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Sanaki: How did it go, Sigrun? Did you find anything useful?
Sigrun: Only this, unfortunately.
Sanaki: Ah! It's the tome of Bolganone! This is quite rare. Good work, Commander!
Sigrun: Sigh...
Sanaki: Such a heavy sigh. What's wrong?
Sigrun: What sort of state is the world in, when the apostle--our empress--has taken up arms and fights alongside the common soldiers?
Sanaki: Is that still bothering you? I already told you not to worry.
Sigrun: I know. But what would the duke of Persis think if he saw you right now?
Sanaki: Ah, Sephiran... I wonder what he and Zelgius are doing right now?
Sigrun: They're awaiting your return, of course.
Sanaki: You don't have any doubt about that?
Sigrun: Of course not. Duke Persis comes from a family of great mages. General Zelgius is the finest general in all of Begnion. They wouldn't have been petrified. We'll see them when we return to the empire.
Sanaki: That's true. I'm certain that they're safe, too. They must be waiting for us. Let us make haste toward Sienne.
Sigrun: Yes. That is why I keep suggesting that you should stay away from danger, and--
Sanaki: Nonsense. We will fight with everything we have. And in order to fight to our utmost, we need powerful magic at our disposal! Follow me, Sigrun. Under these sands are many precious treasures. Help me find them!
(Sanaki leaves)
Sigrun: I'm glad she is feeling better, but to see our empress is digging around in the dirt like a common farmhand... Sigh.

(You got a BolganoneIs wii bolganone.png.)


Micaiah: King Naesala. You are by yourself today?
Naesala: Yeah. How about you? Where's that stone-faced sidekick of yours?
Micaiah: He's just hesitant to show his emotions.
Naesala: I'm only joking. Don't get so defensive.
Micaiah: Then don't insult my family.
Naesala: Hmph. You say he's your brother, but there's as much resemblance between you two as between me and Skrimir.
Micaiah: We're not related, but we're very close. Perhaps like you and Princess Leanne.
Naesala: What?! You didn't--
Micaiah: Yes, I can sense your emotions. I also know that you just closed up to keep me from looking in.
Naesala: You possess the same power as the herons? How stupid of me to let my guard down.
Micaiah: I'm sorry.
Naesala: What else did you sense?
Micaiah: Excuse me?
Naesala: Did you find out anything else about me?
Micaiah: No! I didn't try to read your mind intentionally. I just felt that your feelings for Princess Leanne were very warm, and that's all I saw.
Naesala: You're sure? Fine. You're a lot like me. I'll let you off the hook this time.
Micaiah: What do you mean by that?
Naesala: You'll see when the time comes.
(Naesala leaves)
Micaiah: King Naesala!
(Naesala returns)
Naesala: I almost forgot. Here, this is for you.
Micaiah: This is a tome of light...
Naesala: We need you to stay alive, all right? See you later.
(Naesala leaves)
Micaiah: Naesala...

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