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Field of Revenge/Script

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Field of Revenge

Opening Narration FETH Adrestia banner.png

Cg fe16 great tree moon mural part 2.png
With the capture of Arianrhod complete, the Imperial army moves to invade the Kingdom capital. They plot to send troops toward now vulnerable Fraldarius territory and plan to attack Fhirdiad from two sides.
— Chapter 17 opening narration

Event - Preparing for the End

Date: 4/3
Royal Castle (Fhirdiad, The Kingdom Capital)

(In Fhirdiad, the recent news have already reached the King of Faerghus and Archbishop...)
Dimitri: So... Arianrhod has fallen.
Dimitri: Rodrigue, Felix, Ingrid... I swear that I will not allow your death(s) to be in vain...
Rhea: The scouts have just now returned. It seems the Imperial army is marching toward the Kingdom capital.
(Rhea then looks at Faerghus's King.)
Rhea: Are you certain about this, Dimitri? As king, do you think it wise to intercept them yourself?
Dimitri: No need to worry yourself. Even if I am defeated, the Blaiddyd bloodline will live on. And the Kingdom's territory has never been rich in resources. If the castle falls under siege, our loss is inevitable.
Dimitri: I will deploy my army onto the plains and wait for the enemy. Please position your forces so that they can flank the Imperial army.
Rhea: Yes, given the present situation, making the plains our battlefield is a logical choice.
Rhea: I have no objection. However...
(Dimitri reassures the Archbishop.)
Dimitri: There is only one person I am after. I have no interest in any other prey.
Rhea: I will take you at your word. Erasing the other child's existence is my task, and mine alone.
(Rhea then prays at the sky.)
Rhea: I will get you back, Mother... I promise...


(Meanwhile, back in Garreg Mach, Edelgard, Hubert and Byleth discuss the upcoming campaign.)
Hubert: What do you think, Lady Edelgard? Will they shut themselves inside of Fhirdiad?
Edelgard: They will try to intercept us. Of course, Fhirdiad will not fall so easily. Even so...
Edelgard: If we were to cut off their supply with a large army, it would eventually fall. It makes much more sense for them to wager everything on a victory at the Tailtean Plains.

The Tailtean Plains...

Edelgard: The same plains where the so-called divine Seiros defeated Nemesis, the King of Liberation, in a comeback victory over 1,000 years ago. And about 400 years ago, the hero Loog created the Kingdom by defeating the emperor of the time on those very plains.
Edelgard: Their goal must be to recreate that scene.
Hubert: Yes, I suppose so.
Hubert: Although the Imperial army is powerful, if we were to compare the strength of our best to the best of the Knights of Seiros, we would likely come up short. The Kingdom's army and House Blaiddyd are also renowned for their unmatched persistence. On the battlefield, it can be assumed that their one and only goal will be to strike you down.
Edelgard: Are you telling me to stay off the battlefield?
Hubert: Naturally. You are their aim, Your Majesty. You must know it only makes sense to keep you out of their reach.
Edelgard: And you must know that, at a time like this, I absolutely cannot withdraw.
Hubert: Of course I know that. That is why I will refrain from asking you again to stay away from the battlefield.
Edelgard: The Immaculate One, descendants of the 10 Elites, and other extremely fearsome foes await us. But with the help of our friends, we have a chance of defeating them. We're the only ones who can.
Edelgard: Within our group, I am included among those with the kind of strength we need to win. I absolutely will not remove myself from the front lines.
(Edelgard looks at Byleth.)
Edelgard: Professor you have that same strength as well, whether or not you realize it yet.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Of course. I will protect you.
Edelgard: As emperor, I must not die in this war, and it would be unacceptable to lose you as well. (Support points with Edelgard go up.)
Edelgard: Please, don't get yourself killed trying to protect me.

