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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones pre-release build/Debug functions

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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones's prototype, while vastly incomplete, features a fairly comprehensive set of debug functions, which are detailed below. A large portion of these debug functions are identical to the debug menus in the Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade prototypes, though some functions are missing.

Some of these debug functions still remain in the final release, albeit inaccessible. A lot of the ones that do remain do not function properly, however. Unused text for these menus does exist in the final release.

L button debug menu

Using this debug function, Seth now has two copies of Ereshkigal, and is level 20 with 99 exp.

This is one of the more easily accessed debug functions. It can be used in many places in the game, just about anywhere that has corresponding help text.

When viewing a character's regular stat screen, pressing the L button brings up the help text hand, but with no text. To make use of this debug function, place the help hand over an item or stat to modify it by holding A and pressing left or right.

If used on an item the item can be changed to seemingly any other item or weapon in the game. Press left and right to scroll through the items.

If used on a stat (including Lv, HP, and EXP) press left or right on the D-pad to increase or decrease the stat. Stats can be between zero or the unit's class cap for the stat. Status effects can also be inflicted through this screen, move the hand to the status effect indicating portion of the stat screen and press right to select a status effect.

If used on the map status screen money and turn count can be set by pressing left (to decrease the value) or right (to increase the value. The maximum amount of money is 999999, pressing left seems to give the player negative money. The maximum turn count that can be set here is 65535, unlike money, the turn count loops to the highest value if it is attempted to go below 0.

Holding the L and then entering the sound room auto-unlocks all the songs.

Map debug commands

The map menu has three commands relating to debugging and are not present in the retail release. These three options can be accessed any time the player can access the map menu.

The three commands are:


Assigning control of non-player units.

Charge 担当 meaning "(in) charge". When selected it opens a small window allowing the player to change what enemy units and NPC units are controlled by. By default they are set to be controlled by CP, their control can be changed to 人間, meaning human, which allows the player to control enemy units on the enemy phase and NPC units on the NPC phase, or 不参加, which assigns control of non-player units to nobody, thus enemy units and NPC units will do nothing on their respective turns.

Debug menu

The more extensive debug menu open.

Deba デバ, which is presumably intended to be a shortening of "Debug", and opens a more extensive debug menu in another window. The commands available in this menu are as follows:

  • マップ, Map, functions like the chapter select in the opening menu. Unlike the opening menu this map list does not loop, if the player, for instance wants to go to D00, the debug map, they must hold right on the D-pad to scroll to the end of the list, instead of being able to press left and go to the end of the list. Sometimes tutorials from the early chapters 'stick', and the game will try to force tutorials in other chapters, causing issues if one tries to play through later chapters.
  • デブ情報 Dev information, displays numbers in white text on the screen over the map. Their exact meaning is unknown.
  • 天気, Weather, changes the weather occurring on the map. All previous weather conditons, clear, 'fire', sandstorm, light snow, heavy snow, and rain are present. However, the movement penalties don't seem to take effect. The menu doesn't seem to be entirely consistent on the order of the weather options when scrolling left and right.
  • さく敵, Enemy search, enables or disables Fog of War, seems to only work on certain maps.
  • 周回数, Playthrough count, change the playthrough counter with left and right on the D-pad, goes up to 12.
  • クリアずみ, clear.
  • Allows the player to set tactician attributes. L/R disables and enables the tactician, select toggles through tactician affinity and blood type, while left and right on the D-pad changes tactician points.
  • おやすみなさい, Good Night, puts the console in sleep mode, this is a feature in some other Game Boy Advance games, but is not in The Sacred Stones' final release. To disable sleep mode hold L and R.


The small prompt shown by the Manual Suspend command.

Save 記録, opens another small menu that when selected makes a manual suspend save. Doing this creates a save that can be loaded from the Manual Continue option detailed above.

Quick debug menus

These menus are debug menus for more specific actions than the general debug menu detailed above, they are slightly convoluted to access due to what seems to be a conflict in priority with button presses. Accessing these menus requires the select button to be held, however, there is another function to the select button that overrides this button combination. To circumvent this issue, bring up the minimap by pressing start, then hold select and dismiss the minimap, with select still being held. This puts the select button properly in 'held' state.

Unit debug menu

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Using the menu on Ephraim.

Hold select and press start twice over any unit on the map to access this menu. This menu allows the unit's current (non max) HP to be modified, their AI to be modified, all their stats capped, and various status effects can be applied.

Unit debug status screen

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Page 1 of Eirika's stats.

This unit screen is accessed by holding select and then pressing R over a unit. This brings up an alternate 3-page unit stat screen. This screen contains stats that can be seen in the regular stat screen as well as things that cannot be seen, such as the units possible support partners and their support points. Also somewhat notable is that a units B/W/L ratio can be viewed here, but it is absent from the regular stat screen for some reason. The meaning of some of the values are currently unknown.

Page 1

This page is mostly equivalent to page one of the regular stat screen. Unit stats are on the left, items in their inventory are on the upper right.

Page 2

Page 2 of Eirika's stats.

Support information, generic units have a mostly blank screen here. If the R button is pressed on page 2, the unit's support points can be modified directly. To actually activate a support conversation the points must be one point under the next rank.

Page 3

Page 3 of Eirika's stats.

Chapter debug menu

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The menu open.

Hold select and press start twice over an empty space on the map to access this menu. This small menu allows the turn count to manually be altered. The two other options enable and disable Computer control of enemy and NPC units.


During a chapter, hold R, and B, then press select twice to skip to the end of chapter events.