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End of the Holy War/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

All second-generation characters and their substitutes have identical dialogue except where noted. Second-generation children are used, except where substitutes have unique dialogue.


Seliph's long journey is drawing to a close. His army's victories are a beacon of hope to the Empire's victims, and a wave of further rebellions sweeps across Jugdral. First, Silesse was wrestled back from imperial control by its citizens, and soon after Agustria's people flocked to arms, burning to fight for their country. But Grannvale itself yet stands. Duke Brian of Dozel and the axe knights of the Grau Ritter; Duke Scorpio of Yngvi and his elite archers, the Beige Ritter; and Friege's Queen Hilda and the war-mages of the Gelb Ritter stand between Seliph and the capital. Belhalla itself lurks under an eerie silence, as Ishtar and the enigmatic twelve Deadlords lie in wait to defend Prince Julius himself. Over a year has passed since that fateful first battle in Isaach. The tragic struggle pitting kin versus kin wears on, splitting the Twelve Crusaders between the light and the dark... So begins the final holy war...



Julius: Father died, you say...
Manfroy: The Emperor had long served his purpose, Your Majesty. He was little more than an obstacle to your ambitions. He had to die.
Julius: Pfeh. I almost feel sorry for him. All his life he was your tool, Manfroy, only to be thrown away so casually...
Manfroy: All in your empire's name, Your Majesty. Arvis was a lost cause. To think he, a man of Loptous's blood, dared to challenge the revival of the empire! The righteous heart of the crusader Fjalar burned too fiercely within him. It was only a matter of time until he turned on you.
Julius: I know, I know... Now, then. I hear those rebels have stumbled as far as Chalphy. Are our defenses really that pathetic?
Manfroy: Rest assured. I've already tasked Edda's Bishop Rodan and Burain of Dozel with purging Chalphy of those vermin. You've no need to worry, Your Majesty.
Julius: Don't I, now... Where's Julia?
Manfroy: She awaits her end in the dungeon... You there! Bring us Princess Julia!
Julia: ...
Julius: Ah, Julia. It's been a while, hasn't it? Tell me, do you know who I am?
Julia: Julius... My brother, Julius...
Julius: Oho! So you do still remember! I can hardly believe seven long years have passed since you slipped away.
Julia: I... That night is seared into my memory, clear as if it were only yesterday...
Julius: Fehehe... Good. I trust you remember your mother's final kindness as well?
Julia: Who... No, what are you? That night... The night Manfroy came with that eerie black tome... Nothing was ever the same again. My real brother, the kind and caring boy I once knew and loved so, died that night. In his place stood a demon of terrifying power... My brother in name only. You... You monster... You've taken my mother and my brother from me! Who are you? WHAT are you? Why... Why must you torment us all so?!
Julius: I am the heir of Loptous's kin, and the inheritor of his limitless power. This world belongs rightfully to me. And you, Julia? You are the heiress to the power of Naga, my eternal foe. I cannot allow you to live any longer!
Manfroy: Hold a moment, Your Majesty. I believe I have a use for this girl's power. If I may, spare her and leave her to me.
Julius: Using Naga's power to serve me? Interesting... Very interesting. Very well! I must return to Belhalla. Julia is yours, Manfroy. But be warned. Be extremely careful! Even a single mistake with her could cost me dearly.

(Julius teleports to Belhalla)


Rodan: His Majesty has issued his command. Priest and sellsword units! Defend Edda itself with your very lives! Cavalry unit, move in on Chalphy! Reclaim our land from the rebels!

(Edda army emerges)


Lewyn: This is it, Seliph. The final holy war begins now.
Seliph: A holy war?
Lewyn: Yeah, that's what this is. Julius is descended from Loptrian royalty, and he's been working to revive the dark empire. No matter what it takes, we must stop him.
Seliph: It feels as if you know everything, Lewyn. I'm beginning to feel left out... Please, what in the world are you talking about?
Lewyn: Yeah, sorry about that, Seliph. I know there's a lot I've not been telling you. I've spent over a decade on a journey to figure out the truth behind all this, and I'm finally onto a hidden bigger picture here.
Seliph: ...The bigger picture?
Lewyn: It seems the old Loptrian Empire's founder, the Bishop Gair, dedicated his youth to a world-exploring voyage across the seas. He desired nothing less than to drink the blood of a legendary beast. Even a single drop, he believed, would bestow upon any human limitless power.
Seliph: Do... do you mean the dragonkin of old? It couldn't be... Is that not a myth?
Lewyn: You'd think so, but... When Gair returned to Jugdral, he bore bizarre powers nobody else understood. With these powers, he set to work swaying youths across the land to aid his ambitions. Before anyone else realized, he'd raised a fell legion unflinchingly loyal to his cause.
Seliph: Where, then, does Loptous enter the tale?
Lewyn: Odds are Loptous was a dragon himself. Every last one of Gair's heirs has borne the blood of the dragonkin. The dark powers Loptous's kin command are nothing more than the dragonkin's powers.
Seliph: And what of the Crusaders?
Lewyn: I'm sure you know how the legend goes. The gods descended upon twelve warriors of the old liberators at the fortress of Dahna. But...
Seliph: But?
Lewyn: Sorry, Seliph, but this'll have to wait. The enemy's just about on our doorstep.


