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Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade pre-release information/Gallery

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This page compiles every known early screenshot of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and organizes them by known chronological order. Note that due to the nature of the great age of these materials most of the dates provided here are simply the oldest recorded instances, and may not be accurate to when the screenshots were first actually posted publicly.

January 2001

The earliest known screenshots of the game. The battle screenshot's earliest known date of appearance is January 19th 2001 in a Famitsu preview, and the dialogue's earliest known appearance is January 24th 2001. Additionally, the battle screenshot made an appearance in the February 2001 issue of Nintendo Power.

July 2001

These screenshots originate from a July 27th 2001 Famitsu preview.

Feburary 2002

A screenshot of the world map showing an early version of the narration display. Known earliest date is Feburary 27 2002.

April 2002

These screenshots and artwork originate from an interview dated April 19th 2002.

March 2002

This batch of screenshots is known to date from at least March 2002.


Official site

There are no records of exactly when the official site went live so the date of posting for these images from said site are unknown.