Edelgard: Until the very end, we'll survive this trial together. Understood?
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Exploration: Field of Revenge

Potential Dates: 4/5, 4/12, 4/19 and 4/26

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Narration - Combat at Tailtean Plains

With Arianrhod now behind them, the Black Eagle Strike Force marches north to Fhirdiad. They plan for the Imperial army stationed in former Alliance territory to take over Fraldarius Land so they are able to attack Fhirdiad from two directions. King Dimitri anticipates the Imperial army's strategy, leading the Kingdom army and Rhea's Knights of Seiros out of Fhirdiad, and prepares to intercept the Imperial army at the Tailtean Plains.
— Introduction to Combat at Tailtean Plains

Event - Field of Revenge

Date: 4/29
Tailtean Plains

(It's Tailtean Plains. It's all cloudy and heavily raining.)
(The camera focuses on Rhea and the Church army as she looks at the sky.)
(She wears a special attire for this occasion, making her look eerily similar to an ancient saint of old...)

Rhea: Mother... Oddly the rain has come to fall yet again.
Rhea: At this place, once again... I will fight to take you back... The one who keeps me from seeing you again... I will be sure to return them to the earth from whence they came.
Rhea: The foolish descendant of Hresvelg who bares her fangs at me will suffer the same fate...
Church Soldier: Lady Rhea...
Rhea: Call me Seiros now.
Rhea: I am no longer the archbishop, but rather a warrior.
Church Soldier: Yes, Lady Seiros.
Church Soldier: Because of the rain, we have not yet confirmed the position of our enemy or of the Kingdom army...
Rhea: Search the route to Fhirdiad. It is unlikely that they have strayed far from it.
Rhea: When you discover the Imperial army's main force, commence the attack. If the Kingdom's army has already engaged, flank the enemy as planned.
Church Soldier: As you wish.
(The Church Soldiers walk off as Rhea remains...)

Rhea: Wait for me, dear child... I will be paying you a visit soon...

(Rhea closes her eyes, then slowly rises them as she speaks.)

Rhea: When this sword has been plunged into your chest... Yes, that is the very moment I have long for...

(Meanwhile, on another side of the plains, the Kingdom army...)

Dimitri: I was hoping they would strike the church first... We must have miscalculated the rate of their advance.
Dimitri: Reorganize the formation. We have no choice but to buy time until the church arrives. It will be a long battle...
(Dimitri's soldiers leave upon receiving their orders. Then, Dimitri then looks at his retainer.)
Dimitri: Are you afraid, Dedue?
Dedue: No. So long as I am at your side, there is nothing to fear.
Dimitri: I can always rely on you. Just watch, my friend... We will prevail. I will not fail to get revenge for all who have fallen.
Dedue: I would follow you anywhere, Your Majesty. Good luck out there.
Dimitri: You as well, Dedue. You as well.

(Dimitri leaves.)

Dedue: Your Majesty... For you, I will...

(Dedue walks off as well.)

(In the meantime, the Imperial army arrives at the plains...)

Edelgard: A flag of blue is flapping in the rain... It must be the Kingdom army.
Hubert: Yes. It seems that King Dimitri is leading the troops himself. However, the Knights of Seiros have yet to be seen. Perhaps they have split up.
Edelgard: I can't imagine that Dimitri would leave the capital to the church and face us with the Kingdom army alone. He must be planning to use the church to gain the upper hand in battle.
(Edelgard looks at the weather...)
Edelgard: With the rain, that must be difficult to coordinate... Still, the Knights of Seiros must be around here somewhere.
Hubert: Then we should be on alert for attacks from the side and rear as well. Inform the entire army.
Imperial Soldier: Yes, sir!
(The Adrestian Soldier leaves.)

Hubert: Now that I think about it, the Kingdom's Army is quite different than it once was.
Hubert: They have taken a position of interception. In the past, the king would have introduced himself before beginning a fair fight.
Edelgard: A fair fight... The words alone remind me of how he once was. Don't you agree, Professor?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Who might that be? Dimitri? Claude?*
Edelgard: Oh, have you forgotten already? Dimitri often spoke of such things back at the monastery. Edelgard: Yes. He often spoke of such things back at the monastery. Edelgard: Of all the people in the world, why would talk of a "fair fight" remind you of Claude?
Edelgard: I'm talking about Dimitri. Have you forgotten? He often spoke of such things back at the monastery.

Hubert: Well, at the present, the words "fair fight" do not seem to suit Dimitri anymore.
Hubert: He dislikes making victims of his friends, but other than that, he will do most anything these days... If he stops at nothing to continue the onslaught, I cannot imagine what will become of the battlefield.
Edelgard: True. As soon as we can take our battle formation, we must advance.
(The Emperor's eyes grow fierce...)
Edelgard: Dimitri, that past you cling to... I will soon free you from it.