Seizing Edda

Lewyn: Edda, huh... Father Claud would be so happy to know his homeland is finally free...
Seliph: Mm... Father Claud gave his life for my father's cause. But his children...

If Claud had children

Lewyn: Oh, of course. <Claud's son> and <Claud's daughter>. They're going to be great rulers for Edda. And after all they've been through, I know that'll bring a smile to the people's faces.

If Claud didn't have children

Lewyn: I hate to say it, but it looks like the Edda family's died out completely. Seliph, the people here are counting on you to look after them from now on.

Edda seized!

End of Seliph's phase after Edda is seized


Brian: It's time, Fisher. Your unit will move in on Edda at once! I'll lead the assault on Chalphy personally. Against the full force of Dozel's legendary axe knights, the Grau Ritter, the rebels stand no chance! They'll drop like leaves!
Fisher: At once, milord!

(Dozel army emerges)

Seizing Dozel

Lewyn: What a bloody disgrace... How could a pack of idiots like House Dozel be of Crusader heritage? If it weren't for Lombard, the world wouldn't be in such a mess...
Seliph: Lewyn, I cannot wait much longer. Just where did the Crusaders' power come from? What in the world are these gods?
Lewyn: I can't say for sure... But whatever they were, they realized that our land's misery was caused by the power of the dragonkin. And so they came to Jugdral from some other world to save the human race. It was they who suddenly appeared at Dahna, just as its doom seemed certain.
Seliph: That would be the legendary descent of Naga and the eleven gods found in scripture, yes?
Lewyn: Yeah. They say the gods took human shapes. Naga, god of light, appeared as a young girl, and Salamander, god of fire, took the form of an old man. With twelve chosen warriors, the gods bound themselves in a blood pact.
Seliph: A blood pact?
Lewyn: Basically, the gods drew their own blood with a scratch to the fingertip and presented it to the warriors.
Seliph: ...I beg your pardon?!
Lewyn: Long story short, they were dragons. The gods we know only from scripture? They were all of the dragonkin, just like Loptous. With a single taste of the blood of dragons, these once humble warriors of the liberation army were reborn as the Twelve Crusaders. Each dragon presented to their crusader a weapon steeped in their own power. And then, with some final parting words of wisdom to the Crusaders, the dragonkin departed Jugdral.
Seliph: I see... So our power is, in truth, that of dragons...
Lewyn: Now, Loptous himself is actually from a dragon clan whose fell power is amongst the mightiest of all dragonkin. The great dragon Naga, strongest of them all, bestowed their own blood upon the leader of the liberation army, the priest Heim. Naga knew only their power could possibly hope to stand against that of Loptous.
Seliph: So nobody else among the dragonkin would be able to prevail against Loptous?
Lewyn: It certainly wouldn't be easy, I think. Even if you had every last dragon fighting together, they'd still need Naga's power. This, of course, means that if we're to win today, we'll need the surviving heir to Saint Heim. In other words, one of Deirdre's three children. Of those three, you didn't inherit the full breadth of Naga's blood, and it's pretty obvious that Julius didn't. Actually, I only recently learned who it is. The inheritor of Naga's power is Julius' twin sister... Princess Julia.
Seliph: E-excuse me?!
Lewyn: Yeah, that was more or less my reaction too at first. Julia is Julius' twin sister... which also makes her your sister, Seliph.
Seliph: So all this time... Julia was my sister...
Lewyn: I guess now we know why Manfroy took her to begin with. Needless to say, Seliph, we've got to rescue her, no matter what. We absolutely need Julia's powers if we want any hope of stopping Julius!

Dozel seized!

End of Seliph's phase after Dozel is seized


Hilda: Dozel's fallen to the rebels? What the hell were my men doing out there?! Feh, why'd I ever expect any better? Worthless cowards, the lot of them! It's time I took this into my own hands. All I need is to lure these flies into my web. Then I can crush them, once and for all! Send Scorpio of Yngvi a messenger! Pass on to him this plan. The Gelb Ritter will coax the rebels our way, leaving them wide open to a deluge of the Beige Ritter's arrows from behind! They'll have nowhere to run or hide. Kill them all! No survivors this time!

(Friege army emerges)

Nearing Friege

(Beige Ritter arrive)

Scipio: Heh, the rebels marched right into the trap. All too easy. Men, cut through the forest and swarm them from the rear! With Friege at their front, we'll choke them like a snake on a rat!

