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Fire Emblem Wiki:Bishops

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Bishops are administrators from other NIWA wikis who have registered an account at Fire Emblem Wiki in order to help out here. They are given certain extra rights to allow them to assist in more technical matters. Bishops are trusted users who may be considered "representatives" of their home wikis at Fire Emblem Wiki. They may be able to help with technical wiki information such as templates and advanced editing techniques, but generally should not be approached on matters regarding Fire Emblem Wiki policy.

How do I become a bishop?

To become a bishop, first you need to be an administrator on another NIWA wiki. Then, you need to inform an administrator or bureaucrat of what wiki you come from, and how you can help out.

Bishops' rights

Right Description
editinterface Allows users to edit the MediaWiki: namespace, which has its own special protection level.
editprotected Allows users to edit protected pages.
rollback Allows users to quickly revert several edits to one page by a single user.
autopatrol The user's edits are automatically marked as patrolled on Special:RecentChanges.
suppressredirect Allows users to disable the creation of a redirect when renaming pages or files.
skipcaptcha The user no longer has to complete a captcha when adding external links to a page.

Current bishops

Real Name Username Activity
Enrique Malake256 (TalkContributions) Inactive
n/a Metroidking (TalkContributions) Inactive
n/a SnorlaxMonster (TalkContributions) Semi-active
Luke Lukey140701 (TalkContributions) Semi-active