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Death's Embrace/Script

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Chrom: ...Can you hear me? Answer me! Open your eyes! Damn. This one's dead as well…
Lissa: We've scoured the entire village, Chrom. No survivors.
Chrom: This Outrealm is sick. Twisted! Who would do this? What does anyone stand to gain from putting an entire village to the sword?
Frederick: Milord!
Chrom: Frederick... What did you find?
Frederick: A lead, perhaps... Folk in the next village claim this horror was wrought by an evil cult.
Chrom: "Evil cult"? Is that all we know? What were they after here?
Frederick: I cannot say, milord. But I did hear something curious... It seems the perpetrators took care to spare those who resisted most fiercely. They're being held in a nearby temple. Odd, isn't it? Why not dispose of the threats and take the weaker villagers hostage? Instead they have done the opposite. I cannot find the sense in it...
Chrom: Whatever the reason, it can't be good. Let's get to that temple, and quickly!


Chrom: Gods! What devilry is this?! The entire temple is lined floor to ceiling with spikes!
Frederick: Milord, I believe I see some of the villagers…
Chrom: Oh? Are they still alive?
Algol: Alive? Oh, I'm afraid not... This lot have long since passed. But you can take solace that they're with a higher power now—me!
Chrom: Identify yourself!
Algol: Hah! You're the one who barged into my house uninvited, boy! But please, do make yourselves much as possible, heh heh. I'm guessing you'll be staying here for quite some time, after all.
Chrom: We've no time for your games. What happened to the villagers?
Algol: Games? These are no games I'm crafting, sir—these are feats of skill. Works of art. And as for what happened to the villagers... Well you're about to find out firsthand.
Frederick: This is his doing, milord!
Chrom: Then you're responsible for the massacred village we came across…
Algol: Heh heh. Well, I can't take all the credit. It wasn't me directly, after all... You see, we create assassins here—loyal implements by which we may kill. Which has nice cyclical benefits, seeing as we use the dead for our assassins.
Chrom: What?! ...But why?! Why would you do such a thing?
Algol: Hah! Such a naive question! Because living people HURT, boy. They feel pain—and they fear it. And the clink of coin, or even one kiss, is enough to buy their betrayal. Oh, we tried the living...and tired of them failing us, one fool after another. But the dead brought back—they're another story entirely.
Chrom: You're mad…
Algol: With Risen we can create the perfect killers! They don't question orders, and they don't stop until their targets are vanquished. Of course, crafting them isn't easy... It requires genius of the highest order. ...If I do say so myself, heh heh! Now THESE, the assassins before you, are the culmination of my endeavors. I believe you're familiar with their work?
Chrom: The village…
Algol: Yes, that village, and so many others... I've lost count, to be honest. But honing your craft takes practice, you know. And I've had a LOT of practice... And now, I'm finally ready to unveil my masterpiece! My ultimate creation! Behold! (Risen Chief warps next to Algol)
Risen Chief: Nnn...grrh...Kill... As Master commands…
Chrom: But you destroyed their village! Why would they serve you?
Algol: Amazing, the magic you can work in a man's final moments... One meaningful whisper, and he remains indebted to you beyond the grave. They've no choice, no free will... Only the need to serve their master.
Chrom: Then it will be a mercy when we destroy them.
Algol: Hah! Over my dead body!
Chrom: ...Exactly.

(turn 1 player phase)

Algol: Go, my children! Make your master proud! And do it quickly. I am needed elsewhere... But I promise to linger long enough to see them suffer... Heh heh...

(turn 11 player phase)

Algol: They're stronger than I imagined. I appear to have worn out my welcome... A shame I must abandon my temple of artistic wonderment, but so be it! (leaves the battlefield)
Frederick: Milord, the evil necromancer has escaped!
Chrom: What? Damn! He's the one behind all this!
Frederick: What's done is done. I advise we deal with the threat at hand and proceed from there.

(upon defeating Algol)

Algol: ...What?! No... I decide who dies... Heek! Spare me...please...

(upon defeating the Risen Chief)

Risen Chief: last…

(upon defeating other Risen; quote varies by class)

Assassin: I…
Hero: Which home…
Sniper: Does this mean…
Sorcerer: ......
Berserker: Finally…
Warrior: Such sweet...relief...

Player battle-entry lines

These lines are spoken the first time a particular character enters the battle.