Battle: Combat at Tailtean Plains

Before Battle

Dimitri: Ah, here you are, your eternal resting place. You have trampled and stolen and blinded yourself to the truth. Today, I will have vengeance for all you have done!

Edelgard: With this battle, the main force of the Kingdom will be annihilated! Leave no enemy general alive. Least of all King Dimitri!

Player Phase 1

Hubert: We are uncertain of the enemy's plans, so let us advance our troops with caution. The Knights of Seiros have yet to show themselves. They will join the battle at some point. Be ready.

Enemy Phase 1

If Sylvain wasn't recruited Otherwise

If an enemy Felix and/or Ingrid fell in Chapter 16 Otherwise

Sylvain: Don't let this chance for vengeance go to waste!

Kingdom Soldier: Glory to the flag of the knights! Good fortune to His Majesty! Faerghus... Graaaaargh!
(A strange aura bursts from the Kingdom Soldier, revealing a Demonic Beast has taken their place...?)

Hubert: What the— That Kingdom soldier just changed into a Demonic Beast. Did Thales... No. This is something simpler.

(The camera then returns to Dimitri...)
Dimitri: This is the work of a Crest Stone... But why...

Dedue: I gave them Crest Stones from the castle vaults.
(Dimitri is utterly perplexed by Dedue's answer.)
Dimitri: You fool! Why did you do that?
Dedue: If we lose here, the Kingdom falls. It's our only hope.
Dimitri: You call this hope?! Well, we must now claim victory so their deaths were not in vain.
(Dimitri has begrudgingly resigned himself to his predicament.)
Dedue: Yes, Your Majesty. I am with you.

If a Second Enemy Soldier Transforms

Hubert: This battle may turn against us if we allow any more of them to transform. We don't know which soldiers have Crest Stones. We must do away with all of them, and quickly.

Kingdom Reinforcements Arrive

If Mercedes wasn't recruited Otherwise

(Mercedes arrives with reinforcements.)
Mercedes: Don't worry, everyone! The reinforcements have arrived!

Edelgard: Reinforcements... We're in danger. We must defeat the enemy's generals before we're overwhelmed.

Church Reinforcements Arrive

(Rhea arrives to the map from the west and southern side along with Church Soldiers and Altered Golems.)
Rhea: How could I be late, when I finally have the opportunity to destroy the fallen one? This is the lamentation of my mother... Observe. I shall not fail in restoring balance.

If Dedue Transforms

Dedue: It is time.
Dedue: Your Majesty... I will avenge your father. You are the one true king...Dimitri.
Dedue: Grr... Grrrr!

(Dedue transforms into a Stone Demonic Beast.)

Dimitri: Dedue! I will fight by your side until the bitter end... As long as I am with you, this lance of mine will know nothing of defeat!

Boss - Sylvain

Vs Anyone:

So what are you waiting for? Let's finish this today.
— Sylvain Vs Anyone

Vs Male Byleth:

Professor! Has it really been five years? We ought to raise a glass to the occasion. Celebrate your return. Nah, I'd rather commemorate it with your death.
— Sylvain Vs Male Byleth

Vs Female Byleth:

Professor, there's something I should admit. I've got some regrets about how our lives have gone. I should have made a proper attempt to woo you before now. Instead, I have to kill you.
— Sylvain Vs Female Byleth

Vs Ingrid:

Sylvain: Stand down, Ingrid. I know you don't want to die here.
Ingrid: I will not. I'll never ally myself with the likes of you.
Sylvain: Stubborn as ever. I always did like that about you.
Ingrid: And you never cease to amaze me with your false flattery. Don't waste your breath.

— Sylvain Vs Ingrid

Vs Felix:

Sylvain: Hey, Felix? Remember when we were kids and we made a promise about dying together?
Felix: I remember.
Sylvain: Well, seems we're about to kill each other.
Felix: Sorry, Sylvain. You'll die first.

— Sylvain Vs Felix

Death Quote:

Sylvain: I was such a fool. Forgive me, Your Majesty. I'm...going on...ahead.

Dimitri: Thank you, Sylvain. Until we meet again on the other side...

