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Fire Emblem Wiki:Requests for permissions

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This is an enforced policy on Fire Emblem Wiki. This means that this page details the standard that all editors are expected to follow. To suggest any changes to this policy, please refer to the talk page or Discord.

This page is the hub for requesting additional permissions on Fire Emblem Wiki. When users request, or are nominated for additional rights, the request is voted on by the community.

Nominating and voting

To nominate a user, first inform the user you wish to nominate, by asking on their talk page if they accept or decline the nomination (unnecessary for a self-nomination). If they accept, create a page for hosting the poll on the user's additional rights. The page's title should be of the form "Fire Emblem Wiki:Requests for permissions/<username> (<group>)", replacing <username> with the name of the nominee, and <group> with the title of the group they are being nominated for (i.e. "Patrol" for patroller, "Administrator" for administrator, and "Bureaucrat" for bureaucrat). Copy the following code into the new page, again replacing the <username> and <group> variables (here, the group page title will be "Patrollers" for patroller, and "Administrators" for both administrator and bureaucrat, but otherwise as above):

This page is for discussing [[User:<username>|<username>]]'s nomination for [[Fire Emblem Wiki:<group>|<group>]]. Please vote on and discuss this nomination below.
* ''Voting began at ~~~~~.''

== Support ==
# ~~~~

== Oppose ==

== Comments ==

[[Category:Requests for permissions|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]

You may wish to add your reasons for nominating this user to the "Comments" section. Nominating yourself is acceptable - this is more common for patrollers than administrators and bureaucrats. Then, notify the community of the vote by adding it to the News template on the main page (or ask an administrator to do it for you if you can't edit the page yourself). On this page, link to the voting page in the appropriate section below like so, replacing the appropriate variables:

* [[Fire Emblem Wiki:Requests for permissions/<username> (<group>)|<username>]]

When voting on a nomination, add the following to the line below the previous vote in that section:

# ~~~~

If you are opposing the nomination, you may wish to explain your reasons in the "Comments" section. Please ensure that criticism is constructive and polite. Opposing votes accompanied with a comment such as "no way this user is an idiot trolololol" will be ignored. If you have nothing good to say, it's probably best left unsaid, but please don't use this as an excuse for opposing someone without giving a reason.

If you have been nominated, and initially accepted the nomination, but later wish to decline, please post in the "Comments" section indicating your reasons for declining. An administrator or bureaucrat should then lock the voting page, and remove any links to it that have been posted to the News template or this page.

After one week of voting has passed, or there are a significant number of votes for or against the nomination that are unlikely to swing the other way any time soon, an administrator or bureaucrat may close the vote and take action based on the result. In any case, the voting page should be fully protected, and the links to it from this page and the the News template should be removed. If the nomination failed, no further action is necessary. If the nomination was successful, go to Special:UserRights, enter the to-be-promoted user's name, and follow the instructions there to grant them their new rights.

Past nominations


Autopatrol is generally not voted on. Instead, an administrator or bureaucrat may award this group to users whose edits are of consistently high quality, and who have proven themselves to be trustworthy enough not to need patrolling by administrators and patrollers.

Requests for patrol

These users have been nominated for the Patrol group.

  • none

Requests for adminship

These users have been nominated for adminship.

  • none

Requests for bureaucratship

These users have been nominated for bureaucratship.

  • none


The Editor-in-Chief is a special case. The nomination page and voting process does not follow the above method, and the position may be held by only one user at a time. This page contains more information on the election process for the Editor-in-Chief.

  • none