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Fire Breath+

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Fire Breath+

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First game

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Breath+ (Japanese: 火炎のブレス Blazing breath) is a breath-type weapon skill introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is a counterpart to weapons like the Steel Sword, in that it is stronger than the most basic weapons, but has no special effects.


Game Icon Type Might Range SP cost Refine cost Prerequisites Unusable by Inheritable Other effects and notes
Is feh skill weapon.png Breaths 8 1 100 -- Fire Breath -- --



Method Data
Unit (★★★) Bantu: Tiki's GuardianCorrin: Fateful PrincessFae: Divine DragonGaron: King of NohrKana: Dragon SpawnNowi: Eternal YouthTiki: Naga's Voice
Unit (★★★★) Ena: Autumn TacticianKana: Rising DragonKana: Rising SunlightKurthnaga: Autumn GoldoanNaga: Harvest DivinityNils: Wandering Star
Unit (★★★★★) Alear: Awoken DivinityAnankos: Seething SilenceCorrin: Bloodbound BeastCorrin: Celestial SorcererCorrin: Child of DuskCorrin: Dream PrinceCorrin: Dream PrincessCorrin: Silent BloodlineCorrin: Starry SeerCorrin: Wailing SoulDheginsea: Harvest GoldoanDuma: God of StrengthDuma: Strength and LoveFae: Childlike DragonFae: Holiday DearIdunn: Dark PriestessIdunn: Divine DemonIdunn: Dragonkin DuoKana: Dragon PrincessLilith: Astral DaughterLilith: Silent BroodlingLumera: In Distant SkiesMedeus: Earth-Dragon KingMila: Goddess of LoveMúspell: Flame GodMúspell: Raging InfernoMyrrh: Adored DragonMyrrh: Great DragonMyrrh: Guardian DragonMyrrh: Spooky MonsterMyrrh: Spring HarmonyNaga: Dragon DivinityNagi: Dragon AvatarNah: Little MissNifl: God of IceNifl: Tropical Ice GodNils: Bright BardNinian: Frozen HeartNinian: Ice-Dragon OracleNinian: Oracle of DestinyRhea: Immaculate OneRhea: Loving MatriarchRhea: Witch of CreationRobin: Fall ReincarnationRobin: Fall VesselRobin: Fell ReincarnationRobin: Fell TacticianRobin: Fell VesselSeiros: Saint of LegendSothis: Bound-Spirit DuoSothis: Girl on the ThroneSothis: Silver SpecterTiki: Awakened BloodTiki: Beachside ScionTiki: Bridal ReflectionsTiki: Dragon ScionTiki: Fated DivinityTiki: Harmonic HopeTiki: Legendary DragonTiki: Torpid DragonYmir: Life-Mother

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Fire Breath




Blazing Breath


Aliento de fuego +

Fire breath; abbreviated as A. de fuego +.

(Latin America)

Soplo de fuego +

Fire breath +


Souffle brûlant +

Burning breath +



Fire breath+


Soffio di fuoco+

Fire breath+


Sopro de fogo+

Fire brath+

Traditional Chinese


Blazing breath

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