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Cordelia/Quotes (Awakening)

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Event tile and Barracks event quotes

I just finished my copy of "Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight." So embarrassing…
— Cordelia, when gaining experience from an event tile or in the Barracks.
I snuck in some training. Effort is the start of excellence.
— Cordelia, when gaining weapon experience from an event tile.
Oh, did someone lose this? Perhaps I might deliver it...
— Cordelia, when finding an item in an event tile or in the Barracks.
I'm really outdoing myself today. I wonder if he's noticed...
— Cordelia, when getting a surge in the Barracks.
Sigh... Oh gods! Did I truly say the word "sigh" out loud? I'm getting worse...
— Cordelia, when failing to get a reward in the Barracks.

Barracks greeting quotes

Good morning, Robin. Here to sneak in one last nap?
— Cordelia, during the morning.
Robin! Here for a break? I get sleepy as the day drags on.
— Cordelia, during the afternoon.
Evening, Robin. Taking a break? We all need to.
— Cordelia, during the evening.
What's wrong, Robin? Can't you sleep?
— Cordelia, at night.
Happy birthday, Robin!
— Cordelia, on Robin's birthday.
Hello, Robin. Nice day we're having.
— Cordelia, during the morning if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. What's in store for you today?
— Cordelia, during the afternoon if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. The days feel short, don't they?
— Cordelia, during the evening if married to Robin.
Hello, Robin. Why don't we retire for the night?
— Cordelia, at night if married to Robin.

Event tile and Barracks conversation quotes

General quotes

Did you just meet the love of your life? You look so happy!
— Cordelia, when asking a question about mood
Ha ha! Where did you get that idea? I just like being in good company, that's all.
— Cordelia, when answering a question about mood
I haven't seen you around camp in a while. What have you been up to?
— Cordelia, when asking a question about hobby
Oh, I'm always running errands to town. My pegasus is suited for that sort of thing.
— Cordelia, when answering a question about hobby
We all have to work hard to fulfill our dreams. What are yours?
— Cordelia, when asking a question about dreams
I just want my days to be filled with joy. You never know which will be your last.
— Cordelia, when answering a question about dreams
Why don't we fight together next time? You don't have to do everything alone.
— Cordelia, when asking a question about fighting together
Of course. I would welcome the change of pace.
— Cordelia, when answering a question about fighting together

Quotes specifically with Chrom

You look so happy, Chrom. Did you just sweep another woman off her feet?
— Cordelia, when asking Chrom a question about mood
No, Chrom... The thing I like is just a bit further out of reach.
— Cordelia, when answering Chrom's question about mood
Ah, Chrom! I haven't seen you around camp. How have you been passing the time?
— Cordelia, when asking Chrom a question about hobby
Oh, I'm always running errands to town. Can I pick anything up for you?
— Cordelia, when answering Chrom's question about hobby
What kind of things do you dream of, Chrom?
— Cordelia, when asking Chrom a question about dreams
I have more dreams than I can count, but I know some are not meant to be.
— Cordelia, when answering Chrom's question about dreams
Er, Chrom, I was wondering if... Well, it would honor me to fight together.
— Cordelia, when asking Chrom a question about fighting together
YES! That would be... I would be honored! Truly!
— Cordelia, when answering Chrom's question about fighting together

Quotes specifically with a lover

I love you, <lover>. You're the only one I don't have to be perfect around.
— Cordelia, her "I love you" quote
I love you too. I've never been happier!
— Cordelia, responding to her lover's "I love you" quote
<Lover>, why is it you only captivate me more as time goes on?
— Cordelia, her "You're beautiful" quote
Thank you. I strive to be the best woman I can for the man I love.
— Cordelia, responding to her lover's "You're beautiful" quote
<Lover>, look me in the eye and promise you'll stay safe for me.
— Cordelia, asking her lover not to leave her
Peace. You know I'm not an easy woman to kill. I won't leave you.
— Cordelia, answering her lover when asked not to leave him
Oops! <Lover>, you dropped this. ...Wait, what is it?
— Cordelia, when offering her lover a gift
It's medicine to heal any wound. You're always putting yourself in danger.
— Cordelia, when her lover offers a gift

Quotes specifically with a child

How did you spend your time in the future, <child>?
— Cordelia, when asking a question about a child's life in the future
Well, I used to be painfully lonely and in love with a man I could not have. I even dreamt of death... But I found another man who sustains me and a daughter I can be proud of. So trust me—no matter how dark things seem, you will always pull through it.
— Cordelia, when answering a child's question about her life
Are you all right, <child>? You look completely out of it.
— Cordelia, asking a child if she is ill
Ha ha! I'm fine. Don't worry so much! Your mother is a tough woman.
— Cordelia, answering a child asking if she is ill
Is there anything you need, <child>? Don't be afraid to ask your mother.
— Cordelia, when offering her child a gift
Really? Thank you. Why don't we get matching hair ornaments? I'll pay!
— Cordelia, when her child offers a gift
<Child>, come spar with me. I know you're capable of greater things than I.
— Cordelia, when asking a child to train
All right. But don't underestimate your mother.
— Cordelia, when a child asks to train

Paired battle quotes

Could be trouble.
— Cordelia
It's you and me.
— Cordelia
I'll keep you safe!
— Cordelia
Stay calm.
— Cordelia
I'm here.
— Cordelia
Shall we mop up?
— Cordelia
Won't be long.
— Cordelia
Look out.
— Cordelia
— Cordelia
Stay with me.
— Cordelia
To victory!
— Cordelia
Face me!
— Cordelia, performing a Dual Strike.
My turn!
— Cordelia, performing a Dual Strike.
Have another!
— Cordelia, performing a Dual Strike.
I got this!
— Cordelia, performing a Dual Strike.
All too easy!
— Cordelia, performing a Dual Strike.
I gotcha!
— Cordelia, performing a Dual Strike.
— Cordelia, performing a Dual Guard.
Watch out!
— Cordelia, performing a Dual Guard.

