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Mist: Bye. See ya later!
Jill: Yep. Oh, Mist! Watch your step! It's slippery...
Mist: Whooooa!
(Mist collapses)
Jill: Mist!
(Mist stands up)
Mist: Ow! I landed right on my butt! Hee hee! This snow's cold!
Jill: Be careful!
Mist: All righty! Hey, watch, Jill! I'm gonna make a snow angel! Wheeee!
(Mist leaves)
Jill: ...It must be nice to be so cheerful.
Unknown: Jill!
Jill: ...Who's there?
(Haar appears)
Haar: It's me.
Jill: Captain Haar? B-but... This is an enemy camp!
Haar: I've been trying to track you down ever since you disappeared at Toha. I figured you were off chasing after the Crimeans. I never imagined that you would join up with them.
Jill: At first, it was just circumstance, but... But now it's different. Now I'm with them because I want to be. Spending time with them--and coming into contact with laguz--has shown me what a fool I've been.
Haar: Laguz? I never thought I would hear that word from someone who once said "sub-human" with such absolute hatred. Sounds like you've had some good experiences with this happy little band.
Jill: I knew that if anyone would understand, it would be you, Captain.
Haar: So you're forming your own set of values for the first time. That's good. That's very, very good. But what are you planning to do now? If you keep moving forward, you're going to face General Shiharam before long.
Jill: Causing trouble for my father was never my intent. However... As a member of this army, I will face him with my shoulders straight and my head held high.
Haar: So you're determined to see this through?
Jill: I am!
Haar: So be it. Then there's nothing left to be said. Farewell. The next time we meet, it will be as enemies. Prepare yourself... And get some rest! You know how important it is.
(Haar leaves)
Jill: ...

Mist: Ike? Can I talk to you? A few minutes ago, a man I've never seen before showed up and spoke to Jill. I wasn't sure what was going on, so I went and found you. W-what should we do? Whatever they're talking about, it sure looks serious!
Ike: Jill trained in the Daein army. Fighting against her countrymen will be tough... No matter how prepared she thinks she is.
Mist: I don't care what happens! You can't let her fight against her own father! All right, Ike?
Ike: Hmmm. It might not be a bad idea to keep her at the base camp... Just while we're in Daein.

3 Brothers

Boyd: What do you think, guys? Are we going to be able to perform a new special attack?
Oscar: I think we might. I was looking through some old scrolls on fighting techniques, and I found one that looks perfect.
Boyd: Awesome! Nice work!
Rolf: What is it?! What is it!? Come on, tell us how it works!
Oscar: Well, if we want to learn it, there are some things we'll have to do.
Boyd: Aw, dang! I hope it's not all technical, 'cause I won't be able to keep up. Just summarize it, will you?
Oscar: I can do that. All right, the most important thing is we all have to use the same weapon. So, if all three of us can use a bow, that'll be one problem out of the way.
Boyd: A bow? You and I have to use bows?
Oscar: Boyd, are you even listening to me? Yes, we all have to use the same weapon. That's part of the deal.
Boyd: Crud! Nothing we can do about it, I guess. You better not slow us down, Rolf! You little brat.
Rolf: Stop calling me a brat! I'm a better archer than you! If anyone slows us down, it'll be you, Boyd!
Boyd: What did you say? I'm gonna--
Oscar: Knock it off, Boyd! Your skills with a bow aren't as polished as Rolf's. Anyone can see that. Which means that even if Rolf has some natural skill, whoever taught him the fundamentals was an expert archer...
Boyd: Yeah, I know, but he just keeps blabbering this nonsense about how he taught himself.
Rolf: I... I did teach myself! I'm a prodigy.
Oscar: Well, judging by your stance and the way you hold the bow, I think we all know the real story.
Rolf: Eeep!
Boyd: Huh? What is it? What real story?!
Rolf: Oscar! No! Shhh!
Oscar: ...The story... That Rolf's lucky to have a genius like me for a brother, that's what.
Boyd: Aw, stop messing around. This is getting stupid.
Rolf: Whew...
Unknown: What're you guys talking about?
Ike: The three of you have been huddled up here for a while now. What are you scheming?
Boyd: Shh! Um... Uh... Hi, Ike!
Oscar: Scheming is such an ugly word! We're just--
Rolf: Oh, hey, Ike! We're working on this special man--
Boyd: Yaaaaaaaaa! Gaaa...I forgot something...
(Oscar leaves)
Boyd: Oooo...gotta go...
(Rolf leaves)
Boyd: Sorry about that, Ike. He's been acting a bit odd these days.
Ike: Really? Seems to me that you're the odd one in the bunch.
Boyd: Um, sure, all right! Do us a favor, though, and make sure the three of us are all in the next battle.
Ike: Sure, I guess that's fine. But why?
Boyd: Well, it's a surprise. That's all. We'll show you later! I'm sure you'll like it! Come on! We can't be standing around all day. Let's go! Oscar! Rolf!
(Boyd leaves)
Ike: Special man? Hmm... Man... ...Mandolin? ...Manicotti? ...Manifesto? Oh, who cares?


