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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Cord's paired base conversations.

Cord and Kris

First conversation

Kris: You are... Sir Cord, right?
Cord: Oh, you know about me?
Kris: Huh? Yes, I do.
Cord: I see, you show some promise. Even though Bord and I look completely different, people get us mixed up all the time. It kinda bothers me.
Kris: Yes, I think I can understand that.
Cord: True, we're both mercenaries from Talys, and we're both woodcutters.
Kris: I see you talk alike, too.
Cord: Yeah, well I guess. But we're totally different. For instance, err... That's right, our faces! I've got the more handsome face, doncha agree?
Kris: Handsome...?
Cord: Yeah, take a goood look at my face. He can't deny it either. You, too, remembered I was Cord 'cause I'm more handsome, right? If you remember Cord's the handsome one, then you'll know who's who right away!
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Y-yeah...
(If Kris is female)
Kris: I-indeed...

Second conversation

Cord: That Bord can be a really nosy dude... A long time ago, when I was about to pummel ten bandits... He kept butting into my business, saying ten was too much and that I should stop.
Kris: But, Sir Bord's advice sounds reasonable. Fighting ten by yourself is rather...
Cord: Yeah, but y'see. The village was being ransacked. I didn't know that village. But I betcha, there were people living in peace there, just like in my village. And just thinking about those damn bandits crushing the people and their peace... I couldn't let that happen. You know that feeling, doncha?
Kris: Yes, I know it well. I too would not allow the bandits to do harm.
Cord: Oh, so you do get it. I could get along with you. Too bad I can't say the same of Bord.

Third conversation

Cord: But y'see, that Bord is really an annoying dude... Even if I wanted to, I can't get rid of him. He's always been my pal, see.
Kris: Because you recognize each other's worth.
Cord: Nonsense. You're kidding me, right? When we meet, we fight all the time. ...But, even that dude has got one good point. His camaraderie.
Kris: Camaraderie...?
Cord: Yeah, that's right. To him, long-time comrades are just like family--no, above family even. He wouldn't regret putting his life on the line for his friends. That's why he can't help but meddle in my matters. He'd never turn his back on his friends. No matter what. If something were to happen to me, he'd be there for me. That's why I can be so rash.
Kris: As I thought. You really do recognize each other's worth.
Cord: N-nonsense. Were you even listening to me?

Bord and Cord

First conversation

Bord: Oh! There y'are, Cord.
Cord: What's it now, Bord?
Bord: Somebody mistook me for you, AGAIN!
Cord: Wha...! Who was it!? I'll take care of 'em. Tell me!!
Bord: Err... Huh, who was it again?
Cord: Hey! Gimme a break. Man... You're really slow. You're like my complete opposite.
Bord: What!? What about you? Hitting things without caring what happens. Faster doesn't mean better!
Cord: What...! ......Show it. Today, we're gonna prove who's the better one!
Bord: Yeah, bring it! Don't come cryin' to me later!
Cord: Heh, that's MY line, buddy. I'mma force you into an early retirement!
Marth: Did I just... hear something incredibly dangerous...?

Second conversation

Bord: Hahh, haah...
Cord: What's wrong? Outta breath already, Bord...?
Bord: Heh heh... Don't be crazy. Look at yourself first! Alright, time to drop... Here I come!
Cord: Me too... Have atcha!
Bord: One, two... yeah. Nine it is.
Cord: ...Alright. I got ten!
Bord: What! Show me.
Cord: Here ya go! Whaddya think?
Bord: Y-you sonuva...
Cord: Whaddya know? I win... this one.
Bord: Wahaha! Nonsense! Look at how you've cut these... More doesn't mean better, you dolt! Seriously, what are you gonna use this wood for?
Cord: Firewood man, firewood! Who cares about the shape if you're gonna burn 'em anyway? You're too naive!
Bord: What didya say!? The cut of the wood can make it easier or harder to burn! You're the naive one!
Cord: Gah... You just won't accept it, will ya.
Bord: Of course I won't.
Cord: Then... we'll settle our score in that forest over there!
Bord: Yeah! Don't worry. I'll pay my respects to your grave soon enough!
Marth: Oh dear, those two... They're doing just as I feared, aren't they?

Third conversation

Cord: Hiyaah, hyaah...
Bord: Did we... take our match too far?
Cord: What, you crying already?
Bord: Don't spout rubbish. Aren't you the one with the trembling voice?
Cord: Heh, shut up. I... chopped down the most trees! Victory is mine.
Bord: Nah...! Just look at this opening. It's my win, any way you slice it!
Cord: What!?
Bord: C'mon, don't tell me you're still denyin' it!?
Cord: Damn you...!
Marth: Wait, you two! Why are you fighting?
Cord: Oh, Prince Marth...
Marth: Did you two cut down all of... these trees by yourselves?
Cord: Yeah... That's right.
Marth: Ah, these trees... Bord cut these, right?
Bord: What, you can tell!?
Marth: Of course. It's a very clean, neat cut. There's no better material for crafting training weapons than this. ...That is what I've heard Jagen say many times. Let me express my gratitude. Thank you, Bord.
Bord: Ah, thanks.
Marth: Then, that mountain of wood must be Cord's.
Cord: Y-yeah.
Marth: Cord. Thanks to you, we've no lack of firewood. Your efforts mean that we've never had any shortage of cooked food or lighting. Thank you.
Cord: Uh, no biggie.
Marth: ...By the way, why were the two of you engaged in such a heated contest?
Cord: N-no, it's...
Bord: ...Cord. Just this time, let's call it a draw... No, this time... we're both winners!
Cord: Yeah, ain't that right!