Seizing Friege

Seliph: Friege is ours, Lewyn. We've finally made it this far. But... I can't help but wonder... Are the children at Belhalla still unharmed? I pray they are...
Lewyn: Funny you should say that! We've got a visitor who's got a bit of news on that front, Seliph.
Seliph: And who are you?
Felipe: My name is Felipe, sire. I was once an aide to the late Emperor Arvis. On secret orders from His Majesty, the abducted children were moved here to Friege for safe-keeping.
Seliph: What? Is this true? You've saved all of the children?!
Felipe: Rest easy, sire. They're all hiding in the city's abbey, and they're all in good health.
Seliph: And all under Hilda's nose, at that! That you've kept every last child safe in Hilda's own city... Color me impressed.
Felipe: Actually, sire... Princess Ishtar deserves your thanks. Without her generous aid given in secret, we could never have done this. No Imperial soldiers dared come even close to the abbey, on pain of the princess' wrath.
Seliph: Princess Ishtar?! But why... Why would she-
Felipe: Few people in this land are as kind and caring as Princess Ishtar. All along, the princess has toiled behind the scenes to aid our cause. It was Princess Ishtar herself who ensured that every last child escaped from the bowels of Belhalla.
Seliph: I see... At any rate, thank the gods for their safety. I'm certain everyone will be glad to know the children are in good hands. You have my deepest thanks, Lord Felipe.
Lewyn: Well, Seliph, that's one job done. Good to see we're finally getting some results out of this mess.
Seliph: Mm. And yet, Julia still eludes us... Where could she possibly be?
Lewyn: The only options left now are Belhalla and Velthomer. It's got to be one of those two.
Seliph: And Belhalla is where Julius awaits...
Lewyn: Yeah, we'll have to find Julia first if we want to go anywhere near Belhalla. Without Julia's power on our side, we won't have a hope in hell against Julius.
Seliph: But no matter what's happened, Julius is still her brother. Will she even want to fight him...
Lewyn: ...You'll have to convince her.

Friege seized!

End of Seliph's phase after Friege is seized


Ishtar: If I may, Lord Julius, I'd like to lead the Weissritter to bolster the capital's defense. This will require that I leave your side, even for a while. I beg your forgiveness.
Julius: Feh. Why the rush to get out there so suddenly, Ishtar? All the soldiers they could ever throw at us could never so much as scratch me. Why even bother with those maggots?
Ishtar: Yes, I know... But for me, there is no greater pride than being one of Friege's great mages. My parents and brother lie dead, and I cannot stand to leave their murderers to run amok... Please... All I ask is a chance for vengeance.
Julius: It sounds as if what you really want is to join your family in death on a rebel's blade! Are you so desperate to escape me, Ishtar?
Ishtar: No... Nothing like that, Lord Julius. I love you. Nothing will ever change that.
Julius: Hmhmhmhmhm... I know. Very well! Fight if you must. I won't stop you.
Isthar: Thank you... Now, I beg your pardon. Meng! Bleg! Mabel! We sortie at once!
Meng: Yes, milady.
(Ishtar and Meng leave)
Julius: Now, then. I think it's time we put an end to this sorry show. Deadlords, move out! And someone order Arion's unit to attack! The time for games is over. Every last rebel dies, here and now!

(The deadlords emerge from the castle)

Manfroy: Heh heh... The rebels have come to play at last, I hear. Julia, why don't you join them? Purge all those who dare oppose the Empire!

(Velthomer army emerges)

End of Seliph's phase, one turn after seizing Friege

(Thracian wyvern knights arrive from the southwest)

Arion: We have no home to return to, men... But we must keep going nonetheless. Chalphy's fall to our blades shall be the first step to winning back our fatherland. Now, move in! Show these liberators one final defiance from the wyvern knights of Thracia!

Seizing Velthomer

Seliph: Are we quite certain the Book of Naga is in fact hidden in Velthomer, Lewyn?
Lewyn: Yep. All the evidence we have points to Arvis taking it from Belhalla and keeping it hidden here. That's right, isn't it, Felipe?
Felipe: Indeed, sir. It should still lie in the treasury. That said, it is likely sealed in a locked case.
Lewyn: Huh. Any idea where its key is?
Felipe: My liege concealed the key within his most treasured memento... The circlet once worn by Empress Deirdre. If we can find that circlet, sir, then the Book of Naga is yours.
Lewyn: Deirdre's circlet, huh...

Velthomer seized!


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East village

Old man: Oh, heirs to the courageous! Hear my ode to the crusaders of old.

O Black Knight Hoðr, Mystletainn the demonic in hand, smite the devil
O Sword Saint Od, Balmung the divine in hand, repel the blight
O Holy Knight Baldr, Tyrfin the sacred in hand, shine a light
And at last, O Saint Heim, Book of Naga in hand, pray to the heavens above
Prayer begets light,
Light begets the white dragon
Foe of the shadow dragon
Black and white
Light and dark
An eternal struggle
Shall our prayers yield victory
Or shall it be death?
And yet have no fear
For our battle is a beginning
And defeat is never the end
The flame of light we seek
Is eternal, undying, never lost
And in all who follow us
I shall believe
And in all who bear the light
I shall believe

Not bad, innit?

West village

Old man: Hear me, brave heirs to the crusaders! In your hands lies the task of proving this war to be a holy war of its own. If wisdom, courage and power be your allies, summon them now and give all you have, should you wish to prevail this day. Trust in yourselves to bring forth our destiny, one born where the two trails of light meet!


Arthur and Tine

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: this conversation is unique and is different for Amid and Linda.

