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Dagdar's Mansion

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Dagdar's Mansion

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Dagdar's Mansion, Mt. Violdrake


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Dagdar, Tanya



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Mt. Violdrake

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The Emblem of Njörun

Dagdar's Mansion (Japanese: ダグダの館 Dagdar's Mansion) is chapter 8x of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. In order to play this chapter, you must have captured but not released the boss of the previous chapter.


Main article: Dagdar's Mansion/Script

Having defeated and captured the outside guard Rumei, Leif and his allies hurry into the mansion. Inside, Dagdar and Tanya are under attack by the insubordinate bandit Gomez. Gomez is furious about his hopeless situation; Dagdar has had his bandits attempt to farm to provide for themselves but all that they've ended up with is starvation.

During the battle Leif tells Dagdar that Eyvel is still imprisoned in Munster when Dagdar wonders where she is. Leif says he was unable to rescue her as he escaped. After a brief bout of anger at this, Dagdar calms himself and reassures Leif that he'll help from then on.

Shortly after Gomez is dealt with, August tells a confused Leif that people rob and murder because they have no other choice in Thracia. He says the biggest cause of this is Thracia's infertile soil; children end up abandoned because they cannot be fed and these children become bandits. Leif is saddened; he hadn't known food was a problem as Finn would always make sure he were fed. August also tells Leif about the foot tariffs that Leonster has inflicted on Thracia since the Tragedy of the Gáe Bolg soured relations.

With Gomez's failed coup resolved, Leif leaves Dagdar's base and resumes their trek, directed by Carrion, to Hannibal's mansion.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize the throne Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Leif dies 6+2 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 39 {{{third}}}
Cm fe05 8x.png

Character data

New Units
Portrait dagdar fe05.png
Automatically from turn 1
Portrait tanya fe05.png
Bow Fighter
Automatically from turn 1
Returning Characters

Portrait leif fe05.pngPortrait lifis fe05.pngPortrait brighton fe05.pngPortrait machyua fe05.pngPortrait lara fe05.pngPortrait fergus fe05.pngPortrait karin fe05.pngPortrait dalsin fe05.pngPortrait asbel fe05.pngPortrait nanna fe05.pngPortrait hicks fe05.pngPortrait finn fe05.pngPortrait safy fe05.pngPortrait shiva fe05.pngPortrait osian fe05.pngPortrait halvan fe05.pngPortrait ronan fe05.pngPortrait carrion fe05.pngPortrait marty fe05.png

Note: Dagdar and Tanya will only reappear if they are alive. Both of them will retain their level, stats, inventory, and skills from the end of Chapter 3.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is snes03 pure water.png Pure Water Open lone north eastern chest
Is snes03 leg ring.png Leg Ring Open lone north western chest
Is snes03 wrath m.png Wrath Manual Open left chest in south western room
Is snes03 devil axe.png Devil Axe Open right chest in south western room
Is snes03 hammer.png Hammer Open left chest in south eastern room
Is snes03 nál scroll.png Nál Scroll Open right chest in south eastern room

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 8 2 Iron Axe --
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 8 1 Iron Axe Antitoxin --
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 8 1 Steel Axe --
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 8 1 Hammer --
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 10 7 Hand Axe --
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 10 1 Steel Axe --
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 12 8 Iron Axe --
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 12 2 Hand Axe --
Ma snes03 brigand enemy.gif
Brigand Brigand 15 3 Steel Axe --
Ma snes03 hunter enemy.gif
Brigand Hunter 9 6 Steel Bow --
Ma snes03 hunter enemy.gif
Brigand Hunter 10 4 Poison Bow --
Ma snes03 hunter enemy.gif
Brigand Hunter 10 1 Steel Bow --
Ma snes03 thief enemy.gif
Brigand Thief 5 1 Lockpick Slim Sword
Ma snes03 warrior enemy.gif
Gomez Warrior 5 1 Steel Axe Steel Bow Lockpick --
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Main article: Gomez
Portrait gomez fe05.png
Ma snes03 warrior enemy.gif Warrior
Level 5
Max HP 46 Speed 14
Strength 18 Luck 11
Magic 3 Defense 12
Skill 14 Constitution 19
Movement 6 FCM 0
Inventory Skills
Steel Axe
Steel Bow
Weapon Levels
FE5RankSword.png -- FE5RankLance.png -- FE5RankAxe.png A FE5RankBow.png B FE5RankStaff.png --
FE5RankFire.png -- FE5RankThunder.png -- FE5RankWind.png -- FE5RankLight.png -- FE5RankDark.png --


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The map consists of two long corridors containing Archers with Poison Bows. Poison Bows have low hit, and units with high avoidance can usually dodge their attacks; alternately, units with high HP can simply take the poison damage.

Dagdar and Tanya begin the chapter isolated from other player units and surrounded by enemies. Dagdar will lose avoidance with a Hammer equipped, which may lend itself to some problems when paired with his Accost skill; additionally, Dagdar is very likely to die if he has a broken weapon equipped, as that will greatly reduce his avoid and attack speed. If Tanya unequips her weapon, she may be subject to being captured by the enemy. Dagdar and Tanya have bond supports with each other, and they should be able to avoid most attacks by the time Leif's group reaches them; if they have Vulneraries, they can heal any damage from attacks they fail to avoid. Tanya in addition has the hidden Immortal skill, like Eyvel in chapters prior, and cannot be killed—but can be captured—for the first 15 turns of the chapter.

This map contains the Wrath Manual, which is useful on a unit with low FCM, the Nál Scoll, which raises constitution growth, and the Leg Ring, which increases movement and is especially useful in escape chapters.

Gomez is regarded as one of the most difficult bosses of Thracia 776. He has a high damage output, a high hit rate, remarkable speed, and great physical bulk. Asbel's Grafcalibur is very effective when fighting him.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

• Dagda's Mansion
• Dagdar's Manor

• Used in FireLizard's translation.
• Used in the Lil' Manster fan translation patch.



Dagdar's Mansion


This section has been marked as a stub. Please help improve the page by adding information.

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