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Daein, Arise!/Conversations

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Fiona: Lady Micaiah. I'm sorry to bother you while you prepare for battle. May I have a word with you?
Micaiah: Of course. What can I help you with?
Fiona: If my memory serves me correctly, you always use this type of tome, correct?
Micaiah: Yes, that's right.
Fiona: Oh, I'm glad I remembered correctly. Then please, take this.
Micaiah: For me? Are you sure?
Fiona: It's a token of appreciation for letting me--and Marado--join your army.
Micaiah: We're lucky to have you. And thank you. I'll use this tome well.
Fiona: Listening to Prince Pelleas's speech earlier, I'm certain that Daein will exist anew. It will be a greater and more unified country than ever before!
Micaiah: I agree. So many things have happened along the way, but I'm glad to be here now. I feel happy...and very proud.
Fiona: I feel the same way, and I'm sure all the soldiers of the Liberation Army do as well. Daein will soon be free... Lady Micaiah, please lead us to victory.
Micaiah: ...Yes. Together, we shall see victory!

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Micaiah: Volug, where-- How did you get this?
Volug: I got it from the ruins in the desert.
Micaiah: From the ruins in the desert? Oh, you got it when we were there before?
Volug: No, not quite.
Micaiah: No? When?
Volug: You should keep it.
Micaiah: What? It's for me?
Volug: I will catch up to you later.
(Volug leaves)
Micaiah: Wait! Volug? Did he go back to the desert just to get this...?

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