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Fire Emblem (Shadow Dragon chapter)/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Emereus: The rebels have made it into the castle? Impossible! Grr... Well, we will show them! Knights, form up and rush the intruders! Archers, defend the throne! Thieves, loot the castle's treasures and prepare to withdraw! Hear me! Do not let them set one foot into this chamber! Not one!

Recruiting Rickard

With Marth

Rickard: Thanks for saving me! Hey, wait a second… Aren't you the prince of Altea? My name is Rickard. I am but a humble thief. I came to loot this castle but ended up getting caught. Since you helped me out, I'll return the favor!
(Rickard joins)

With Julian

Julian: Rickard? It can't be! What are you doing here?
Rickard: Julian! It's been too long since I've seen you, Chief. I came to this castle to steal a few things. And wouldn't you know it...I got a little sloppy. And what brings you here?
Julian: Me? As of today, I've washed my hands of thievery. I'm on the side of what's good and just.
Rickard: Ha! I bet I know the truth behind this change of heart. Beauties have always been your weak point.
Julian: N-not a chance! The spirit of justice awakened within me! Look, don't worry about it. Just join up with us!
Rickard: There you go again, trying to make up my mind for me. Since you're the one asking... Well, why not? It's settled! I'll lend you a hand. But I'll take a cut of the loot as payment!
(Rickard joins)

Emereus initiates a battle

Emereus: Damn you! Don't get cocky. Let's see how you rebels fare against this silver sword!


Nyna: You must be Prince Marth. You have done well to make it here. I am the princess of Archanea, Nyna. Though Archanea has long protected this world, Dolhr overwhelmed us, throwing all into chaos. I cannot fight. Marth, I beg you... Please, lead the forces of good and defeat Dolhr! You must liberate all of the lands Dolhr has occupied!
Marth: Of course, Princess Nyna. Altea's allegiance to Archanea is steadfast. Moreover, as the prince of Altea, it is my destiny to defeat Medeus.
Nyna: I thank you, Marth. I will now entrust you with this treasure... The Fire Emblem is given to one with the strength to save the world when my royal family cannot. With this, you will be able to open chests containing invaluable treasures. The battles you face will test your every skill. But fight as hard as you can. Return light to this world!

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After defeating the main force of the Macedonian army, the allied army advanced further to liberate Aurelis castle. The valuable treasures in the castle must be reclaimed, before the enemy steals and escapes with them. "The chests can only be opened by Thieves, but do we have any within our ranks?" Someone murmured...
— Chapter 5 Intro


Emereus: What? The rebels have entered the castle? Hm... Knights, seek out the enemy!! Archers, guard the throne. Thieves, gather all the treasures and prepare to make your escape. Listen well! Don't let the rebels take one step into this room!

Fighting Rickard

Rickard: Has anyone seen my big bro, Julian?

Killing Rickard

Rickard: Crap, I blundered.

Recruiting Rickard

With Julian

Julain: Aren't you Rickard? What are you doing here?
Rickard: Oh, big bro Julian! It's been a while. Heh, it's a little embarrassing. I came to the castle to steal, but I slipped up and got myself caught. But, big bro, what are you doing here...?
Julian: I... I'm not a thief anymore. I'm, er, an ally of justice now.
Rickard: Oh? Tsk tsk! You're probably being deceived by a woman. Big bro has always been intimidated by pretty women.
Julian: F-fool!! My, uh, sense of justice was awakened, that's all... ...Nevermind. Anyhow, from now on you're going to be a companion of mine.
Rickard: Pfft! You're always so selfish... Okay. One, I have time. And two, since big bro asked of me... I understand. I will help big bro. But you must also help me.
(Rickard joins)

With Marth

Rickard: Huh!? Aren't you the prince of Altea? Thanks for rescuing me. I'm Rickard, a humble thief. I came to the castle to steal, but I was caught by the Macedonian soldiers. To repay your favor, I will help you.
(Rickard joins)

Fighting Wendell

Wendell: I don't like fighting. You can do as you please...

Killing Wendell

Wendell: This is regrettable...

Recruiting Wendell

With Merric

Merric: Ah... Master! It's you, Master Wendell.
Wendell: Oh! Is it Merric? You're looking lively. It's good to see you're well.
Merric: Yes. I finally caught up with Altea's Prince Marth. I am currently with the liberation army, fighting against the Dolhr Empire. But, Master, why are you here...?
Wendell: Sigh... Khadein is finished. Khadein is currently ruled by the Demon King, Gharnef, and has become a city of darkness. But I couldn't agree to do his evil deeds, so I escaped. Along the way I was captured by the Macedonian soldiers at Aurelis.
Merric: Is that so... Then, Master, can you please aid us? We're no match for Gharnef and the Dolhr Empire... Yet, we must reclaim Khadein in the end. Prince Marth would be very happy if a great bishop, like you, joined our cause.
Wendell: Mmm... Is that so? Although I don't like fighting, I guess this is the only option... I understand Merric. I will fight together with you. Please inform Prince Marth about this action.
(Wendell joins)

With Marth

Wendell: Lord Marth, I am Wendell, a bishop of Khadein. The magic city, Khadein, is the hope of all people who love peace. However, Gharnef has become its ruler. Currently he has led the mages to perform evil deeds for Dolhr. Prince Marth, to destroy Gharnef's ambitions, please allow me to aid you.
(Wendell joins)

Fighting Emereus

Emereus: Da-damn! Don't get too over yourselves. Rebels, taste steel!!

