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Crimea Marches/Conversations

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Soldier: General Ike. All troops are ready to move out.
Ike: All right. Can you have them wait?
Soldier: Do you want them to fall out and wait in their tents? Or would you rather they form up and stand at attention?
Ike: Go ahead and have them stand down. I'll call them when I'm ready.
Soldier: Yes, sir!
Ike: ...
Soldier: Begging your pardon, sir! All troops have been ordered to stand down. However, General Tanith requests her orders. Are her pegasus knights to stand down as well?
Ike: Am I supposed to decide that, too?
Soldier: General Ike... You've been given command of the entire army, sir. We will not move without your orders, sir.
Ike: General Tanith's troops...are to follow General Tanith's orders.
Soldier: Understood, sir! General Tanith's pegasus knights will not be deployed unless there is a request for reinforcements. Those are the orders of General Tanith. By your leave, sir!
Ike: ...


Ike: Tanith, do you have a moment?
Tanith: General Ike. What is it? Is there a problem?
Ike: I thought you might be able to provide me with some information.
Tanith: Yes?
Ike: What can you tell me about King Daein? I'd like to know something of him before I have to face him in battle.
Tanith: Truth be told, I've never fought him, either. I cannot give you any specifics, but I will tell you what little I do know.
Ike: Please. Whatever you can tell me would be appreciated.
Tanith: Ashnard's coronation, let me see... Yes, it was eighteen years ago. You see, a plague had struck the capital, spreading out to affect the surrounding region of Nevassa and beyond. Ashnard was crowned the year after that great tragedy finally subsided. In the entire history of Tellius, no calamity has claimed the lives of so many beorc and laguz--not since the great flood. Two years before, it struck Begnion, and the entire population of Serenes was nearly obliterated. The year after that, close to a thousand beorc--nobles and peasants alike--perished in Daein.
Ike: Nobles, you say? So the royal family fell victim to this plague as well?
Tanith: Yes. The reigning king and queen and some twenty or so princes and princesses fell ill. And everyone who fell ill perished. For a time, the people despaired of losing the entire royal bloodline of Daein. It seemed that none would survive.
Ike: And yet Ashnard survived.
Tanith: He did. It is quite interesting, in a sense. You see, his name was never mentioned in any talk of succession before that time. He was of such a distant bloodline that he was unlikely to be king. In another place though, his name was already well known.
Ike: Where was that?
Tanith: On the battlefield. As you know, Daein is home to many brave warriors. At the time, then-prince Ashnard was said to have been a match for an entire troop of pegasus knights. Begnion and Daein both keep close watch over their borders, and their patrols fought in many skirmishes. Although there was no war to speak of, these land disputes did end with Daein claiming a small portion of Begnion soil. It would be no exaggeration to say this was solely due to the strength of one man: Ashnard.
Ike: ...
Tanith: Forgive me. I have spoken longer than I intended. It's about time we get back to the business of marching preparations.
Ike: No, thank you for telling me so much. If we have another chance, please share more of your stories.
Tanith: Understood.


Tormod: Ike! Which troop should we fall in with? We have received no orders yet.
Ike: Tormod, Muarim, I know I've asked you many times, but... Are you sure you want to be here?
Tormod: You keep asking that! Maybe you don't want us here. Is that it? I don't know what to think!
Ike: No, it's not that at all. To be honest, the battle ahead is going to be hard... It looks bleak. I'd rather that those without direct lines to Crimea not get involved.
Tormod: A bleak battle? What about trying to free all the slaves in Begnion? Now THOSE were bleak battles. Bleak battles are our specialty. Right, Muarim?
Muarim: Yes, you are. Yet...thanks to Ike's time in Begnion, things have changed completely.
Ike: That's right. The apostle has promised to press her investigation until there's not a single laguz slave left in the entire nation. So, there's no reason for you two to continue fighting, is there? You don't owe me anything--
Tormod: We're going to fight with you, Ike. We want to help!
Muarim: It is our right to join you in this. Just as it is your right to refuse us.
Ike: To be perfectly frank, I would be willing to beg to get you to join us. Both of you, all right?
Muarim: All right.
Tormod: Ha ha! You can count on us!