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Dark Emperor/Conversations

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Jagen: Kris, I must remind you of a crucial fact. Only with the Lightsphere can we hope to prevail against Hardin. So you must be absolutely sure that whoever challenges him carries the Lightsphere.
Kris: Understood, Sir Jagen.

Current status

Jagen: We have seized control of Archanea. Only the palace remains. Emperor Hardin is likely waiting in his throne. Now is the time for us to settle this. Right now, there are many who wish for Prince Marth to defeat Hardin and liberate Archanea. But the prince seems bent on rescuing Hardin from the clutches of the Darksphere. And we still have to defeat Gharnef and rescue the princess and the other clerics. Many people are waiting for us. Kris, I expect great things from you!