Killing Emereus

Emereus: Urgh... You...


Nyna: You are Prince Marth? Finally, I have a chance to meet with you. I am Nyna of Archanea. Our Kingdom of Archanea, the guardian of this world, was destroyed by the Dolhr Empire. The world is now facing ruin. Prince Marth, I have a request... Please, in my place, lead these soldiers who were defeated by the Empire and liberate the countries ruled by Dolhr.
Marth: Of course, Nyna. In the past, Altea has been loyal to Archanea. And as a descendant of Altea's founder, it is my destiny to defeat Dolhr's Dark Earth Dragon, Medeus.
Nyna: Thank you, Prince Marth. Then, I will give this Emblem to you. This Fire Emblem is the symbol of the Archanea royal family. It is the proof of a conqueror, and given to the savior of the world. With this, you can also open chests that contain valuable treasures. This war will be fierce, but please try your best to return light to this world.
Fire Emblem obtained!

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


After shattering Macedon's main force outside Aurelis Castle, Marth next led his army into the castle's halls to liberate the kingdom. A number of treasures slept in Aurelis Castle's nooks and crannies but how to extract them before they could fall into enemy hands?

“Only a thief could open chests locked that tight,” grumbled one of Marth's men. But we don't have any thieves with us. ...Do we?

— Chapter 6 intro

During battle

Emereus: What?! The rebels are inside the castle? Grrr...Very well! Armored units: intercept the intruders! Archers: defend the throne! Thieves, you go gather up the treasure while I make preparations to withdraw. You have your orders! Don't let those rebels anywhere near this chamber!

When recruiting Rickard with Julian

Julian: What the- Rickard? What are you doin' in here?

Rickard: Oh, uh... Hey there, Chief! Been a long time, huh? So, funny story: I decided to break in here and clean the place out- and then I got caught. Hilarious, right? Comedy gold. OK, your turn What are YOU doin' here?

Julian: Me? I've washed my hands of thievery and joined the forces of justice.

Rickard: Ohhh really? Justice? So then this wouldn't have nothin' to do with some new lady friend? You always did have a soft spot for a pretty face and the right features-

Julian: Wha- Can it, you little fink! I said it's about justice! I'm entitled to have moral crisis now and then! ...You know what? Just for that, YOU are gonna work for me, startin' right now.

Rickard: What? Do I have to...? Well, all right. You drive a hard bargain, but what can I say? I missed ya, Chief. Just make sure I get a cut out of the haul!

When recruiting Rickard with Marth

Rickard: ...Wow! Really? A prince, you say? Thanks for springin' me! I'm Rickard, just a small-time thief, mind you, but I've got big aspirations! I broke in here to clean the place out, and instead it was me that got my cloak cleaned... Since you saved my hide, I guess the least I can do is lend my services in return.

Conversation: Marth and Rickard (if Julian recruited Rickard)

Rickard: So you're the prince of Altea, then? Hello. I'm Rickard. Just a small-time thief, mind you, but I've got big aspirations! Julian asked me to help you out, see, and what the chief says, goes! So here I am.

Against Emereus

Emereus: Blast! They're upon me! Why didn't those idiot soldiers stop them?!

Defeating Emereus

Emereus: Rrgh...Why...?


Nyna: Prince Marth... At long last. I am Nyna of House Archanea. ‘Tis Archanea's burden to protect the world of crisis- a duty I have striven to fulfill. But Dolhr has laid waste to my kingdom, and now I find myself powerless to stop the world from falling into ruin. Marth... Please, pick up the banner where I have let it fall. Lead your might against Dolhr, and free us all.

Marth: Of course, Princess Nyna. Altea swore fealty to Archanea long ago, a vow we have always kept. And, as you know, it is in my blood – House Altea's blood – to destroy Medeus just as Anri did before me.

Nyna: Thank you, Marth. Then let me give you this. This crest is called the Fire Emblem. House Archanea bestows it only upon a true champion, one we believe has the power to save the world. With it, you gain the right to open treasure chests across the land and wield the precious items within. I know you will use them well. Never give up, Marth. Fight, until the day you restore light to our world.
(Obtained the Fire Emblem)