Robin: These spikes are going to be trouble... We won't survive a long sojourn. I'll have to be mindful of everyone's wounds as I direct them through the temple. Far too many have died already…
Chrom: I wish I had the power to give you back your lives... But now that you're Risen, all I can do is fell you again—hopefully for good. Forgive me for not reaching you sooner…
Lissa: Ugh, what did he DO to you? No one deserves this! I've never seen such gore... This is well beyond my staff's powers. I'm sorry I can only offer you rest. Please be at peace…
Frederick: Never in my life have I weathered a battlefield so treacherous. What torture, to watch so helplessly as my comrades suffer at every step... Gods, give me the strength to tear up every one of these spikes at the root!
Sully: Make no mistake: your agony is as plain as the damn sun. But I have to do what I have to do. Don't take it personal. It's a shame I can't save you by visiting some pain on that dastard instead…
Virion: It pains me so that your grisly fate has already been decided... But it's not too late to spare others the same fate or worse. I only hope you would not begrudge me that one sustaining wish…
Vaike: Teach has hacked up lots of corpses, but you're not like the others, are ya? You deserve a clean death...and a quick one. Ugh, I can already tell this victory ain't gonna go down smooth...
Stahl: Sorry about this, but... You guys will continue to suffer as long as you remain standing. I hope this second death can offer you more peace than the first.
Miriel: These Risen lack vim—even as dead things go. They wear a plaintive look, as if death could not take them soon enough. But...despair is a human emotion... Do these walking corpses still retain a modicum of humanity? ...This tinge of sympathy I feel is most distressing and highly unproductive.
Kellam: You MUST be qualified assassins if you've managed to notice me... Normally, I'd be thrilled...but this is just wrong. All wrong. Sleep now, and dance for your "master" nevermore…
Sumia: We were too late... It's no wonder no one survived. I know what-ifs are a waste of breath and all, but still... I can't help but wonder what might've been if we'd only arrived sooner…
Lon'qu: Even now, my stomach turns at the sight of an innocent slain. A thousand battlefields of experience cannot still this tremor in my hands. I must destroy you...and erase this sight from my mind!
Ricken: Hmm... If only there were some kind of magic that could revivify Risen... It's a shame to have to put you down like this, but I promise it's for the best.
Maribelle: Lissa cried for you when she saw what was done to your families. It must be so hard for her to have to fight the same people she mourns for... If dispatching you swiftly will spare her more pain, then that is what I must do.
Panne: You've spent enough nights on this bed of spikes. I will grant you eternal sleep. Don't be afraid. Countless of my own kind await in the next world with open arms. My taguel brethren are gentle and kind. Go—journey to them now…
Gaius: Crivens, this joint sure is gruesome... I've sat in jails more savory than this. And the smell of blood... Well, don't worry, pal. I'll put you out of your misery once and for all.
Cordelia: How terrible. You were just going about your lives peacefully... And then HE came along and took it all away. I wish we could have arrived sooner and saved you from all this.
Gregor: Gregor not like this job... Feels too much like putting down wounded puppy...or comrade at death's door. That flicker in your eyes is sign, yes? Means you know what comes next…
Nowi: Ouch! No, seriously—OUCH! Who thought this was a good idea?! I know you've been tortured enough, and I don't want to make it worse, but... Well, I kind of have to. ...Hold still, okay?
Libra: Even in this ignoble second life, your soul retains its dignity... Let me give you peace before you can be reduced to a toll of murder. Then, perhaps, you can at last go to the gods' embrace…
Tharja: This place reeks of blood and death... What a marvelous place to weave a horrific curse! But...another part of me wants to get far, far away... as fast as I can.
Olivia: This is terrible! What vicious, horrible death did that man put you through? These wounds... You poor thing... It hurts me just to look. We'll try our best to end your suffering. I hope this will finally give you rest.
Cherche: You darling things! Who marred your sweet visages with such ugly wounds? I've seen many Risen, but few who fill me with such sadness... I promise to finish you before you're forced to take a life against your will.
Henry: The spikes here remind me of the ones back in wizard school. Whenever I did something naughty, they'd put me in a room like this. ...I almost died! It was neat. Still, nonstop pain is no fun for anyone, so I'll try to make this quick!
Lucina: How could anyone do something so cruel to these poor people? I can only hope that this will bring you some measure of peace... And rest assured, I will cut down the man responsible for this atrocity!
Say'ri: Forcing people to fight like this is an unforgivable desecration of the dead! The pain must be excruciating to both body and spirit alike... Forgive me, tormented soul, but this is the only way I know to end your pain…
Basilio: Putting these people through hell just to sacrifice their lives?! I've seen my share of horrors, but this is madness! Damn... Hold tight, friends. I'll give you back the peace he stole.
Flavia: Curse this blasted temple! How am I supposed to fight like this? Were this a normal battlefield, I'd be slicing through you like a thresher on harvest day. But with all these spikes, I can barely fight at all, much less with my usual panache…
Donnel: Gosh, if these spikes ain't scary... They're like upside-down iron carrots! I sure hope the Outrealms don't get much worse'n this... Otherwise, we...*gulp*...we might be stayin' longer than expected…
Anna: It must've cost a fortune to install all these spikes. And look how well they hold their edge despite the rust! That's no ordinary steel... Hmm? Oh, forgive my rambling, dear. A merchant's instincts don't silence so easily!
Owain: What is this wretched hellhole?! To survive in a loathsome place like this is no small feat. You've earned my respect, friend. Now let me end your suffering…
Inigo: I wish I could be shocked at this, but the dead rose all the time in my future. Friends, neighbors—they all became Risen... And then they had to be taken down. I've done this so many times now, I barely feel anything at all…
Brady: In the future, our wounded often turned to Risen just as we were tryin' to heal 'em. It really stinks havin' to kill the very people you've been fightin' to save... Ya just gotta remember these folk ain't turnin' back, no matter what.
Kjelle: It's bad enough to be murdered, but having to take orders from your own killer? Don't worry. I'll stop you from further befouling yourselves in his dark service. Sorry if that's not what you had in mind, but it's all the salvation I have to offer.
Cynthia: In the future, they taught us never to think about our foes' former lives. No matter where a monster's origins lie, it's a hero's duty to see it vanquished! So please...don't make this any harder. If my resolve were to falter, I...I'd be lost.
Severa: UGH! More Risen? These things are like weeds! And just like weeds, all you can do is grit your teeth and yank 'em out... Hate me if you want, but I'm not about to end up as one of you!
Gerome: I've no pity for you people, nor any deep yearning to save you. It was your fate to rise again, just as it is mine to still you. I...cannot grieve for each and every life I take on the battlefield…
Morgan: Wow, what's with this place? Spikes on the floor, healing panels... I doubt many of the tactics I've studied would apply here. Still, even if I can't help <Father/Mother> form the battle least I can help execute it!
Yarne: Eek! Wh-what are you doing?! D-don't make me fight you! I'm a craven, not a killer! M-maybe one of my friends could help you instead? You're not listening, are you... F-fine, then—let's just make this quick!
Laurent: Even in death, you continue to suffer. I sympathize with your plight. But an enemy is an enemy, and no amount of pity will stay my hand. Come. Perhaps I can help put an end to your torment once and for all.
Noire: Just look at this place... It's like mothers dream home. "So dark and sinister! What a wonderful place to weave a horrific curse!" If you poor things want to avoid more suffering, I'd stay far away from her…
Nah: You've endured so much... And yet this isn't the fate you'd hoped for. It's ok. You don't need to speak. I know what you want to say... Allow me to put a quick end to your suffering. Your torment ends here.
Tiki: Look at all these piteous souls crying out for salvation... Be at ease—your toils are over. You needn't struggle any longer. I shall end your worldly torments...and this time, death will bring you peace.
Gangrel: I thought I knew depravity, but this? This here's a whole 'nother level. One false step and we're skewered pigs! As if this wasn't a hassle enough already... Can't we just go outside and blow up the whole building? What a bother…
Walhart: How pitiful to be sacrificed in the name of this artistic nonsense. But worry not—I won't ask you to fight your nature. Your battle is over now. Just pray my killing blow puts you out of your misery once and for all.
Emmeryn: You...seem to great pain. You've lost your soul... I'm so sorry... We didn't make time... I wanted to save you... Just the way you were…
Yen'fay: 'Tis a dark fate indeed to end one's existence as something less than human... I haven't the power to restore your humanity, but I can at least grant you rest. Please, Say'ri, guide these poor souls to the eternal peace you have found.
Aversa: Everything about this wretched place looks exceedingly painful. Now, me? I've never been very good at enduring pain... Inflicting it, on the other hand, is both a passion and a talent. Care for a taste?
Priam: I've always believed that strength alone brings victory, but perhaps I was wrong. On a battlefield like this, to rely purely on strength would be a fatal mistake. In any case, you and yours were dealt a cruel hand... I hope I can offer you rest.


