There'll be time to decide later, milord... Preferably when we don't have lava and Risen closing in!

Player battle-entry lines

These lines are spoken the first time a particular character enters the battle.

Robin: It's like a furnace in here... Not even our fliers will last long above lava like this. Hmm, but if I could just position our units to keep the enemy off of solid ground... It's certainly worth a try. But first, we need to take down these Risen!
Chrom: A tremor, followed by a surge of Risen... It's just like what happened in Ylisse. And that was just the beginning of all our troubles... I'm not about to let the same or worse happen here!
Lissa: You like picking on Annas, huh? Let's see how you handle a Lissa! I was all set to pick out a nice, new staff before news of YOU showed up!
Frederick: Some battlefield this is. The gravel is scorching, and the lava burns like wildfire! Once again, nature makes us little men seem so insignificant and powerless... I need to see those merchants and my friends through this, no matter what.
Sully: All they wanted was a little ore to keep their business going. Instead they got monsters, magma and mayhem. It's a damned travesty! It's time to escort these Annas home to their sister, where they belong.
Virion: Why is it so blasted hot here?! And this rocky path is giving me blisters! Does some cruel god wish for me to fall ever gracefully to a fiery death? ...Oof! Who was that? Did someone just bump me? You did that on purpose!
Vaike: Ouch! The Vaike—oof!—does not fight well in—aieee!—hot places! Still, I can't be whinin' like a baby while the others are pullin' their weight. ...C'mon, you roast Risen! Let's see if ya got any pink in the middle!
Stahl: I can handle hot, but this place is a stewpot! Mmm... A huge, piping stewpot filled with big, juicy chunks of lava... Gods, did my stomach just growl? Seriously, what is wrong with me?
Miriel: I find lava simply riveting. How does it retain its heat? What chemical changes occur, and how quickly? Could its power be harnessed? ...Ah, a Risen. I'd nearly forgotten I was in battle! Hold still while I slay you.
Kellam: Anna's not the only one with lots of siblings, you know... And there's nothing sadder than an empty chair at the dinner table. That's it. I don't care if it goes unnoticed. I'm going to fight doubly hard today!
Sumia: Whew... I consulted the flowers, and yes, it seems all the Annas will be rescued. Oh, but that doesn't mean I'm going easy on you, buster! After all, MY survival is still up in the air. Now prepare yourself!
Lon'qu: Damn this heat. It messes with my concentration... ...... Rrgh... Starting to get...dizzy... I'd better finish this quick…
Ricken: Man, look at this lava! I never dreamed we'd ever fight in a place like this. I'll have to write my parents as soon as we get back. They won't believe it! Of course, first we have to finish this rescue and get out of here alive…
Maribelle: You brutes have some nerve materializing in an inferno like this! Why, I can hardly breathe, let alone fight comfortably! Has no one forewarned you of what happens when I lost my temper?!
Panne: Little could be harder than outliving the rest of one's race. This I know. Not that Annas are a "race," mind you, but still... The pain is similar. And that is why these sisters must be saved!
Gaius: C'mon, did you really need to materialize in a lava field? You've caused all my sweets to melt! This stuff isn't cheap, you know. My gingersnaps cry for blood!
Cordelia: I know full well the agony of facing life without my kin... I won't allow Anna to be cast into that heart-wrenching abyss. In the name of the knight-sisters who died for me, I will prevail!
Gregor: Oy... Gregor has heard of jobs where woman is tossed INTO fiery pit, yes... But taking OUT of fiery pit? Is first time! Good thing Gregor is thickly skinned. ...As for you, get out of way before Gregor stabs you in toasty face.
Nowi: I wonder if any of the Annas found dragonstones while they were mining... Not that I'm against helping for helping's sake, but just saying!
Libra: That poor merchant must be tearing her hair out over her sisters. We must answer her prayers and eradicate these Risen posthaste. Gods above, grant us the strength to keep these Annas safe!
Tharja: It's not my problem if some stupid merchants wandered into a deathtrap. But Robin has me twisted around his/her little finger... *sigh* If he/she says "Leap over a pit of hot magma," what can I answer but "How high?"
Olivia: Ouch! That last lava spurt singed my dress! Those sisters picked a dangerous place to mine for their livelihood... I wish my dancing was enough to whisk them right out of here!
Cherche: Looking at the lava is like watching the clouds. I see all kinds of shapes! See? That patch there looks like a face. Could it be one of your friends...melting? ...Oh, listen to me saying such gruesome things! Don't take it to heart, my sweet.
Henry: Wow, just look at all this lava! It's like a river—no, a LAKE of blood! If I toss you in, which part of you do you think will turn to mush first? ...Aww, no pouty faces! I'll make sure you're dead before you splash down!
Lucina: Rescue attempts like this were quite common in the future. Despite the practice, we rarely managed to save everyone... Unfortunately for you, we're a great deal stronger now. Today, victory will be ours!
Say'ri: Seeing all this makes my mind wander back to the volcano in my homeland. 'Twas a place much like this where my brother taught me the ways of the sword... Ah, but this is no time to get lost in reverie. Come. Let us do what we must.
Basilio: Steaming hot and full of scorching lava... I could get used to this place! If only we could hold the champions' tournament in a place like this... Hey, Risen! Next time you fall from the sky, try to aim for Arena Ferox! Ba ha ha!
Flavia: This heat is intense. Even the smallest movement leaves me short of breath. Hmm... You know, Feroxi warriors often train in subzero temperatures... Perhaps next time we should try bringing them out to a place like this as well!
