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Field of the Eagle and Lion/Script (Blue Lions)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Wyvern Moon

Field of the Eagle and Lion

Opening Narration FETH Blue Lions symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 7 mural.png
From on high, flocks of wyverns roar in chorus and soar the pristine skies, heading south for the winter. Fódlan's children lend their hands to winter preparations by gathering firewood and catching fish from the rivers' cool waters. Yet all the while their gazes are turned skyward, drawn to the magnificent sight above.
— Chapter 7 opening narration

Event - Battle of the Eagle and Lion

Date: 10/4
Reception Hall

(Byleth is standing along with Dimitri and Dedue.)
Dimitri: The Battle of the Eagle and Lion is finally upon us! This is our chance to show off the results of your expert training, Professor.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Battle of the Eagle and Lion? It slipped my mind.
Dimitri: Have Lady Rhea and Seteth really not filled you in? Well, if that's the case, I'm happy to explain. (Support points with Dimitri go down.)
Dimitri: Haha, I highly doubt that. If you don't mind, I'd be happy to explain.

Dimitri: The Battle of the Eagle and Lion takes place every year during the Wyvern Moon. It can best be described as a mock battle between the three houses.
Dedue: Much like the one we had during the Great Tree Moon. Do you remember, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Yes, I remember. I remember our celebration most of all.
(Support points with Dimitri go up.)
Dimitri: It was certainly an unforgettable time. I've never seen anyone put away as much victory food as you did that night, Professor!

Dimitri: This battle will take place in Empire territory, at Gronder Field. In other words, far removed from the monastery. It's a mock battle between the three houses. The house that defeats the most opponents wins.
Dedue: Your Highness, if the rumors are true, I believe Professor Manuela and Professor Hanneman will not be joining us.
Dimitri: Ah, yes, right you are. Given recent events, Professor Manuela has opted to sit this one out. Since she won't be present, Professor Hanneman has decided to skip this year as well.

Choice 1 Choice 2
In that case, I must sit out too. What should I do?
(Support points with Manuela go up.)

(Manuela and Hanneman join Byleth.)
Manuela: Oh, don't worry about us. You know you wanna see the kids in action.
Dimitri: Professor Manuela! Are you feeling better already?
Manuela: Thanks to all of you. But I'd only be a burden out there. My students don't need to see me collapsed. Well, not on the battlefield, anyway.
Dedue: In that case, perhaps it is best that you sit this one out.
Hanneman: Correct, we will not be participating. Regardless, do not expect victory to come easily. Or at all.
Manuela: Well put. We've spent the past few months pushing our students to their limits. You can see me in the infirmary after they destroy you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
If I'm the only professor present... This doesn't seem fair...
(Support points with Manuela go down.) (Support points with Hanneman go up.)
Manuela: Oh my, look at you. If you're as confident as all that, my students will walk all over you.

Hanneman: We have taught our students well. There is no need to hold back. Challenge them with everything you have!

Exploration: Field of the Eagle and Lion

Potential Dates: 10/5, 10/12, 10/19 and 10/26

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Event - Field of Three

Date: 10/27
Gronder Field (Empire Territory)

(Byleth, the Blue Lions and Flayn are reunited at Gronder Field, pumped for the upcoming battle.)
Dimitri: So, this is to be our battlefield...Gronder Field. Are you feeling confident, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
Very. I'm not so sure.
(Support points with Dimitri go up.)
Dimitri: Excellent. That's most reassuring.
(Support points with Dimitri go down.)
Dimitri: We've seen your power firsthand, so we know better than anyone what you're capable of. Beyond that, we believe in you. If it's not too big a burden, I ask that you believe in us as well.

Dimitri: We can win. I'm sure of it. After all, it's not as though we've spent the last half-year sitting idle. And I'm feeling stronger this moon. As though I could conquer a thousand opponents all on my own.

Choice 1 Choice 2
That's reassuring. Don't get carried away...
(Support points with Dimitri go up.)
Dimitri: You can depend on me. I hope you know that.
Dimitri: I'm only joking, of course... But perhaps it isn't a laughing matter. I beg your forgiveness. I must practice levity so that I can provide a more enjoyable joke when the opportunity next presents itself. After all, I hear that telling jokes is a good way to calm the nerves before heading into battle. Still...I find it quite difficult.

Dimitri: Well, it's about time for the battle to begin. Everyone, brace yourselves.
Felix: Hmph. All I'm worried about is finding someone worthy to cross swords with.
Mercedes: We've prepared and trained a great deal. We should be fine, right?
Annette: You're always so carefree, Mercie! Don't forget we need to try our hardest out there so we can win!
Ashe: This is our chance to show how hard we've been working. Let's do our best!
Sylvain: If I emerge victorious in the lauded Battle of the Eagle and Lion, the ladies are sure to take notice. I'll have to go into hiding.
Ingrid: Ugh, is that all you think about? Actually, so long as you try your hardest, frame it however you like.
Flayn: Haha, I shall give it my all!
Dedue: No matter the battle, I will never falter.
Dimitri: We're counting on your guidance, Professor. Let's show the world what the Blue Lions are made of!

