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Fire Emblem Wiki:Patrollers

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Patrollers are highly trusted users who help patrol the recent changes for vandalism and edits not up to the wiki's quality standards.

In order to become a patroller, you must first be nominated, either by yourself or another member, and then have your nomination voted on by the community. For more details, see here.

If you are currently a patroller, but wish to resign, you may use Special:UserRights to do so. Please provide a reason for your decision when doing so, and understand that once you do so, only an administrator or bureaucrat may add you back.

Patrollers' rights

Right Description
patrol Allows users to see unpatrolled edits in Special:RecentChanges, and mark them as patrolled.
rollback Allows users to quickly revert several edits to one page by a single user.
autopatrol The user's edits are automatically marked as patrolled on Special:RecentChanges.
suppressredirect Allows users to disable the creation of a redirect when renaming pages or files.
skipcaptcha The user no longer has to complete a captcha when adding external links to a page.
upload_by_url Allows users to upload files from the internet, by providing a source URL on the upload form.

Current patrollers

Username Activity
Xamad (TalkContributions) Active