If Algol was defeated on turn 10 enemy phase or earlier

Chrom: That's the end of them.
Frederick: No more innocents will die by that monster's hand.
Chrom: ......
Frederick: What is it, milord?
Chrom: It's just... The Risen villagers—they sounded almost human as they fell. We should have saved them, Frederick. We should have gotten here sooner.
Frederick: I...know how you feel, milord. But it was the Outrealm that chose the time of our arrival, not us. We must accept this as a tragedy and take heart that it might have been worse.
Chrom: I know. But maybe we could visit again, find a way to enter at an earlier time—
Frederick: Please, milord. It is admirable how you struggle so hard to save all those you can... In the sagas, they say King Marth was possessed of similar noble character. But remember, not even the Hero-King was able to save everyone.
Chrom: ......
Frederick: Death is part of life, after all. We can run, and toil, and fight against it, but we can never avoid it. Not entirely.
Chrom: Mm... Yes. You're right, Frederick. Every once in a while, you're right.
Frederick: Thank you, milord. I ho— Wait—what do you mean, "every once in a while"?!

(scene change)

Lissa: Hey, Chrom. Look what Robin found in the temple.
Chrom: This Einherjar Card. It says "Little Sister Est."
Lissa: Little sister, huh? I wonder if she had a big brother who always got her into trouble.
Chrom: And I wonder if she ever minded her elders. Anyway, if the legends are true, she should prove a worthy ally.

(should the player choose to recruit Est)

Est: Are my sisters with you?

If Algol was defeated on turn 11 player phase or later

Frederick: We've scoured the temple, milord, but I'm afraid he's gotten away.
Chrom: The sick dastard... He'll kill again.
Frederick: Perhaps not. He needs this temple to conduct his dark rituals. If we destroy the premises, we can stop him from making more of those...things. We may not have avenged the fallen, but we did good here. I am certain of it.