Arthur: This is it, Tine. We're getting awfully close to Friege... Mother's old home.
Tine: Mm, but... I have a bad feeling about this. How about you?
Arthur: Yes, I suppose... I've had nothing but hatred for Friege ever since they took you and Mother. All I've ever wanted is to crush them all for all they've done...
Tine: But... What about Uncle Bloom, Ishtar and Ishtore? Haven't I told you about them before? They were all decent people. At the very least, they were always nice to Mother and I...
Arthur: Oh, right. It was Hilda who drove Mother to her death, wasn't it?
Tine: It was... Even after all this time, I still hate her so much. All I want is to be the one to put an end to her myself...
Arthur: Don't worry, Tine. As long as I live, you won't have to deal with anything like that ever again. I'll protect you, no matter what!

Lck +1 for Tine

Amid and Linda

Note: this conversation is unique and is different for Arthur and Tine.

Amid: This is it, Linda. We're getting awfully close to Friege... Mother's old home.
Linda: Mm, but... I have a bad feeling about this. How about you?
Amid: Yes, I suppose... I've had nothing but hatred for Friege ever since they took you and Mother. All I've ever wanted is to crush them all for all they've done...
Linda: Say, Amid... Mother betrayed her homeland to ally with Sigurd, right? You wouldn't know why, would you?
Amid: Apparently she was really close to her sister, who died for Sigurd's cause. That's why she joined the army too.
Linda: That would be our aunt, right?
Amid: Yeah. That was Aunt Tailtiu.
Linda: Wow... She died fighting for her life... That's... That's so sad...

Lck +1 for Linda

Patty and Seliph

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Daisy.

Patty: Here ya go, Seliph!
Seliph: Is this... lunch? You went and made lunch for me, Patty? Why, thank you!
Patty: Oh, and this too!
Seliph: Oh! You've prepared a drink as well? I swear you spoil me, Patty.
Patty: Aaaand one more thing...
Seliph: Er... Is this supposed to be a drink?
Patty: It's Patty's Super Special Home-Brewed Stamina Drink! This'll perk ya riiiiiight up! Don't spill any, okay?
Seliph: O-of course...

HP +3 and Spd +3 for Seliph

Patty and Lester

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Daisy and Lester.

Patty: Here ya go, Lester!
Lester: Oh, Patty! Am I glad to see you. I swear I was about to starve to death!
Patty: I thought you might be, so I packed you second and third helpings! Well? How is it?
Lester: Mmph... Oh, it's fantastic! You're the best cook I've ever met, Patty!
Patty: Hee hee, I bet I am!

HP +3 and Spd +3 for Lester

Daisy and Deimne

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Patty and Deimne.

Daisy: What's going on, Deimne?
Deimne: Oh, Daisy... I dunno. I guess I'm feeling a bit, well, worthless...
Daisy: Why?
Deimne: It's not just me. It's like we normal folk may as well not even be here...
Daisy: Actually, yeah, now that you mention it... They don't really seem to need us.
Deimne: Exactly... Y'know what? I oughta just go back home and find myself a real job.
Daisy: As soon as all this's finally over, I'll be right by your side on the way to Isaach. The war thing's wearing me right out...
Deimne: Gah... We're hopeless, aren't we...

HP +5 for Deimne

Patty and Shannan

Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Daisy.

Patty: Shannaaaaaaaan!
Shannan: ...Er, yeah?
Patty: Er, yeah? Well, nice to see you too! Look, it's lunchtime! Made it all myself!
Shannan: ...What are you doing? This is a battlefield, not a place for a picnic.
Patty: But I've got nothing else to do! It's not like there's anything around here that needs my, er, light touch!
Shannan: So you thought getting in everyone's way in the middle of a war was a good idea?
Patty: Oh! Well, that was uncalled for... You can't just throw me aside like some old bag! And to think, I spent all day slaving away in a hot kitchen just to make you lunch... Well, I guess I won't be doing that again!
Shannan: Oh, Patty... Look, I'm sorry. I went too far. Forgive me...
Patty: Then you'll be eating my lunch? Really? Oh, that's a huge relief... I love you sooooo much, Shannan!

HP +3 and Spd +3 for Shannan

Tine and Seliph

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Tine: Lord Seliph...
Seliph: Tine?! Stay back, please! You are ill suited for the front lines!
Tine: All I want is to help you, Lord Seliph. Please... My power is yours!
Seliph: But I... I couldn't bear to lose you...
Tine: I won't leave your side, Lord Seliph... The thought of meeting the same fate as Lady Deirdre... It's too painful... Please, Lord Seliph. I'll fight at your side till the very end!
Seliph: You're right... My apologies. How could we not be better off fighting as one? Come, Tine. We ride together. Your power will bring us victory. I know it!
Tine: Lord Seliph... Thank you!

Mag +3 for Seliph

Tine and Leif

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Tine: Are you alright, milord?
Leif: I am. You've no need to worry about me, Tine, but you ought to take care yourself. Our foes are as fierce as we've ever seen!
Tine: They are... But so long as we're together, we'll both be fine. I know it.
Leif: Neither of us can afford to die now. After all, the task of uniting Thracia still awaits us once we're done here.
Tine: Mm. I'm so glad I'll finally have the chance to help the people of Ulster.
Leif: Not only Ulster, Tine... The entire kingdom. After all, you'll be by my side as the Queen of New Thracia!
Tine: That I will be, milord!

