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Felicia/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

Sorry, I can't really chat right now. Laundry and chores are backing up!
— Felicia, when spoken to at My Castle.
You make everything look so easy. How do you do it?
— Felicia, when spoken to at My Castle.
Lady/Lord Corrin, I can never express how grateful I am to you.
— Felicia, when spoken to at My Castle.
I'm actually more confident on the battlefield than I am in the kitchen.
— Felicia, when spoken to at My Castle.
How are you today, Lord/Lady Corrin? Please let me know if you need anything.
— Felicia, when spoken to at My Castle.
Dearest Corrin, thank you for everything that you do.
— Felicia, when spoken to at My Castle if she is married to Corrin.
What a fun surprise to run into you like this! How are you doing?
— Felicia, when spoken to at My Castle if she is married to Corrin.
Oh, we have a visitor? My apologies–I'll get started on some tea!
— Felicia, when visiting another castle.
Oh, I'd love to spice up this royal fashion with just the right accessory!
— Felicia, asking for an accessory.
What a darling gift. Thank you, Corrin!
— Felicia, accessory given liked.
Oh, it's beautiful! Thank you, Corrin!
— Felicia, accessory given loved.
On second thought, I'd probably just lose it. Never mind.
— Felicia, being denied an accessory.
Oh, you're so thoughtful! This is the best birthday ever!
— Felicia, receiving an accessory she likes on her birthday.
It's so sweet of you to get me something like this for my birthday! Thank you!
— Felicia receiving an accessory she likes on her birthday if Corrin is married to her.
I'm not sure this is appropriate...
— Felicia, receiving the bath towel accessory.

Event tile and conversation quotes

I feel like I can do anything now
— Felicia, when gaining a surge at My Castle.
I'm never clumsy with my weapon in hand!
— Felicia, when gaining weapon experience at an event tile or My Castle.
Oh, I wish people would clean up after themselves!
— Felicia, when finding an item at an event tile or My Castle.
Who wants fish for dinner? I just need someone else to cook this.
— Felicia, when at the fishing hole.
What do you do like to do when you get a break?
— Felicia, asking someone about their free time.
I spend most of my time just getting better at my job.
— Felicia, answering a question about her free time.
Can I fight by your side in the next battle? I'm stronger than I look!
— Felicia, asking someone about fighting together.
OK! I'll try my best.
— Felicia, answering a question about fighting together.

Mess hall quotes

Are you sure you want me to cook? You might have better luck with raw food...
— Felicia, when on chef duty.
I'll do my best. Wiish me luck!
— Felicia, when given ingredients to make a meal.
I...I think this actually turned out all right. Tell me, what do you think?
— Felicia, after cooking a terrible meal.
Ugh! I had one job!
— Felicia, after cooking an okay or delicious meal.
It tastes fine to me. Which means there's a really big problem...
— Felicia, after eating a terrible meal.
That was good! I wonder if I could make something like that with enough practice...
— Felicia, after eating an okay meal.

Arena quotes

I'm more confident in here than I am in the kitchen, that's for sure.
— Felicia, when selected to fight in the arena.
I'll give it everything I've got!
— Felicia, when supporting a fighter in the arena.
Whoa, we did it! Go, us!
— Felicia, after winning in the arena.

Shop quotes

Nice to see you!
— Felicia, when Corrin arrives at her shop.
Is that all? I'm always happy to help.
— Felicia, when the player decides or declines to do anything else in a shop.
Good luck out there!
— Felicia, when Corrin leaves her shop.
You're so sweet to think of me.
— Felicia, when buying items at a shop.
I hate to be parted from my things. But go ahead.
— Felicia, when selling items at a shop.


Think you'll win anything? Ooh, I'm excited for you, already!
— Felicia, when running the lottery.
Look at that! You won something good! Let me shake your hand!
— Felicia, when the player wins a prize at the lottery.


I'm not sure I should use the forge. I can barely handle a teakettle!
— Felicia, when on duty at the smithy.
I'll get the blacksmith for you...
— Felicia, when forging her own weapon while on duty.
It'd be fun to give a weapon a crazy name!
— Felicia, when one of her weapons is forged.

Hot Spring quotes

Ah! You had the same idea, I see. I'm glad we can spend some time together.
— Felicia, when a female Corrin enters the Hot Spring.
sigh* I could soak here all day... Better not, though, or I might melt.
— Felicia, talking with female Corrin in the Hot Spring.
Lord Corrin?! D-did I enter during the men's time by accident?!
— Felicia, when a male Corrin enters the Hot Spring unmarried.
Gosh...I know it's fine to bathe with your husband, but it still feels odd...
— Felicia, when a male Corrin enters the Hot Spring married.
That's sweet of you to say... Maybe melting wouldn't be such a bad thing.
— Felicia, talking with male Corrin in the Hot Spring.