Critical quotes

That's quite enough!
— Cordelia
I can do this.
— Cordelia
Now, you've angered me!
— Cordelia
Out of my sight!
— Cordelia

Level up quotes

I'll prove myself in time.
— Cordelia, when one or no stats grow in a Level Up.
There. Now i must do it again.
— Cordelia, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
I hardly knew I had such strength!
— Cordelia, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
I would do all this and more to be with him...
— Cordelia, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
I must find my strength within from now on.
— Cordelia, when her stats are mostly capped and one or no stats grow in a Level Up.

Class Change quote

I am yours to mold as you see fit.
— Cordelia, when changing class.

Shop quotes

Please don't get anything too expensive...
— Cordelia, when buying items at a shop.
Help yourself. These items belong to all of us.
— Cordelia, when selling items at a shop.
Strength should come from the wielder.
— Cordelia, when forging weapons at a shop.

Defeat quotes

— Cordelia's defeat voice clip
Nngh! Curse me, I am weak! I must retreat...
— Cordelia, in Chapter 7
I was given this life by my friends... It is not mine to throw away... Sorry, Chrom, but I have to retreat...and save myself...
— Cordelia's retreat quote in Classic Mode
I did my best, but that wasn't good enough. I'm leaving now...
— Cordelia's retreat quote in Casual Mode

Battle quotes

Victory quotes

— Cordelia
As it must be.
— Cordelia
Over already?
— Cordelia
I must prevail!
— Cordelia

Endgame: Grima quotes

We're all right here by your side!
— Cordelia
Too many times now have I watched loved ones give their lives for me... I must hold on to faith that this time will be different.
— Cordelia, if Robin sacrifices him/herself to kill Grima.
My good prince... My joy has no bounds...
— Cordelia, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima.
The day you proposed to me was the happiest of my life. I want nothing more than to keep you close until the end of my days.
— Cordelia, if Chrom lands the final blow on Grima, and if she is married to Robin.

Against Seliph in Champions of Yore 2

Seliph: Withdraw your forces and surrender. There is no honor in a brigand's fight.
Cordelia: We are not brigands, sir! And there IS honor in fighting for my comrades...and for him!

Against Seliph in Champions of Yore 3

Cordelia: We are not your enemies. Look beyond what you've been told, and you will see the truth!
Seliph: Truth is in the eye of the beholder, is that it? Then perhaps it's you who needs look closer. Behold the truth of your defeat!

Against Catria in Lost Bloodlines 2

Catria: Retreat, visitor, or this will be your resting place.
Cordelia: I admire your confidence. But do I look so weak to you?
Catria: It's not confidence, my lady. It is necessity. I cannot fail here... Someone close to my heart requires I succeed. Even if he does not realize how dear he is to me...
Cordelia: You're in love with a man you cannot have. I understand that pain. Then neither of us can fail... But I will fail less!

Against Caeda in Lost Bloodlines 3

Cordelia: It's an honor to fight you, milady. Tales of your exploits inspired me as a child.
Caeda: Tales? Exploits?
Cordelia: I didn't expect you to understand, but this was my only chance to say it...

Against Nino in Smash Brethren 2

Nino: I have to win and prove my worth to Mother!
Cordelia: Then I pray that fate treats you kindly—because I cannot.

Against Nino in Smash Brethren 3

Cordelia: I won't die here! My fallen sisters haven't called me to their side yet!
Nino: Well, you're mistaken if you think a Black Fang like me will die instead!

Against Leif in Rogues & Redeemers 2

Leif: You will never have this land!
Cordelia: We don't want the land. We want you off of it!

Against Leif in Rogues & Redeemers 3

Leif: I've already lost one kingdom. I refuse to lose another!
Cordelia: I know all too well how it feels to lose all that you love. Let us see which of us has learned more from our grief!

DLC battle quotes

So everyone else was keeping the gold they found for themselves... I always deliver what I find to Chrom. It gives us a chance to talk! *Siiiiiiiiigh* Wait, this is no time to get dreamy! Focus, Cordelia, focus!
— Cordelia, in The Golden Gaffe.
Interesting... These dead things would make exceptional training dummies. Though personally, I'd prefer to better myself using more challenging methods. But if my lord needs faster results, I am certainly happy to oblige.
— Cordelia, in EXPonential Growth.
Are these warriors really the dead given life again? Then could my friends, my family, the pegasus knights... No, such thoughts are folly. The dead deserve to rest in peace.
— Cordelia, in Infinite Regalia.
How terrible. You were just going about your lives peacefully... And then HE came along and took it all away. I wish we could have arrived sooner and saved you from all this.
— Cordelia, in Death's Embrace.
I know full well the agony of facing life without my kin... I won't allow Anna to be cast into that heart-wrenching abyss. In the name of the knight-sisters who died for me, I will prevail!
— Cordelia, in Five-Anna Firefight.
So what fascinating secrets have you uncovered about me? It says I'm compensating with this breastplate, doesn't it? ...Well, that's one secret I'm afraid you're going to have to take back to the grave!
— Cordelia, in Roster Rescue.
The blue water, the rhythm of the waves... The ocean is so romantic. Or at least it would be if you rogues weren't fouling it up. You'll pay for sowing these happy sands with strife!
— Cordelia, in Summer Scramble.
They say these waters do wonders for the skin... I wonder if it's true. I suppose I could make time to soak later, but... No. I am a knight. I am sworn to higher ideals than smooth, beautiful... *sigh*
— Cordelia, in Hot-Spring Scramble.