Mag +3 for Leif

Tine and Ced

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Tine: Are you alright, Ced?
Ced: Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry. But you ought to be careful yourself! These foes are as tough as they come.
Tine: They are... But so long as we're together, we'll both be fine. I know it.
Ced: Tine. I love you so much. You're the most important part of my life...
Tine: Ced! We're in the middle of a battle. This is hardly the time for thing like that...
Ced: Heh, sorry about that. I just wanted to say it while I still can. I'd hate to leave it unsaid should something happen...
Tine: Ced... Please, be careful...

Mag +3 for Ced

Muirne and Asaello

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: this conversation is unique and is different for Lana and Febail.

Muirne: Are you alright, Asaello? Listen, I know how frustrated you are right now, but please, you mustn't do anything too rash.
Asaello: Gah... If only I had a bit of crusader power, too, I wouldn't be so bloody useless. I can't take this!
Muirne: I know... I've often thought the same. But crusader blood wouldn't be the answer to everything. Think of it this way. We've made it so far with them with nothing but our best work. We might be common folk, but we're bold and determined, and that's what matters.
Asaello: Commoners... And to think, everyone around us is Lord This or Lady That or King The Other! Life's so unfair.
Muirne: I suppose... but come on, cheer up! Lord or not, there's a whole orphanage eagerly awaiting your triumphant return!
Asaello: Yeah, you're right. Things really aren't all that bad. How could they be with you around?
Muirne: Heh... Oh, Asaello...

HP +5 for Asaello

Nanna and Seliph

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Nanna: Lord Seliph...
Seliph: Nanna, the battle before us is as brutal as they come. Please, do take extra care.
Nanna: I know, but I'm actually a bit worried for you, Lord Seliph. Don't forget that you've got to take extra care as well.
Seliph: You are right, of course, but after all this time we're finally nearing the end. I mustn't give this any less than I have.
Nanna: Then I'll do everything I can to protect you, Lord Seliph. I'll pray for you, just as I always have...
Seliph: Thank you, Nanna... I'm so grateful to have you always watching over me... I admit I can even feel your power!
Nanna: You're welcome, Lord Seliph...

HP +3 for Seliph

Nanna and Leif

Note: this conversation is unique and is different for Jeanne.

Nanna: Say, Lord Leif... How soon do you think this fight will be over?
Leif: I cannot say for sure... And yet I cannot help but feel our triumph is drawing ever closer.
Nanna: And once this is over, I take it we'll be headed for Leonster?
Leif: Indeed we are. The Thracian Peninsula has known naught but strife for decades, and to unify it was my father's dream. I'll pledge my life to fulfill his grand vision, and I'd love nothing more than to have you by my side every step of the way, Nanna.
Nanna: Of course, Lord Leif! I'll be by your side forevermore, wherever your path leads. Even to the very ends of the earth...

Def +3 for Leif

Jeanne and Leif

Note: this conversation is unique and is different for Nanna.

Jeanne: Lord Leif!
Leif: Jeanne? Didn't I ask you to remain in the castle?
Jeanne: But-
Leif: I'm sorry, but this battle is far too dangerous for anybody who's not of crusader descent. I don't want you fighting today!
Jeanne: I know I'd be a burden if I fought, but I've still got my staves, remember? Surely having a cleric would be a good idea?
Leif: I suppose... But stay clear of any danger. Do I make myself clear? New Thracia still needs you... I still need you. I couldn't live with myself if I let you die...
Jeanne: Yes, Lord Leif...

HP +5 for Leif

Nanna and Ares

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Jeanne.

Nanna: You need to be careful, Ares! With a task as great as Agustria's restoration awaiting you, you can't afford to die now.
Ares: Trust me, I know. I'll never let this battle claim my life. So long as I still draw breath, I'll toil till Father's dying dream of a glorious Agustria is at last realized.
Nanna: That's the Ares I know and love! Both Lord Eldigan and my mother would be so very proud of you. I'm sure of it.
Ares: But even one such as I could never do it alone. I'll always need you, Nanna.
Nanna: And I'll always be with you, Ares. I refuse to make the same mistake Mother made all those years ago...
Ares: Mistake? Was... Was Aunt Lachesis in love with my father?
Nanna: She was. Then again, I suppose he was only her half-brother.
Ares: And come to think of it, we are only cousins, are we not?
Nanna: Heh... It's no wonder we're together.

Def +3 for Ares

Larcei and Seliph

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Larcei: Hey, Seliph! Wait up!
Seliph: ...Hm? Larcei?
Larcei: I'm coming with you on this one!
Seliph: You're certainly welcome to... But why?
Larcei: It's odd... I'm actually a little scared...
Seliph: Odd, indeed! If there's one thing you've never been known for, Larcei, it's fear.
Larcei: It's... I just...
Seliph: I understand completely. Now, come! After all, what could ever inspire courage quite like having your blade at my side?
Larcei: Seliph...

Str +3 for Seliph

Larcei and Iucharba

Larcei: Everything alright, Iucharba?
Iucharba: Nngh... I gotta admit even I'm having a hard time keepin' up... But hey, Dozel's in our hands now, right? Gotta keep going! Just a little longer...
Larcei: Don't do anything too dumb, okay? Dozel'll still need you around to rebuild
Iuchar: Yeah, you got it. I can't just die now and leave behind my father and brothers' mess, now, can I? I'll be needin' your help too, Larcei.
Larcei: Sure. You've helped me an awful lot, you know. I ought to return the favor.
Iuchar: Whoa, thanks! I love ya so much, Larcei.
Larcei: Wh- Iucharba! What'd I say about doing dumb things ?!