Private quarters quotes

What did the others say about me this time?
— Felicia, when invited to the private quarters.
Knock, knock! I'm here, Lord/Lady Corrin! I brought you a snack... Oops.
— Felicia, when invited to the private quarters.
Is this about the thing I broke? I am SO sorry!
— Felicia, when invited to the private quarters.
I brought some tea, milord/milady. I just spilled a little bit, but there should be enough left...
— Felicia, when invited to the private quarters if Corrin is married.
Aww, thanks for inviting me over ...and for not asking me to clean your room!
— Felicia, bonding in the private quarters.
Thanks for always being so nice to me... You've never made me feel like a servant.
— Felicia, bonding in the private quarters.
I know we're friends, but I'm still happy to work for you. Call me anytime!
— Felicia, bonding in the private quarters.
I'll always walk by your side. And hopefully not trip you constantly.
— Felicia, bonding in the private quarters.
Welcome back, milord--I mean, dear!
— Felicia, in the private quarters when married to Corrin
I feel like I don't know how to act romantically. Am I doing OK?
— Felicia, when bonding with a male Corrin, if she is married to him.
I love you so much... I'd even learn how to actually cook for you!
— Felicia, when bonding with a male Corrin, if she is married to him.
I have something for you. Close your eyes OK? ... (Giggles) What do you think?
— Felicia, when bonding with a male Corrin, if she is married to him.
Our love is like a fairy tale come true... We get to live happily ever after! I wonder what happens after "happily ever after"?
— Felicia, when bonding with a male Corrin, if she is married to him.
Huh? Oh no! I wanted to be awake when you got here. I'm so sorry.
— Felicia, when woken up gently by Corrin.
Um... if it's OK with you, I'd like you to stay a little longer...
— Felicia, in the private quarters, when married to Corrin.

Battle quotes

Flora: So… they sent you to face me.
Felicia: Sister, I'm here to talk you out of this madness. It's not too late to change your mind!
Flora: No, I can't turn back. And I won't go easy on anyone, not even you.
Felicia: *sob* *sob* No! This can't be happening!

— Felicia fighting Flora in Birthright Chapter 17.
Flora: Felicia, my foolish sister. Did you really think this rebellion could be solved by a few pretty words?
Felicia: I'm no fool, Flora! You're the one who wants to fight without hearing us out! That in itself is a betrayal of pride and morality our tribe holds so dear!
Flora: You really don't understand, do you? This goes beyond words. Don't you realize, all of our time in that castle was... I mean, it was just...
Felicia: What are you saying sister?
Flora: Forget it, there's no point telling you now, after all that's happened. Let's get on with it. You may be my sister, but I won't go easy on you!

— Felicia fighting Flora in Conquest Chapter 8.
Kilma: Felicia, my dear child. I never thought I'd see this day. Taking up arms against your own people, siding with the enemy...
Felicia: Father, please don't say such things! This is the last thing I ever wanted.
Kilma: It pains me to raise a hand against my precious daughter... But alas, this is how it must be for the good of the tribe. Gods, forgive me.

— Felicia fighting Kilma in Conquest Chapter 8.

Paired battle quotes

I-it'll be fine!
— Felicia
We can do this together!
— Felicia
— Felicia
Um...shall we?
— Felicia
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
— Felicia
We've got this!
— Felicia
OK. Let's go!
— Felicia
We've got trouble!
— Felicia
I'l help you!
— Felicia
What should we do?
— Felicia
Here's one more!
— Felicia, performing a Dual Strike.
I can help!
— Felicia, performing a Dual Strike.
I'm over here!
— Felicia, performing a Dual Strike.
Me, too!
— Felicia, performing a Dual Strike.
Not paying attention?
— Felicia, performing a Dual Strike.
Just in time!
— Felicia, performing a Dual Guard.
No, no, no!
— Felicia, performing a Dual Guard.
I'll protect you!
— Felicia, performing a Dual Guard.

Critical quotes

I'm gonna break you!
— Felicia
Here goes nothing!
— Felicia
I won't mess this up!
— Felicia
You're just a stain!
— Felicia

Victory quotes

— Felicia, after defeating an enemy.
— Felicia, after defeating an enemy.
That went well!
— Felicia, after defeating an enemy.
All taken care of!
— Felicia, after defeating an enemy.
I did it!
— Felicia, after defeating an enemy.
Whatever works!
— Felicia, after defeating an enemy.
Didn't expect that, did you?
— Felicia, after defeating an enemy.
— Felicia, if her partner defeated an enemy.
— Felicia, if her partner defeated an enemy.

Level up quotes

I can do better!
— Felicia, when one or no stats grow in a Level Up.
Does this please you?
— Felicia, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
All my hard work is paying off!
— Felicia, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
I think I deserve a raise!
— Felicia, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
Aw, I can't get any stronger.
— Felicia, when her stats are mostly capped and one or fewer stats grow in a Level Up.

Defeat quotes

— Felicia's defeat voice clip
Oh...I can't believe I'm letting down Lord/Lady Corrin like this... I...I think I still have the strength to retreat. I hope he/she can forgive me...
— Felicia's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
Owww! I shouldn't be seeing my bone stick out like that... I need to retreat!
— Felicia's retreat quote in Casual Mode.

Endgame quotes

I just know you're coming back. You're stronger than anyone!
— Felicia in Endgame: Dawn Breaks.
I know you too well, milady/milord! You definitely won't die here. You're stronger than that!
— Felicia in Endgame: Night Breaks Through.

DLC battle quotes

Yeeeek! I nearly jumped out of my skin when you popped up out of nowhere! B-but it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm honored to face you in battle!
— Felicia, in Boo Camp
I don't want Lord/Lady Corrin to know, but I had an amazing dream last night! I was flying! I can't wait to finish up here, so I can get back to sleep!
— Felicia, in Ghostly Gold
Rare weapons, huh? I wonder if they have rare tea sets from other realms...Oooh! Maybe I can find one so strong that it's impossible to break!
— Felicia, in Museum Melee
What nice weather! I bet I won't make any mistakes in this cold! You guys look identical. Even my twin sister and I aren't that much alike. But everyone is unique on the inside, been you! You don't have to be a thief!
— Felicia, in Anna on the Run