Battle: Battle of the Eagle and Lion

Before Battle

Dimitri: The Battle of the Eagle and Lion is set to begin at long last. Everyone, show off the results of your dedicated training!

Claude: Remember, we're not just fighting for honor. There's a prize at stake!

Edelgard: It's almost time to begin. Steel yourselves, everyone.

Movie - The Battle

Ss fe16 the battle icon.png

A flying eagle cries as the camera focuses on Gronder Field. Rhea and Seteth are seen standing on a cliff with soldiers holding the banner of the Knights of Seiros. Trumpets begin playing.

On the side of the Blue Lions, Dimitri advances between his soldiers and lifts his lance, pointing towards the other classes.

Dimitri: You all should know... I am not about to go easy on you today.

On the side of the Golden Deer, Claude walks forward among his soldiers as well, resting his bow on his shoulders.

Claude: As long as we can pull off the win, it doesn't matter how.

Finally, on the Black Eagles's side, Edelgard is seen standing among her troops, flicking her hair as she begins to speak.

Edelgard: Our victory must be matter what it may take.

The Black Eagle's soldiers draw their swords.

The camera then focuses on Byleth as they raise the Sword of the Creator and are distracted by something flying over them. Seteth is then shown as he speaks.

Seteth: It is time.

A Church Soldier raises a flag. The scene then returns to Edelgard, liftting her hand as she makes a commanding gesture.)

Edelgard: Forward! now!

The Black Eagle soldiers run foward and yell.

Dimitri lifts his lance into the air, then lowers it and points foward.

Dimitri: For honor!

The Blue Lion soldiers too yell as they run foward.

Claude simply lifts his arm, commanding the Golden Deer soldiers to attack.

From their cliff, Rhea and Seteth stand in silence and watch. The Battle of the Eagle and Lion has begun.

Black Eagles are Engaged First

Claude: The Black Eagles and Blue Lions are fighting... Maybe we can sneak right past them.

Lorenz Begins Moving

Lorenz: A stronghold for me to seize? Splendid!

Claude: There goes Lorenz, acting on his own... Guess we've got no choice but to capture the central hill and cover him!

Blue Lions Capture the Central Hill

Claude: Who told you jump out there? Now we've got no choice. Capture the central hill!

Boss - Claude

Vs Byleth:

This is a great chance for me to find out if the Sword of the Creator really is all it's cracked up to be. On that note, you'd better not surrender too quickly!
— Claude Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Claude: Hey, Your Royalness! If you promise to let me have the prize, I'll let you take the honor of victory. Do we have a deal?
Dimitri: Enough of your foolishness! I— Wait a moment. You are trying to anger me, is that it?
Claude: Saw right through me, did you? Well, if there's no deal, I'll just have to win this thing fair and square!
Dimitri: I will happily face you, here and now. Do not hold back, Claude!

— Claude Vs Dimitri

Defeat Quote:

If Claude is the last Golden Deer standing
I hate to say it, but it seems we're at a stalemate. Looks like the Golden Deer won't be winning this round...
— Claude's defeat quote
If Claude is not the last Golden Deer standing
Sorry, but it's about time I make my exit... The rest of you...please, finish the job!
— Claude's defeat quote

Boss - Edelgard

Vs Byleth:

How far can I push myself with you as my foe... This will be a great chance to test our mettle. Do not underestimate me, Professor, or you will fail.
— Edelgard Vs Byleth

Vs Dimitri:

Dimitri: So, it is time to cross blades... I never imagined such a day would come to pass.
Edelgard: If the Empire and the Kingdom go to war, we'll be able to fight as much as we please.
Dimitri: I am sorry, but that is not something to joke about. The thought of fighting you is troubling at best.
Edelgard: In that case, I wonder when you'll be able to stomach facing me in battle... Do you need a few moments?

— Edelgard Vs Dimitri

Defeat Quote:

If Edelgard is the last Black Eagle standing
I hate to admit it...but it seems this is as far as the Black Eagle House goes.
— Edelgard's defeat quote
If Edelgard is not the last Black Eagle standing
I'm sorry, but I must retreat... You should have no trouble winning. Don't give up!
— Edelgard's defeat quote

The Blue Lions Win

Seteth: That is the end of this year's Battle of the Eagle and Lion! And the winners are... The Blue Lions!

If the Blue Lions got more KOs than the other two houses

Dimitri: We won! And judging by our performance, I'm certain we have earned the prize, as well.

However, if the Blue Lions got less KOs than the other two houses

Dimitri: It was a harder fight than I expected, but we managed a win. Thank goodness.

Event - Commendable Effort

Claude: Well done, Your Princeliness. I'm certainly not in any hurry to get on your bad side.
Edelgard: I assumed you would attack us head-on. I clearly need to rethink my opinion of you. Well done, Dimitri.
Dimitri: You both deserve equal praise for a battle well fought. All three houses did extremely well.
(Dimitri then looks at Byleth)
Dimitri: Don't you agree, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
The Black Eagle House was very strong. The Golden Deer House was very strong. They were nothing.
(Support points with Edelgard go up.)
Edelgard: Not strong enough, clearly. If there's ever a next time, know that I plan to wipe that smile from your face.
(Support points with Claude go up.)
Claude: It's an honor to hear that from a fighter such as yourself! But there's no getting around it. The Blue Lions were better prepared.
(Support points with Dimitri go up.)
Dimitri: It only seemed that way because of the caliber of your command. Even now, we must not allow ourselves to become complacent.

