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Dark Pontifex/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Gharnef: So you've finally arrived, young prince… I have been waiting for you! Yes, I have waited…and I am ready to strike! Once you are dead…this world is mine! Hee hee hee! And I need not fear Medeus at all! With Falchion and Imhullu in my grasp, none can oppose me! Not even that dragon! You have journeyed far to meet me in combat… But can you find the real me? If you cannot… Falchion will never be yours!

Gharnef initates a battle

Gharnef: You must not value your life very much… I will show you the true terror of the darkest of magic, Imhullu!

Gharnef dies

Gharnef: Gah! Starlight… Too powerful… I am undone! Know this, young prince… You may have the strength to best me… But Medeus? Ha! I will await you in hell!


Elice: Oh, Marth! I have missed you so. Look at how you've grown. Father would be so proud!
Marth: Elice! I am glad to see you safe! After I heard that Gharnef had taken you, I was so worried…
Elice: Gharnef kidnapped me to secure the spell of revival, Aum, that Gotoh gave me. There is a temple in southern Dolhr where this staff can be used to revive an ally… If there is one precious to you who has lost their life, let's travel to Dolhr and revive them.
(Elice joins)

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Marth and the others were transported, by Archsage Gotoh's great Warp magic, to the ancient city of Thabes. At one time, it was a proud town, possessing advanced civilization, but now it is desolate and lifeless... At the central Temple of Thabes... is where the Dark Bishop, Gharnef, is situated. Marth and the others must recover the lost divine Falchion sword... And they must rescue Princess Elice, who was captured by Gharnef...
— Chapter 18 Intro


Gharnef: Marth. You've finally come. I, Archbishop Gharnef, have been waiting for a long time... It is a shame, but to secure my grasp upon this world you must die. Haha... Medeus is under my control, there is nothing to fear. As long as I have the Falchion and Imhullu, even he cannot oppose me. Well, Marth, you must do battle with my images. The Falchion will be yours only if you can defeat the real me.

Fighting Gharnef

Gharnef: Those that dare to wield weapons against me will die. I'll show you the horrors of my sealing magic, Imhullu.

Killing Gharnef

Gharnef: I don't believe it! Damn Starlight... But remember this. You may have bested me, but you won't be able to defeat Medeus with your puny strength. Haha... I will be patiently awaiting you in Hell...


(Elice approaches)
Elice: Marth... I've missed you so much. Look at how you've grown... Father must be very happy...
Marth: Sister!! After discovering that you had been taken by Gharnef, I was extremely worried. I'm glad you're safe...
Elice: Gharnef captured me so that he could obtain the resurrection staff, Aum, from Gotoh. If this staff is used at the temple south from Dolhr, it can allow any person to come back to life. Let's go Marth... To bring back the most important people that you lost. Let's go!! To Dolhr!

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


With the aid of the White Sage Gotoh's powerful Warp magic, Marth and company were transported to the faraway city of Thabes. Once, Thabes was an advanced civilization; but only its decay advanced now. The League traced the lifeless streets to the temple at the city's heart, somewhere within its walls Gharnef was waiting, and now, Marth must wrest Falchion and his sister, Elice, from the fiend's grip.
— Chapter 23 intro

During battle

Marth: The Temple of Thabes... He's here...somewhere...

???: Heh heh heh... Come to play, little Marth?

(Gharnef, warps right in front of Marth)

Gharnef: 'Tis I, Gharnef. I have been waiting for you.

Marth: Waiting?

Gharnef: Oh yes. For you to dance around the continent, collecting powerful weapons and killing off my competition. Thanks to you, Camus and Michalis will trouble me no more. You have my gratitude, diligent prince.


Gharnef: Tsk, tsk, don't spoil the moment, now. You're about to do me one last favor... Die, Prince. Heh heh heh!

Marth: That's what you think. I have something else in mind.

Gharnef: Heh, is that a threat? If you mean to harm me, first you'll have to find me, boy.

Marth: And what is that supposed to mean?

(Malledus enters)

Malledus: My prince! Several sorcerers have been sighted throughout the temple! They're...They all seem to be Gharnef, sire!

Gharnef: Heh heh! Fight, boy, fight! Wear yourself thin fighting puppets and shadows! But the only way you'll claim Falchion is by defeating the real me. Heh heh, ha ha ha ha!

(Gharnef, warps right in front of Marth)

End of Player Phase 1

Malledus: Sire, we've pinpointed where Gharnef is keeping the magical apparatus that gives him his power.

Marth: Where?

Malledus: The Tower of Thabes atop this very temple.

Marth: Then we don't need to fight Gharnef...If we find those apparatus.

Malledus: Gharnef's power- a great deal of power- will be sealed forever.

Marth: Then let's hurry and seize the entrance to the tower!

Malledus: A word of caution, sir. Stopping the apparatus will not undo Imhullu power- only Gharnef's. He still has Falchion in his keeping; if you want the blade back, you must defeat him now, before seizing the tower.

Against Gharnef

Gharnef: Heh heh heh...You dare challenge me, fool? You must not value your life. Cower before the might of the dark magic Imhullu!

Defeating Gharnef

Gharnef: Agh! What... Where did you get...Starlight...? Still, you are a fool ...Your power is not enough to defeat Medeus...I shall be waiting in the pits of the inferno...for when he sends you to join me... Heh heh, ha ha ha!
(Obtained Falchion)


(If Gharnef was not defeated)

Marth: Malledus! Quickly! Find the apparatus and shut them down!

Malledus: Right away, sire!

Gharnef: ...Blast! did they find the apparatus? All my power... Still, they are fools if they think they can defeat Medeus with such cheap tricks... Heh heh, ha ha ha!

Malledus: Gharnef is getting away, sire! Shall we give chase?

Marth: No...let him go. Without his magical apparatus, he has no power left to abuse.

(If Gharnef was defeated)

Marth: At last...Gharnef is finished.

(Allied Soldier enters)

Allied Soldier: Sire! We found Princess Elice up in the Tower of Thabes! She's on her way to see you right- Ah, here she is!

(Elice runs in)

Marth: Elice!!!

Elice: Marth! Oh look at you. A man grown!

Marth: Sister, I was so worried. None had seen you since the castle fell. I...I feared the worst.

Elice: I was prepared for the worst, if that was what it took to ensure your safety. But they did not kill me. Gharnef spared my life.

Marth: Why would he spare you?

Elice: Marth, have you heard of the staff of Aum?

Marth: The staff that brings back the dead? It was lost to the world long ago, or so the legend goes.

Elice: Yes, but Gharnef found the Resurrectory.

Marth: The Resurrectory? What was it doing in a temple in the middle of Dolhr?

Elice: I could not say. But that was why Gharnef kept me alive: he wished me to wield it. The staff of Aum's power can only be channeled by women of royal blood. Marth, you are going to Dolhr, are you not?

Marth: Yes. I must settle things with Medeus.

Elice: Then take me to the Resurrectory along the way to claim the staff. Aum works but once, but I will use it to revive a lost comrade.