Str +3 for Iuchar

Larcei and Iuchar

Larcei: Everything alright, Iuchar?
Iuchar: At long last, the day is upon us: a battle so fierce to test even the mettle of Iuchar! I know at last the stinging kiss of fatigue... But all hope is not lost! Your love is as the mightiest shield, and with it I shall endure!
Larcei: Oh, geez... I guess I deserve every stupid word of that for letting myself fall for you, huh...
Iuchar: Love's hand is beyond reproach, my dear. Come, Larcei! Bless us all with a laugh!
Larcei: Heh... Don't slack off now, Iuchar.
Iuchar: Ah! Oh, Larcei, my dear...

Str +3 for Iuchar

Larcei and Shannan

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Larcei: We've come quite a long way, haven't we, Shannan?
Shannan: Yeah, I guess we have.
Larcei: I can't stop thinking about everyone back in Isaach... I hope they're all alright.
Shannan: Getting a bit homesick, are we, Larcei?
Larcei: Wh... No, not even close! What, do you think I'm still some kind of child?!
Shannan: Maybe. You've got quite a convincing child act going on there!
Larcei: Shannan!!
Shannan: Heh, I'm kidding! Come on. That terrifying glare you've got on there hardly befits a face as beautiful as yours.
Larcei: S-Shannan...

Str +3 for Shannan

Lana and Seliph

Lana: We're finally nearing the end, aren't we, Lord Seliph?
Seliph: Mm. You know, Lana, you've done so much to help our cause from the very beginning. I couldn't possibly thank you enough.
Lana: Thank you, but I'm not so sure. I've hardly done anything special, have I? But I don't mind. All I really need to be happy is to be by your side, Lord Seliph.
Seliph: Come to think of it, Lana, we've been together our entire lives, haven't we?
Lana: We have! I have so many great memories of afternoons we spent playing together. But not once did I suspect we'd end up, er...
Seliph: But I've always loved you, Lana. Even when we were children.
Lana: I'm sorry, Lord Seliph... But I can't stop thinking about this... Something feels amiss. It's as if being with you will hurt Miss Julia...
Seliph: Lana...

Res +3 for Seliph

Lana and Scáthach

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Lana: Scáthach...
Scáthach: Yeah?
Lana: I'm so proud of you.
Scáthach: Whoa, back up. Where'd THAT come from?
Lana: Please... Please don't die in this battle.
Scáthach: Oh. Listen, you've got nothing to worry about. I'm not about to let myself die just yet.
Lana: Scáthach, I...
Scáthach: Yeah?
Lana: ...I love you, Scáthach.

Res +3 for Scáthach

Lana and Febail

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: this conversation is unique and is different for Muirne and Asaello.

Lana: Febail...
Febail: Yeah?
Lana: I'm so very proud of you.
Febail: Hey, hey, hey! What brought on the mushy stuff here?
Lana: Please... Please don't die in this battle.
Febail: Ah, right. Don't worry. I'm not gonna let death do us part just yet.
Lana: Febail, I...
Febail: Yeah?
Lana: ...I love you, Febail.

Res +3 for Febail

Altena and Arion

Altena: That's enough Arion! Why? Why in the world do you still refuse to see reason?!
Arion: Altena?!
Altena: How could you be so craven?! How dare you place your own vanity and pride over what truly matters!
Arion: What do you want from me, then?
Altena: Take a good, hard look at Prince Seliph! Ask yourself this: why is he still fighting? For whom is he out here day after day, setting his own suffering to the side?
Arion: So Seliph fights for justice, and I somehow do not? Is that what you're trying to say...
Altena: Very well, Arion... If you won't see reason, so be it. Come on. Kill me. End this. My... My life is in your hands, Arion. ...I die with no regrets.
Arion: A-Altena... Very well. You can rest easy now. I get it. I was wrong... My mercenary days are at an end, and my final task is with Seliph... Wait, no... With you. I now fight for you, Altena.
Altena: Arion...

(Thracia becomes a partner)

Fee and Seliph

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Fee: Say, Lord Seliph, I've got an idea. How about I go scout out the enemy?
Seliph: No, that would be too great a risk. This battle is nothing like anything we've yet seen. I don't want you leaving my side.
Fee: Fine...
Seliph: Er... Are you worried about Silesse, Fee?
Fee: Just a little, I guess. I've heard rumors about how there's some fighting there.
Seliph: Indeed! Its citizens have staged their own revolt against the Empire. From what I hear, they've already made impressive progress.
Fee: Really? Oh, that's such a relief...
Seliph: Would you like to return to Silesse, Fee?
Fee: Thanks, but no thanks! The best place for me is to be by your side, Lord Seliph!
Seliph: Really? Well, thank you, Fee. It's an honor and a pleasure to hear it.
Fee: I don't ever want to leave you, Lord Seliph... This is like a dream come true...

Skl +3 for Seliph

Fee and Oifey

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022
Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Hermina.