Claude: In any case, I hope the day never comes when we have to put this experience to use.
Edelgard: I wouldn't mind. I'll accept a challenge from either of you at any time. Heh, I'm kidding, of course!
Dimitri: That is nothing to joke about. The true Battle of the Eagle and Lion is best left in the past. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually change the name of this mock battle.

Choice 1 Choice 2
I hope so Let's do our best to get along.

Claude: How admirable, Teach! On that note, I have a proposition. When we get back to Garreg Mach, let's have a grand feast to bring down the walls between our respective houses.
Claude: And by a "grand" feast, I mean a fairly regular feast in the dining hall.
Edelgard: You really value that kind of thing, don't you? Well, I suppose no harm can come from it. Count me in.
Dimitri: I have no objections either. And you, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I'm looking forward to it. We'll celebrate our victory.
Dimitri: Oh! Well, I'm not sure that's the point... Uh, Professor? Was that...a joke?

(Claude silently chuckles.)
(Dimitri then directs to Byleth.)
Dimitri: You look so...happy. I love seeing you like this. I suppose that look on your face is just another boon from this glorious day. Perhaps the best one of all.

Event - Trust in the Professor

Entrance Hall

(The Blue Lions are celebrating their victory.)
Dimitri: I had a wonderful time today, Professor. As usual, I was astonished by how much you ate in the name of celebration!
Dimitri: Really, though, I must thank you again. Our victory in the Battle of the Eagle and Lion was thanks, in no small part, to you.

Choice 1 Choice 2
We all did our part. I agree.
(Support points with Dimitri go up.)
Dimitri: Yes, that is true, but it was your instruction that allowed us to reach our full potential.
Dimitri: That's the spirit! There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your own strengths every now and then.

Dimitri: I feel silly admitting this now, but when you first came to lead our unnerved me. You never smiled, and you never showed anger either. And yet, you didn't appear to be suppressing your emotions. They just...weren't there.
Dimitri: At first I thought perhaps you just didn't care for us, but I soon concluded that wasn't the case at all. For the longest time I just couldn't tell what you were thinking. It was though you had no humanity whatsoever...
(Byleth is taken aback by Dimitri's comments.)

Choice 1 Choice 2
That stings. And now?

Dimitri: You're different now. In the half-year we've spent together, I've seen the glow of humanity in your eyes and in your actions countless times. I am truly grateful to have had the chance to spend this time with you, Professor.

(Just then, the rest of the Blue Lions gather around Byleth.)

If Byleth is Male If Byleth is Female

Sylvain: What are you two talking about? How dare you get chummy without us!

(Dedue's not amused by Sylvain's attitude.)
Dimitri: That's enough, Sylvain.
Mercedes: Oh please, I would love to join you as well! I have so many things I wish to talk to you about, Professor.
Annette: Oh, me too! I have so much to tell you! And I want to thank you too.
Ashe: Honestly, Professor? I was only able to achieve so much because you were with us.
Ingrid: Ashe is right. You're irreplaceable to us, Professor.
Annette: Yes, that! Without you, the Blue Lions... Well, we wouldn't even be the Blue Lions at all! Except for the blue part. Because we'd be sad.
Felix: I suppose...there are worse things than fighting at your side.
Flayn: I have had the opportunity to experience much. Please allow me to offer you my gratitude once more, Professor.
Dimitri: You have our trust, Professor. As well as our admiration. I look forward to spending the rest of the year with you.

As do I.

Dimitri: Good. Then let's give it our all this year! Anyhow... It's getting late. We had better return to our quarters and get some rest.

Event - Report: Wyvern Moon

Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: You fought bravely during the Battle of the Eagle and Lion.

If the Blue Lions got 12 KOs in Battle of the Eagle and Lion Otherwise

Rhea: I can only call your deeds during the Battle of the Eagle and Lion...quite versatile.
Seteth: Comparing against their performance in the mock battle of the Great Tree Moon, the students have grown significantly. It is clear that this is a result of your guidance.
Rhea: In appreciation of your efforts, and to show our high hopes for the future of your students, I award you with this.

(A Blessed Lance is added into Byleth's inventory at the end of the event.)

Rhea: Please continue to instruct your students as a model teacher.
Sothis: So! You've made good use of all my power after all. I would have been upset if you had failed at such an easy task!
Seteth: It pains me to assign such a disturbing mission to you during such a blessed moment in time... However, next month your assignment will be to journey to Remire Village to investigate an abnormal occurrence there.
Sothis: Remire Village... If I recall, you've been there with your father many times.

An abnormal occurrence?

Seteth: I have yet to ascertain the details, but it would seem the villages have been acting strangely. I have already dispatched the knights to verify the authenticity of this information. They should be back shortly. I suggest you begin by finding out what they have discovered.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)
Rhea: I pray this is not a bad omen... May the goddess protect you all.