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Crumbling League/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Respecting Hector's dying request, Roy makes his way west. Intent on reaching Lilina, Roy keeps a steady pace toward Ostia. On his way there, Roy passes through the territory of Laus, governed by Lord Erik.

At a glance, Laus is a peaceful territory with vast meadows and clear streams. Beneath this beauty, however, lies treachery and great skullduggery...


(Narcian flies into the castle from the east)

Erik: Ah, welcome, General Narcian.
Narcian: Lord Erik. I don't think I've yet praised your wisdom in joining Bern.
Erik: Thank you. My nation has never been anything but a burden to me anyway.
Narcian: You, my friend, are wise beyond your years. Now, where is that gift you promised me? She does not seem to be here.
Erik: Ah, yes! She is in her quarters. She is exceedingly naive, you see. When I told her she could meet her brother, she cooperated without question. You there! Bring her here!

(Clarine shows up)

Clarine: What is this hall? Klein? Where are you, Brother?
Narcian: Welcome, Lady Clarine.
Clarine: Who might you be?
Narcian: I am Narcian, one of Bern's three Wyvern Generals. My lovely little lass, I think you will enjoy my company more than your brother's... Hm hm hm...
Clarine: Heh... Ha ha ha!
Narcian: What? Why do you laugh?
Clarine: You compare yourself to my brother? You think too highly of yourself. Your garb, your hair - even your speech... All a painfully obvious guise to hide your true lowborn face.
Narcian: Lowborn?! Me?! You would compare ME to a peasant?!
Clarine: Oh, heavens no. I would sooner compare you to a filthy, disease-ridden mutt!
Narcian: Y-you vermin!! I'll see you suffer!

(A soldier shows up, interrupting their interaction)

Soldier: General Narcian, we just received word that Castle Araphen was retaken by the enemy!
Narcian: What?! Impossible! What of Slater?
Soldier: Err... His whereabouts are unknown, sir. The enemy is reported to be Roy, son of Marquess Pherae.
Clarine: ......
Narcian: Accursed interruptions! Lord Erik, lock the girl in a cell. I will give her the pleasure of my company when I return! You, blockade the highroad from Ostia. This Roy might just pass by. I want his head!
Soldier: Yes, sir!

(Narcian flies out of the castle and exits the map through the north; Laus forces appear on the map, and Erik takes his position on the castle's gate.)

In battle

At the end of turn 2, enemy phase

(Inside the castle dungeon)

Clarine: They will pay dearly for this treatment...
Rutger: ...Hey.
Clarine: Who's there?!
Rutger: I'm a mercenary hired by Lord Erik. He wants to see you.
Clarine: I will not. I refuse to meet with such churlish people.
Rutger: ...... Just get over here.
Clarine: Let go! You will regret this! Have you any idea who I am?!
Rutger: ......
Clarine: Let go, I say!

At the end of turn 3, enemy phase

(Inside the castle dungeon)

Clarine: Let go! Let go, I say!
Rutger: Keep it down. You won't be able to make a clean escape making all that noise.
Clarine: Escape?! Then you're...
Rutger: I prepared a horse for you out back under a tree. Take it and go, while everyone's distracted.
Clarine: ...... Why are you helping me?
Rutger: I despise Bern with all my soul.
Clarine: With all your soul?
Rutger: ...Never mind. Forget it.
Clarine: Saying that only piques my curiosity further.
Rutger: Time is short. Hurry!
Clarine: ......

(Clarine exits the castle through the northeast, and appears on the map as an allied unit)

Clarine: I've never met such a boorish man! This is a battlefield! A proper gentleman would escort a lady to her mansion! Well, it's hardly of concern now. Sigh, I only came here to see my brother, and now look at the mess I'm in... What am I to do now?

(Clarine starts riding toward Roy)

At the start of turn 4, enemy phase

(Pirates appear on the southeastern islands)

Pirate: Heh... Foolish nobility. Always involved in some petty dispute. 'Course, you'll hear no complaints from us. Turmoil's how we make a living. Heh heh heh...

At the start of turn 5, enemy phase

(Inside the castle)

Erik: Ah, there you are!
Rutger: What do you want?
Erik: We need some backup. Take some troops and prepare for battle.
Rutger: ......
Erik: Are you deaf? Go and fight!
Rutger: I heard you. I'll leave when I'm ready.

(Rutger leaves)

Erik: Tsk. Not the amiable sort, is he? If his sword arm is as skilled as the rumors say, though, then it's no matter.

At the start of turn 6, enemy phase

(Rutger and a group of enemy reinforcements exit the castle)

Rutger: ......