— Sylvain's Death Quote

Boss - Mercedes

Vs Anyone:

It makes me so sad to fight against you, but I suppose that's how things go when you're at war. Why follow an emperor who would start such a war?
— Mercedes Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I'm sorry, Professor. I can't join you... There are important things I must stay and protect.
— Mercedes Vs Byleth

Vs Annette:

Annette: Mercie...
Mercedes: Now, now, Annie. There's no need for that. This is a battlefield, after all.
Annette: I'm so sorry... You know that, don't you? And also know that you don't have to forgive me...
Mercedes: I was going to say the same thing. I'm so sorry if I cause you any pain.

— Mercedes Vs Annette

Vs Jeritza:

Jeritza: Step back, Mercedes.
Mercedes: I won't. This is the path I have chosen. It's the same for you too, Emile. Is it not? Someday, we may meet again in another life. Whenever that happens, I hope that we'll remain side by side, always...
Jeritza: My dear sister... I am sorry.

— Mercedes Vs Jeritza

Vs Constance:

Constance: I cannot accept this! How dare they pit us against each other!
Mercedes: Then you should retreat, Constance. You know that I feel the same... I don't want to have to kill you.
Constance: I am sorry. There are things that I must see through, even if it means striking you down!
Mercedes: And so it is. We cannot go back to how things once were...

— Mercedes Vs Constance

Vs Death Quote:

Mercedes: I'm...I'm sorry, Dimitri... I can't seem to stay...on my feet.

Dimitri: Forgive me, Mercedes. Were it not for me, you wouldn't have gotten caught up in all this, and you might still be alive...

— Mercedes's Death Quote

Boss - Dedue

If Dedue hasn't transformed...

Vs Anyone:

You will never understand the burden His Majesty carries on his shoulders!
— Dedue Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

It is a shame. I really believed you would come to appreciate His Majesty's perspective.
— Dedue Vs Byleth

Defeat Quote:

Dedue: Your must survive...

Dimitri: Dedue... You fought well, my friend.

— Dedue's Defeat Quote
If Dedue has transformed...

Death Quote:

Stone Demonic Beast: Urghh...

Dimitri: Dedue... You fool..

— Dedue's Death Quote as a Stone Demonic Beast

Boss - Dimitri

Vs Anyone:

You will not kill one more soul. You will not steal one more thing. I will not allow it. Here and now, I stand against you!
— Dimitri Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Why did you choose Edelgard, Professor? Why did you choose to walk this savage, bloody path? I cannot shake this feeling of regret... Regret that I must kill you now.
— Dimitri Vs Byleth

Vs Edelgard:

Dimitri: Must you continue to conquer? Continue to kill?
Edelgard: Must you continue to reconquer? Continue to kill in retaliation? I will not stop. There is nothing I would not sacrifice to cut a path to Fódlan's new dawn!
Dimitri: Enough of this madness! This future of yours is built on a foundation of corpses and tears!

— Dimitri Vs Edelgard

Vs Former Blue Lions:

Against any former Blue Lion student...
Not only have you become the emperor's lap dog, but you have turned against your own people. From the depths of hell, you will regret tainting the land of Faerghus!
— Dimitri Vs Former Blue Lions
If the student also happens to be Felix...
Dimitri: You killed Rodrigue...your own father, Felix.
Felix: I said I'd cut down anyone who stood in my way. Even my father. Even my friends.
Dimitri: I see. That was all I needed to hear to finally work up the resolve to kill you.

— Dimitri Vs Felix

Defeat Quote:

Dimitri: No! Not yet... I can't die just yet...

Dedue: Fall back, Your Majesty! We cannot lose you!
Sylvain: Dimitri, you idiot! Retreat! Wait, your injury... No!
Rhea: No... It can't be... There is no retreat for the Knights of Seiros! Fight until none are left standing! Slaughter them all and send them straight to hell!

— Dimitri's Defeat Quote

Boss - Rhea

Vs Anyone:

You are all damned, with no hope of salvation. For the sin of insurgency, you shall be consigned to hell!
— Rhea Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

I once walked this world as Seiros, the warrior... and defeated the Fell King Nemesis. Now, here I stand, facing one who wields the same sword as he... The fate you have chosen is also the same as his... To die in torment upon my sword, as the very lifeblood you have forsaken spills onto the earth!
— Rhea Vs Byleth

Vs Edelgard:

Rhea: An ancestor of the Hresvelgs, who became Adrestia's first emperor... He saved me. Supported me. Gave his all to the cause of defeating Nemesis. That I should find myself here at Tailtean, striking down his scion...
Edelgard: I don't advise presumptions, Rhea. I will not die by your hand.

