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Defending Talrega/Conversations

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Calill: Yoo-hoo! You there! Young man! I have business with the general of this army. Would you convey a message?
Ike: Who are you?
Calill: ...Who am I? What kind of low-born greeting is that? My name is Calill, and I am a first-class mage.
Ike: And what would a "first-class" mage want with this army?
Calill: What's your problem? You look as if you don't believe me! Well, I suppose I can't hold that against you... It's not often you find beauty like this coupled with intelligence like mine. But it's true nonetheless.
Ike: A mage, huh? Well, I guess you can never have too many mages lying around.
Calill: Oh, and as a bonus, I'm quite skilled with a knife, as well. Beauty, brains, and brawn... Sigh! The goddess has seen fit to put the abilities of three people into one delectable package. Sounds like favoritism, doesn't it? ...Um...hellooooo? Are you listening to me? There's a beautiful woman talking!
Ike: Yeah, the point is that you want to join the Crimean army, right? How much are you planning to charge?
Calill: Well, aren't you the little businessman? Let's see... How does free sound?
Ike: Suspicious. What's the catch?
Calill: I like my fees to be based on performance. Watch how I do in combat, and make me an offer. Depending on what it is, I'll decide whether or not to grace you with my assistance.
Ike: You're not lacking for confidence, are you?
Calill: Of course not! I already told you, I'm a first-class mage.
Ike: ... All right, you're in.
Calill: What? Are you allowed to make decisions like that on your own? Perhaps I should speak to the general!
Ike: I am the general.
Calill: Whaaaaaat?!


Ike: Reyson! Could you come down here for a moment?
Reyson: What do you need?
Ike: I've got something I want to ask you about.
Reyson: If I can help, I will.
Ike: Your... Your ancestors... ... ... Forget it. It's nothing.
Reyson: What? Is something wrong?
Ike: I apologize. Please let it go.
Reyson: It seems like something important has happened, but if you do not want to discuss it, that is your right. However, if this weren't a battlefield, your secret might not be safe. Please take care in the future.
Ike: What do you mean?
Reyson: We of the heron clan... If we choose to, we can read the thoughts of others.
Ike: Seriously?
Reyson: However, this power is only available to us in a calm and peaceful environment. Here, in this desperate maelstrom of chaotic emotion, it avails me not. Energy here is warped and distorted.
Ike: You know, now that you mention it... Reyson, are you feeling sick?
Reyson: ...
Ike: You're so pale that it's hard to tell, but I think your face looks more wan than usual.
Reyson: Pay it no mind. I'm...fine.
Ike: You've got nothing to prove. Why don't you stay off the battlefield for a while?
Reyson: Ike! I'm fine, I promise. Please, do not give me special treatment.
Ike: As far as giving you special treatment goes, I don't really have a choice. I promised King Phoenicis I wouldn't push you too hard. If anything were to happen to you, I'd be at war with Daein and the bird clans at the same time!
Reyson: ...I see. I came to repay my debt, but I'm really just being a burden. That was not my intention.
Ike: Hold on a moment! Who said anything about you being a burden?
Reyson: I cannot engage in combat, so I'm nothing more than an obstacle in the field.
Ike: Reyson, no! That's absurd! Don't you understand how useful your abilities are? No one else can do the things that you can. You're irreplaceable. So if you're not feeling well and try to do too much, you may not be there when we really need you.
Reyson: I'm of use to you, then?
Ike: That's what I've been trying to tell you. We depend on you, and that's why I need to make sure you stay healthy.
Reyson: In that case... I wouldn't mind taking a short break. But you can call me anytime. I'll come right away.
Ike: I got it.
(Reyson leaves)
Ike: ...