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Crusader Scrolls

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Ulir Scroll

Is snes03 ulir scroll.png
Icon of the Ulir Scroll from Thracia 776.

A scrap of the writings of the Bow User Ulir. It bestows a mysterious power upon its bearer.



First game

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

The Crusader Scrolls (Japanese: 聖戦士の書 Crusaders' Books) are a set of twelve items exclusive to Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Described as scraps of texts written by the Twelve Crusaders themselves, each provides an increase (or in some cases, decrease) to one or more of a unit's growth rates when held in the unit's inventory with each giving a total 30% boost to growth rates distributed across one or several stats. Some scrolls reduce one growth rate to allow for a much larger boost. Additionally, all twelve will negate any non-Wrath critical hits against a unit holding a scroll.

Growth rate alterations

Chart of growth rate alterations awarded by the Crusader scrolls
Scroll HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luck Def Con Mov
Is snes03 heim scroll.png Heim Scroll -- -- +30% -- -- +10% -10% -- --
Is snes03 baldr scroll.png Baldr Scroll +5% +5% -- +5% +5% +5% +5% -- --
Is snes03 ulir scroll.png Ulir Scroll -- -- -- +10% +10% +10% -- -- --
Is snes03 fjalar scroll.png Fjalar Scroll -- +5% +5% +10% +10% -- -- -- --
Is snes03 neir scroll.png Neir Scroll +10% +10% -- -10% -- -- +10% +10% --
Is snes03 thrud scroll.png Thrud Scroll +5% +5% +5% +10% -- +5% -- -- --
Is snes03 bragi scroll.png Bragi Scroll -- -10% +10% -- -- +30% -- -- --
Is snes03 ced scroll.png Ced Scroll -10% -- +10% -- +30% -- -- -- --
Is snes03 od scroll.png Od Scroll -- -- -- +30% -- -- -- -- --
Is snes03 hezul scroll.png Hezul Scroll +30% +10% -- -- -- -10% -- -- --
Is snes03 njörun scroll.png Njörun Scroll -- +30% -10% -- +10% -5% +5% -- --
Is snes03 dáinn scroll.png Dáinn Scroll -- +5% -- -- -10% -- +30% -- +5%

Common data

Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Thracia 776 Is snes03 heim scroll.pngIs snes03 baldr scroll.pngIs snes03 ulir scroll.png
Is snes03 fjalar scroll.pngIs snes03 neir scroll.pngIs snes03 thrud scroll.png
Is snes03 bragi scroll.pngIs snes03 ced scroll.pngIs snes03 od scroll.png
Is snes03 hezul scroll.pngIs snes03 njörun scroll.pngIs snes03 dáinn scroll.png
-- -- Negates non-Wrath critical hits, and modifies growth rates according to the above chart when in a unit's inventory.


Heim Scroll

Treasure Chapter 12, village (If the children in Chapter 11x were saved)

Baldr Scroll

Treasure Chapter 3, village (After saving Luchia and returning her to the village)

Ulir Scroll

Treasure Chapter 15, village

Fjalar Scroll

Treasure Chapter 9, village

Neir Scroll

Treasure Chapter 8x, chest

Thrud Scroll

Capture or steal Chapter 20, enemy Baraat

Bragi Scroll

Inventory Sleuf
Capture or steal Chapter 17B, enemy Amalda

Ced Scroll

Event Chapter 4x, Karin talks with Ced

Od Scroll

Treasure Chapter 6, village (If Lina escaped in Chapter 4x)

Hezul Scroll

Inventory Lifis

Njörun Scroll

Treasure Chapter 18, chest

Dáinn Scroll

Inventory Dean


Etymology and other languages (suffix)

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
(x) Scroll e.g. Baldo Scroll, Dáinn Scroll
Japanese (x)の書 (x)'s Book, e.g. バルドの書 Baldo's Book, ダインの書 Dáinn's Book


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