— Rhea Vs Edelgard

Defeat Quote:

Rhea: How can this be? I lost to that thief?! Unacceptable!
Knight of Seiros: Watch out, Lady Rhea! Please retreat!
Rhea: Gyhh!
(Rhea and all Church Soldiers retreat.)

Dimitri: The Church of Seiros has fallen back, but we have no such luxury. Everyone, fight for your lives! Victory to Faerghus!

— Rhea's Defeat Quote

Event - The Kingdom Capital

If Dedue fell as a Stone Demonic Beast. If Dedue fell as a Fortress Knight.

(Dimitri's figure is seen under dark rainclouds, sparsely reaching the light coming from the stormy sky above as the rain falls.)

(Meanwhile, while Edelgard is being fully basked by the light as she hold her axe, her lower half is more covered by darkness.)

Cg fe16 edelgard about to strike down dimitri.png

Dimitri: Edelgard! You... I will kill you!
Dimitri: You will know the regret of my father, who was killed for you! Of my stepmother, who was slain by her own daughter!
Dimitri: You will bow your head before all the lives you trampled for your ideals before you die in misery!

Edelgard: Your obsession with me is appalling. If you were a normal human, you would most certainly have died already.
Edelgard: Farewell, King of Delusion.
Edelgard: If only we were born in a time of peace, you might have lived a joyful life as a benevolent ruler.

(As the screen turns dark, Dimitri can be heard coughing...)

Dimitri: To the fires of eternity with you...El...

(A swing of a weapon is heard...)

(The rain has stopped on Tailtean Plains.)
Church Soldier: Lady Rhea! King Dimitri has fallen in battle! The Kingdom's army has retreated! It is impossible to preserve the front line!
Rhea: Gah... Everyone withdraw immediately! Fall back to Fhirdiad! The goddess is watching over us! If we hold strong we will surely be saved!
Church Soldier: Understood! Retreat!
(The Church Soldiers flee back to Fhirdiad, leaving Rhea alone...)

Rhea: Why do you insist on being such a loathsome obstacle... You stole my mother's heart and wield the Sword of the Creator. Just like that savage King Nemesis...
Rhea: I swear...with these very hands...
(The camera showcases the plains' horizon.)
Rhea: I will take her back... Until then, wait for me, dear Mother...

(Meanwhile, at the other side of the battlefield...)

Edelgard: Rhea... She is our enemy, but I must admit that she plays her cards magnificently.
Hubert: You mean using the goddess's name in order to boost morale?
Edelgard: That's true, but she also shows great skill in devising her tactics.
Edelgard: Using the bewildered Kingdom army as a shield while she and the knights retreated... If they ran all the way back to Fhirdiad, it will be very difficult to pursue them.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Can we defeat them? Next time, we will end this.
Edelgard: If you're low on confidence, Professor, I'll put an end to this myself.
Edelgard: Actually...that's what I'd like to say, but in truth I hope to confront them with you at my side.
Edelgard: Yes. Together, we'll end this once and for all.

Edelgard: For all of the lives lost in battle, by our allies and foes alike...
(Edelgard lowers her head...)
Edelgard: And for Dimitri, as well...

For Dimitri?

Edelgard: Yes. The thirst for revenge that imprisoned him was the result of my uncle's strategy. He believed that I was the cause of everything...and he lost sight of his path as king.
Edelgard: There was nothing I could do to save him. And so, the very least I could do was—
(Edelgard covers her eyes with her hands...)

Are you crying?

(Edelgard quickly opens her eyes again.)
Edelgard: No. The Edelgard who shed tears died many years ago.
Edelgard: Everything that's's all just part of the ebb and flow of history. The Tragedy of Duscur, our days at the academy, Father's death, and the five years you were gone... After all of that, at long last, we're here at this point in time. I hope you'll stay by my side until the very end.
Edelgard: It's time for humanity to take this world back.
(Byleth nods. They're determined to bring an end to this conflict.)