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Dark Desert Rituals/Script

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Part 1: A New World of Dance


Kris: So, this is Plegia, then. It’s as how as they said it would be. Are you all right, Katarina?
Katarina: Yes. I’m fine, Kris. This Plegian festival is held to honor the Fell Dragon, Grima—a being of immense power, I’m told. If the point of this festival is to revive Grima, as members of the Order of Heroes, it’s our duty to stop it.
Kris: You’re right. A festival to honor the Fell Dragon is suspect… We mustn’t let our guards down.
Katarina: To that end, I asked Tharja to be our guide. She’s originally from Plegia. With her help, we should be able to infiltrate the festival in secret, without drawing any suspicion… Follow me.
Kris: Right. Let’s go.

(scene change to the map screen)

Dorothea: Whew… I never thought Plegia would be quite this hot. I’m going to get an awkward tan line, I can tell.
Lene: I know… But aren’t these outfits wonderful though? I can hardly keep from dancing in this!
Raphael: It’s a festival so there should be food stalls here, right? …Where are they?


Dorothea: Aah! It’s just too hot! I have to get out of this sun. Can we take a break? I need to cool off.

Part 2: Dark Mage of Plegia


Katarina: I wonder… Do Plegia’s festivals have tournaments as well? These clothes don’t seem like they would be well suited for battle…
Tharja: Oh, really? I rather like them. They’re light, they breathe… Now, who should I curse next? Heh heh heh…
Kris: I agree with Tharja. These clothes are easy to move in, so it’s easy for me to like them! Now, let’s go!


Tharja: Hm?! I think I saw Robin just now, right over there… I have to go check.
Katarina: Huh?! Uhh… Hey, the battle isn’t over yet, Tharja! …Wait!

Part 3: The Festivities Begin


Katarina: Found anything suspicious, Kris?
Kris: Not yet. But still, don’t let your guard down until we’re through here.
Tharja: I need to end this, and quickly, so I can go find Robin… And if anyone gets in my way, I’ll kill them.
Raphael: But where’s the food though? I’m so hungry!
Dorothea: Ugh. There’s much more sand in my clothes than I’d like. It’s everywhere! I’m headed straight for the shower as soon as we’ve wrapped this up.
Lene: Same here! I’ll enchant anyone I have to in order to speed things along… No sand can stop my dancing!


Katarina: I’ve looked everywhere, but…I’ve seen nothing suspicious. The Plegians must not be plotting to resurrect the Fell Dragon after all. They just worship it in earnest…
Kris: I agree. Our worries were unfounded, though I am glad we’ve confirmed.
Katarina: Yes. Thank goodness we don’t have to worry. …
Kris: Is…something wrong, Katarina?
Katarina: As we were investigating, I overheard a fair few conversations between the Plegians at the festival. Everyone spoke with some regret, even in light of the festival. The Fell Dragon reminds them of past wars, and regret over those slain. They speak of a fallen Exalt… When I heard they worshipped the Fell Dragon, I imagined them as a malign people, but now I don’t think so. They are no different from me, in truth of fact. I, too, have done wrong in the past. But you and Marth, you supported me—and it allowed me to change. Do you think the people of Plegia will get that same chance?
Kris: Don’t worry, Katarina. Even if one commits a crime, there are limitless opportunities for redemption. Wouldn’t you agree?
Katarina: Yes…. You’re right. Now we should get back and submit our mission report.
Kris: Right. Er…Katarina, wait.
Katarina: What is it?
Kris: We still have some time here. And we don’t often get the opportunity… Why not enjoy the festival a little? This is the first you’ve been to, right? I’ve noticed you sneaking curious glances at all the sights we’ve passed.
Katarina: Oh, you noticed that? That’s embarrassing…
Kris: If you don’t want to stay, we don’t have to, but I thought—
Katarina: No, I’d like that! Just some time with you to enjoy a festival? I feel it may make me happier than I deserve.
Kris: Always the dramatic one, aren’t you, Katarina. Well then, shall we?
Katarina: Yes, let’s!