Fee: Say, Oifey, I've got an idea. How about I go scout out the enemy?
Oifey: Sorry, Fee, but I must object. Their lines are crawling with archers willing to shoot down any pegasi.
Fee: So, er, Oifey...
Oifey: ...Yes?
Fee: Y'know, I actually think it's really great. I mean, how all your life you've lived just for Lord Seliph, always putting yourself second.
Oifey: Mm... I confess that, in a way, those of us who survived the old war never truly wished to survive… But we had our own mission, painful as it was to leave our friends to their doom... Your parents among them.
Fee: Y'know, thanks to this war I'm starting to get my mom and dad a bit, and what they had to deal with... I never really knew them much... And I'm really glad I had you to tell me more about them, Oifey.
Oifey: Thank you… I feel I've always been indebted to Lady Erinys for all the help she gave me back then. It is a privilege to help her daughter.
Fee: Um… Y'know, Oifey, I kinda wish I knew how to act a bit more, er, adulty. I think there's a lot I could learn from you.
Oifey: All in good time, Fee. Little by little, life itself will teach you what adulthood is.
Fee: Oh, come on! I can't just let you get all old on me before I can catch up!
Oifey: Whoa, whoa! Settle down, Fee...

Skl +3 for Oifey

Fee and Arthur

Fee: Watcha' doing, Arthur?
Arthur: Well, for one, I'm fighting! The big hint here is this tome I'm holding... And you're still as flighty as ever, I see.
Fee: Well, hello to you too!
Arthur: And there you go! People are busy, and you just sulk! This sort of thing's why nobody—
Fee: —will ever like me at all? That's what you're saying, right? Well, I don't have to stand here and listen to this garbage!
Arthur: No, wait! What I'm trying to say is, you sort of give people the wrong impression! But I like you... You're really important to me...
Fee: A-Arthur... Stop kidding around!
Arthur: Fee, I always want to be with you. You know that. As soon as this war's over, we'll go back to Silesse... Together.
Fee: Oh, Arthur... Really? Yes! Thank you... Sniff... I'm... I'm so happy!

Skl +3 for Arthur

Seliph and Julia

If Manfroy is alive

Seliph: Julia! What in blazes has happened to you? Come on, wake up!
Lewyn: This isn't going to work, Seliph. An evil spell's got Julia strung up like a puppet. I think we should deal with Manfroy first. We can come back for Julia once he's gone.

If Manfroy is dead

Seliph: Julia! Wake up... Please!
Julia: ...
(Julia's possession drops)
Julia: ......Nnh... Lord Seliph?! I... why am I here?
Seliph: You can thank Manfroy's dark arts. He brainwashed you into his service.
Julia: Manfroy... Oh, that's right... That man who caught me...
Seliph: Thank goodness you're safe...
Julia: Lord Seliph, I-
Seliph: It's fine, Julia. I know. Lewyn already told me everything. I'm sorry... I am so sorry. I failed to protect you...
Julia: No... It's fine. Don't worry, Seliph. I finally know why I've survived for all these years. I know my fate... I'm fated to fight. I'll never run away again!
Seliph: Your strength and courage is such an inspiration, Julia... But you're right. This is the will of fate, tragic as it is. None can afford to cower or flee now. Until the bitter end, we must march on...

(Julia joins)

Julia enters Velthomer Castle

Lewyn: Okay, Julia. This is the treasury. Try fitting the gemstone on your circlet into that niche there.
Julia: Here we go...
Lewyn: It worked... It really worked! There it is! The Book of Naga! And it's yours for the taking, Julia!
Julia: Wow, I... Oh! How strange... It feels so warm... It's almost as if I've known this book all my life...

Naga obtained!

Battle quotes

Fighting Roberto

Roberto: Yer head's goin' fer a huge bounty, y'know? No hard feelings, but die!

Killing Roberto

Roberto: Nngh... This... This can't be...

Fighting Boyce

Boyce: Must I waste my skills on such feeble foes...?

Killing Boyce

Boyce: W... What fearsome foes...

Fighting Rodan

Rodan: What the devil is happening... You! What have you done?!

Killing Rodan

Rodan: Is this... my damnation...

Fighting Fisher

Fisher: Damn you all! Your heads are mine to cleave right off!

Killing Fisher

Fisher: H-how could this be...

Fighting Brian

Brian: How dare you murder my father... Learn the pain and wrath of three generations of House Dozel!

With Iucharba

Source: skelezomperman, Project Naga script repository, Google Drive, Retrieved: November 18, 2022

Brian: Iucharba, you moron! How dare you seek to destroy House Dozel!
Iucharba: Well, hi to you too, Brian. Heh... You're worrying over nothing. Dozel's not about to be destroyed on my watch. After all, the people are behind me!
Brian: H-how dare you, you dastard... You won't get away with this!

With Iuchar

Brian: Keh. Iuchar, you traitorous scum! How dare you bring such ruin to House Dozel!
Iuchar: Now, now, dearest brother! Why so glum? The task of restoring Dozel's honor falls to me. Now, do step aside while you still can!
Brian: Y-you dastard...

Killing Brian

Brian: Even with Helswath, I... I fell so easily? Could it be... Could I have been wrong... all along...?