Talk conversations

Clarine talks to Roy

(Clarine initiates conversation as soon as she reaches Roy, Roy cannot initiate it himself)

Clarine: Pardon me, you there!
Roy: Me?
Clarine: Do you see anyone else? You are the leader of this little group, are you not?
Roy: I am.
Clarine: Most convenient. Very well then. You will protect me.
Roy: Excuse me?
Clarine: Hard of hearing? I said that you will protect me from harm.
Merlinus: Mind your mouth, young lady!
Clarine: Away with you, peasant. I was not addressing you.
Merlinus: What?! Who do you think-
Roy: Calm yourself, Merlinus... It looks like she's being pursued by the castle's soldiers. That's why she wants us to guard her. Right?
Clarine: Um, yes! That is correct...
Merlinus: Im... impudent child! We can't simply accept any useless girl into our army!
Clarine: You may call me Lady Clarine, peasant. And I am not useless! I can use staves to heal wounded allies.
Roy: So you'll help us fight?
Clarine: ...If that's what it takes! I suppose I can't simply demand protection without any kind of payment.
Roy: Thanks, we appreciate it! Our enemy is Bern, so we need everyone we can get. I'm Roy. Pleased to meet you, Lady Clarine.
Clarine: The pleasure is all- Ahem! Let's focus on the issue at hand.

(Clarine joins the army)

Clarine talks to Rutger

Clarine: Oh! It's you...
Rutger: What? You're still here?
Clarine: "Still here?" You abandoned me in the middle of a battlefield! How can you have the nerve to say that?! I could have been killed!
Rutger: I guess you're lucky you're still alive then. Did you want something or can I go now?
Clarine: Just a moment! I shan't allow you to abandon me twice. A gentleman must take responsibility for his actions.
Rutger: Responsibility? For what? I saved you from that twisted sadist.
Clarine: If a gentleman rescues a lady, he must also escort her to her mansion! In what fairy tale does some barf of a man abandon his princess?
Rutger: ...What in the world are you on about?
Clarine: Besides, you said you "despise Bern with all your soul." If you ask me, you'd be better off joining us. We'll be fighting Bern, you know.
Rutger: What? Wait! Is that true? Is that army you're in really going to challenge Bern?
Clarine: Yes... Our leader, Floyd or whatever his name is, told me so himself.
Rutger: ...... Fine.
Clarine: Yes?
Rutger: I'll join your army. Satisfied?
Clarine: Ah... I suppose. Wait! My protection is more important than fighting Bern! Come back!

(Rutger joins the army)


The house by the northeastern village

Middle-Aged Man: Bandits and pirates will attack nearby towns. Once they loot a town, there's nothing left. Visit the towns quickly and they might just share something good!

The left house by the northern village

Elderly Man: You know the weapon triangle, but did you know it doesn't apply to all weapons? Some weapons completely reverse the weapon triangle. For instance, you might find an axe that will work well against swords.

The right house by the northern village

Young Man: There are mounted soldiers with bows in Laus' army. They're from the nomad clans of Sacae. Everyone wants their fighting prowess these days...

The northeastern village

Boy: Without a thief, you can't open doors and chests so easily. Only thieves can use lockpicks. But I have something called a door key, which will open any door. Anyone can use it. You can have it.

(Door Key)

The northern village

Middle-Aged Man: We're all on your side. We're not about to abandon the land in which we were born. Please take this sword. It was given to us generations ago. A gift from the marquess.

(Steel Blade)

The southern village

Middle-Aged Man: I can't believe this war is happening... We'll all suffer under Bern's iron-fisted rule. But you just might be able to stop them. Here is something that will help you fight a little longer. Think carefully before using it.

(Angelic Robe)

Battle quotes

Erik enters combat

Erik: You fools are bound down by your allegiance! Allow me to teach you the way of the world!

Erik dies

Erik: Ha... ha ha... Fools... There is no future for... those... who oppose... absolute power...


Merlinus: Lord Roy! The remaining soldiers from Laus are retreating.
Roy: Thank you. Tell everyone to get some rest.
Merlinus: Yes, milord.

(Merlinus leaves)

Guinivere: Roy... Are you all right?
Roy: I never would have thought that Lord Erik would turn on Lycia. I thought the Lycian League's bond was stronger than this. Cowardly Bern! Underhanded tactics!
Guinivere: ...I apologize.
Roy: Oh... I'm sorry. I wasn't even thinking about you...
Guinivere: No... You are right.
Roy: We'll now proceed west towards Ostia. But now we know that even the other marquesses can't be trusted. With Lord Hector gone, I fear there may be no peaceful end for this war. Princess, do you plan on returning to Bern? If you need anything-
Guinivere: No, please allow me to stay, if it would not be a burden.
Roy: You, a burden? Never! But why do you wish to stay?
Guinivere: My brother is wrong. He is pulling the dragons into a human war. If he thinks this is how he can free the world, I must stop him.
Roy: Free the world?
Guinivere: Yes, he has always been obsessed with "liberating the world." He said that's the purpose of this war.
Roy: What does that mean?
Guinivere: I do not know... My brother is not so power-hungry that he would attempt to conquer the world. I'm sure he believes strongly in what he's done to Elibe. Regardless, that doesn't excuse the violence he has caused...
Roy: Princess Guinivere...