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Familial Festivities/Script

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Part 1: Hare Out of Place


Fir: So, this is the spring festival I’ve been hearing so much about… I can’t say I understand the costuming customs, but… I’ll have a nice chance to spar with all the Heroes from other worlds who’re here celebrating, at least!
Bartre: Fiiiir! Wait, my daughter!
Fir: F-Father? Your…clothes!
Bartre: You didn’t think I’d let you keep all the fun to yourself, did you?
Fir: Huh? Well, I… How am I supposed to train properly if you escort me everywhere?
Bartre: Lighten up! You’ll get your training in… AND we’ll get to dominate the battlefield as a father-daughter team! Just try to keep up, my daughter!
Fir: *sigh*

(scene change to the map screen)

Fae: Yay! Festivals are the BESTivals! Right, Idunn?
Idunn: Indeed…
Fae: Oh, look! There’s a bunny all in black! …I’m gonna catch him!
Narcian: Hm? Wh-what are the two of you doing here?! …Hey! Do NOT soil my ears!


Fae: Ooh! Another bunny! More bunnies means more playing. Let’s go!
Idunn: Fae, wait…
Narcian: This is no way to treat the festival’s guest of honor… Ingrates!

Part 2: Hopping to It


Est: Hippity hop! Are you my next hopponent? Well, then…hop you can keep up! …Hop!
Bartre: I see… It must be a festival custom to say “hop” a lot… Why don’t you give it a shot, Fir!
Fir: OK! Err… I’m Fir, hop! Let’s spar! Umm… Hop, hop?


Est: Aw, I lost? Boo! Guess it’s time for me to hop on out of here, then!
Fir: I won’t lose next time! Hop!

Part 3: The Tail End


Fae: This time, we can all play together! Hippity hop-hop!
Idunn: …Hop.
Bartre: You’ve done well to get this far, but I, er…HOP you know what you’re up against now!
Fir: This training has put a real spring in our step! Let’s use our advantage while we have it! …Hop, hop!
Est: I have to clinch this win to impress my sisters! Gotta keep on hopping until we reach victory!
Narcian: Heh… This look is devastating! Words fail to capture it! So come closer… I’ll show you true devastation!


Fir: Oh no… We lost! I’m sorry, Father.
Bartre: Don’t fret, my daughter! You fought well! I’m proud to have stood beside you on the field.
Fir: Aww… Father!
Bartre: I just wish your mother could have seen us out there…
Fir: Seeing us spending time together would surely draw out a smile.
Bartre: Yes, that rarest of smiles…
Fir: Anyway, that’s enough reminiscing. The festivities aren’t nearly over yet. I want to see it all while we can!
Bartre: A fine idea. Let’s go, Fir!
Fir: H-hey! …Faaaatherrrr! …Wait for ME!