Fighting Juphiel, Dagon, or Baran

<Dark Bishop>: Kehehehe... Foolish mortals... Naught but prey to the darkness!

Killing Juphiel, Dagon, or Baran

<Dark Bishop>: Gah! Lord Julius... I crave your pardon...

Fighting Hilda

Hilda: Hmph... I won't fall anywhere near as easily as those other worms!

With Arthur

Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Amid.

Hilda: Ohohohoho! You're Tailtiu's other brat, aren't you? Am I to presume you've come to seek my head for your mommy's pathetic demise?
Arthur: Oh, yeah. I figured that Tine shouldn't dirty her hands this time around...
Hilda: Oh, did you now? In that case, I'll drag you straight to hell with me!

With Tine

Hilda: Ohoho! So you toddled all the way here, Tine. I've been waiting for you. I want nothing more than to choke the life from you with my bare hands!
Tine: You won't get that chance! I pray you're watching, Mother... I'm finally going to kill Hilda!

Killing Hilda

Hilda: Gaah! This is a travesty... Ishtar... Avenge me... You must avenge me...

Fighting Scipio

Scipio: You murdered my father, Andrey... And at last, I will have my vengeance!

With Lester

Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Deimne.

Scipio: And what are you supposed to be?
Lester: I'm Lester... The son of Edain.
Scipio: What? As in my dear aunt Edain?! Well then... The traitor's spawn shows his disgusting face at last! I certainly won't object. After all, I get to kill you, here and now!
Lester: Heh, took the words right out of my mouth!

With Febail

Note: this conversation is unique and does not occur for Asaello.

Scipio: And what are you supposed to be?
Febail: The name's Febail, son of Brigid.
Scipio: What? As in my dear aunt Brigid?! Well, then... The traitor's spawn shows his disgusting face at last! I certainly won't object. After all, I get to kill you, here and now!
Febail: Heh... My thoughts exactly.

Killing Scipio

Scipio: Gah... Why...

Fighting Arion

Arion: Forgive me...

With Altena

Arion: Altena... I wish we hadn't met here, that you may be spared from knowing my shame...
Altena: Arion...

Killing Arion

Arion: Nngh... Altena...

Fighting Manfroy

Manfroy: You fools! How dare you... All my life I've toiled for this moment... I'll show you no mercy!

With Seliph

Manfroy: Kehehe... You've come at last! I've been awaiting you for a long time.
Seliph: Manfroy! It was you who cursed Julia, was it no?
Manfroy: So I did. And so long as I live, my puppet shall remain! Hee hee hee! She's every bit as helpless before my magic as her mother was...
Seliph: I should have known. If not for you, Mother... Gah! All of this misery... All these agonizing years... It was all your doing from the outset!
Manfroy: Heh... You've realized at long last. Everything I've done has led to this moment: the revival of my lord Loptous. And at long last, it is so! Loptous's advent in the form of Prince Julius is complete, and darkness shall soon engulf the world. You cannot prevent it. Nobody can...
Seliph: Manfroy, you... Father's grief... Mother's despair... If not for you and your foul ambitions, none of this would have ever happened... Damn you, Manfroy! I cannot allow you to win... I will not... You'll NEVER know mercy for your crimes!

Killing Manfroy

Manfroy: Lord Julius... The Loptrian Empire... is yours...

Fighting Julia

Julia: HA... HA... HA...

Killing Julia

Julia: NNNGHhhhh... Ahh... Lord... Seliph...

Fighting Ishtar

Ishtar: Still your tongue... And feel the wrath of the goddess of lightning!

With Tine

Ishtar: Tine...
Tine: Ishtar, please! Stop this! You've been nothing but kind to me all my life... I know you want no part of this battle!
Ishtar: ...I may be in the wrong, but I could never turn back now. Forgive me, Tine... Please...

Killing Ishtar

Ishtar: Lord Julius... Are you pleased?

Fighting Mabel

Mabel: Taste my blade!

Killing Mabel

Mabel: Lady Ishtar... Please... Forgive me...

Fighting Bleg

Bleg: ...Die!

Killing Bleg

Bleg: Lady Ishtar... My sisters...

Fighting Meng

Meng: This place will be your grave!

Killing Meng

Meng: Luck be with you, Lady Ishtar...

Fighting Julius

Julius: Hmhmhm... Have you gone mad? You cannot even touch me.

With Seliph

Julius: Feh... We meet at last, Seliph. The so-called scion of light... Don't make me laugh! What challenge could an heir of Baldr possibly provide? This is where your story ends!

With Julia

Julius: J-Julia?! Why... What are you... Argh! Manfroy, you've made a grave mistake!

Killing Julius

(Loptous appears behind Julius)

With neither Seliph nor Julia

Julius: GWAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa....

With Seliph


With Julia


(Loptous's spirit exits Julius's corpse)

If Manfroy is alive

Manfroy: Ngaaah! Wh-what is happening?! The dark power... The power fuelling my life... It's... fading... Guaaaaaah... M-my lord... Lop... ty... r...

(Manfroy dies)

Julia: Nnh...

(Julia's eyes clear)

Julia: W... What in the world am I... Wait... That's right... Manfroy... He used black magic to control me... Lord Seliph... He must have freed me!