Janaff: Brrr... I'll take on any number of enemies, but this snow is another story! I think my beautiful wings are icing over.
Ike: That sounds like trouble. Are you going to be able to fly?
Janaff: ...Yes, of course I can fly. These wings aren't for looks, you know? They're made of flesh and blood and feathers. It's not like I'm some animal that has to hibernate when winter rolls in. Sheesh! Can't you beorc tell the difference between comic exaggeration and serious conversation?
Ike: Um... Oh, I was supposed to laugh, was I? Sorry about that.
Janaff: Oh, my...such sincerity. This is unexpected. It looks like someone taught you manners.
Ike: Er...
Janaff: By the way, I've been meaning to ask... What are our chances for victory?
Ike: We're still at an extreme disadvantage.
Janaff: What? That's not the answer I wanted! You gotta do better than that, beorc general! I'm here! If we lose, how am I ever going to show my face in Phoenicis again?
Ike: We're at a disadvantage, but I don't intend to lose. There's a man in Daein that I need to find...and I will be the last thing that he sees.
Janaff: Ha ha! Well said! I wish you could repeat that to today's younger generation. There are some weaklings back home that I don't even want to call hawks. I'd love to stick 'em back in their eggs and start over from scratch.
Ike: Hey, you hatch from eggs?! Eh?
Janaff: I was speaking figuratively. You know? Like...a metaphor? We haven't hatched from eggs for many generations now. Silly beorc... All right, I'm outta here. I gotta warm up the ol' wings before battle, or who knows what might happen.
(Janaff leaves)
Ike: I figured that egg thing was a joke but I had no idea it ever really happened... Bird tribes... Go figure.


Ike: Excuse me, do you have a moment?
Ulki: ...Oh. General Ike. What is it?
Ike: It's nothing really... I just thought I'd say hello.
Ulki: That's...considerate.
Ike: Um... Your king is very generous, isn't he? And it's not just Reyson I'm talking about. He left us his two retainers as well.
Ulki: ...How do we pertain to the king's generosity?
Ike: I guess it's because Reyson kept apologizing... I just thought that... Am I misinterpreting something?
Ulki: I...don't know. But I know that the king can survive without our help.
Ike: Is that true? That's pretty amazing. I've been given the title of lord, but I still can't run this army on my own. Titania and Soren handle all the little details, and that's what keeps us from collapsing into chaos.
Ulki: Our king...does nothing special. Everyone just does what's needed. There is no chaos.
Ike: He's really trusted, isn't he?
Ulki: That's...natural. In laguz society, the strongest become king. Unlike the beorc, kingship is not tied to blood, so we have no weak kings. I'm sorry... Perhaps that was improper.
Ike: No, I agree with you. Choosing a ruler by strength instead of birth makes much more sense.
Ulki: When we face Begnion troops, we target the units with weak leadership and eliminate them first. Beorc weapons can be very powerful, but not everyone wields them well. Since beorc also choose generals by bloodlines, their competency is uneven...and that is a weakness of beorc armies. As for you, General Ike, the time to prove yourself is approaching.
Ike: It's true. No matter how strong the individuals are, that strength is worthless if they're weak as a unit. An army's power comes from leadership and management... That's good to remember. Thanks.
Ulki: Mmm.