Donnel: Gosh, look at this place. One false move, and it's Donny soup! Whoever rustled up all this lava can kiss my rustic grits! I'd better step lively, else I won't live to rescue any of them nice merchant ladies…
Anna: Other Anna's sisters are my sisters too. You'd better believe I'll save them all! Funny, though—it seems like they all live and work together, huh? I'm not that close with any of my sisters. I admit I'm almost a little jealous!
Owain: Gushing lava streaks across the land like blood spilt upon the earth... Its presence resonates with my very soul... What is this strange exhilaration I feel?! Ah! My sword hand! It's...tingling! Flee, wicked ones! Flee while you still can!
Inigo: I've fought in my share of deathtraps, but none as hot as this... Still...better I suffer the heat than one of these fair maidens gets burned. Hold still, ladies! Inigo is coming!
Brady: Hey! Quit pickin' on the merchant girls! Their poor sister's worried sick! If they kick the bucket here, she...she'll never even get to say good-bye...*sniff* N-no! This ain't gonna end all sad-like. Those girls are comin' home with us!
Kjelle: I know how it feels to lose a loved one to these horrific creatures. I won't let anyone else know that pain. This is precisely what I've trained for! Now we'll see if all that work was in vain. Ready yourself, dead man!
Cynthia: Cut it out, you jerks! Leave those poor merchant girls alone! They've got families to get back to... Not to mention a business to run! Picking on the defenseless is about as unheroic as you can get. Now back off!
Severa: Blech. I'm soaked in my own sweat... This is revolting! Hmm. Those Annas seem to be holding up against the heat pretty well, though... All right, FINE! I can handle a little sweat. Stay strong, girls—we're coming for you!
Gerome: I know the fear and anguish of having to pray for a loved one's safe return. I also know the agony of losing one's family. I know it all too well... I've never been the rescuer type... But this time, I'll do what I can.
Morgan: Man, these Risen are tough! Looks like <Father/Mother>'s decided this one's for me. Gotta hand it to <him/her>—even in this heat, <he/she> manages to keep a cool head. Me, though? I think my brain is melting... I'll never be a master tactician at this rate!
Yarne: Hey! Those poor Annas are completely defenseless out there! Extinction's bad too, b-but at least I have the option of fighting back... All right, no more hesitation... It's time to show you what a taguel's made of!
Laurent: I procured a tome that produces miniature tornadoes to mitigate the heat, but... Well, in the end, all it did was blow hot air. So much for that idea. It seems the only way we'll beat this heat is by fighting out way out of here…
Noire: Gosh, it's so hot... How can anyone fight in this heat... Everything's...getting hazy... I think...I think this might be the end... OF MY PATIENCE! NOW BATHE IN HELLFIRE FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!
Nah: I pride myself on my fortitude, but this heat is taking its toll on even me... Still, that Anna's counting on us to bring her sisters home. I can endure a bit more. I've got enough company in the lost-family club. We don't need any new members!
Tiki: My, this is hot. It reminds me of the boneyard where fire dragons go to die. Not that I remember where that is anymore. Nor the temple where I slept for so long... Still, I mustn't let my age keep me locked in the past. This fight is about today!
Gangrel: For crying out loud, couldn't you dastards find a cooler place to cause trouble? It's too damned hot in here. How about you just jump into the lava and melt away? Go on! I SAID JUMP! ...... Oh, fine, we'll do it your way. Anything to get out of here sooner…
Walhart: Blazing heat, unstable footing... These types of conditions stifle lesser men. But terrain is meaningless to me. Strength is all a conqueror needs! And when they see the strength I command, my foes will yearn for a fiery death instead!
Emmeryn: Keep your...filthy those girls... Chrom and Lissa...have already seen...enough loss...for one lifetime...'s your expire... The merchant girls...must live…
Yen'fay: According to Say'ri, the Yen'fay of her time met his death in a place like this. How did it feel to fall in this dreadful heat? What final thoughts crossed his mind? Perhaps fighting here now will bring me closer to the answers I seek…
Aversa: What sick sadists would force me to fight in this insufferable heat? Look—my clothes are already drenched in sweat! The stickiness is utterly revolting. I need a bath and I need it now, so could you please die as quickly as possible?
Priam: The heat here is fierce. It'll sap your strength and warp your vision... But if one could master fighting here, battling elsewhere would be a breeze. Next time I set off on a training journey, I know where to start...


If all five NPC Annas survived

Merchant: Oh, thank you SO much for saving my sisters and all our customers!
Chrom: Your customers...? You mean the townspeople?
Merchant: Right, that's what I said—townspeople! ...You know what? You deserve a reward. How would you like this card here? I got it from this bearded old man who likes to watch us forge weapons. I swear, he only ever appears when me and my sisters are all hot and sweaty... Anyway, it reads "Catria the Whitewing." He said it would come in handy. I know it's not much, but hopefully you can find some use for it?
Chrom: Yes, I'm sure we can. Thank you.
Merchant: Don't mention it! It's the least I can do for saving my sisters. So back to business! Where did we leave off... Oh, yes! As I recall, you were just about to buy some rescue staves...

(should the player choose to recruit Catria)

Catria: I never fail to get the job done.

If any of the five NPC Annas did not survive

Frederick: Milord, we have won the battle…
Chrom: ...But we couldn't save all the Annas. Damn!
Frederick: We did what we could... We must venture on. There are others counting on us.
Chrom: Rrgh...