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This page contains all of Conrad's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Conrad: Greetings, Anthiese! You're looking lovely today as usual. Hah! No need to be bashful—I merely speak the truth. Growing up at the villa, you always were my favorite sibling. Small wonder, what with my mother being Rigelian. The other siblings and their mothers always kept me at arm's length. But you and Liprica were always kind to me, and I appreciated it. ...You don't look thrilled. I'm sorry. Is it hard hearing stories of the past? I understand why you'd feel that way, but I've been in hiding ever since. For me, memories of you from the villa are some of my only happy ones.

Conversation 2

Conrad: ...Hmm? You want to hear about the night the villa was burned? My mother's handmaiden snuck me out through an underground passage. When I asked about you, they told me you'd died. I remember running through the night, half-blind from crying. We didn't stop till we crossed into Rigel, where I settled in the hamlet. After that, it was long days of sword practice and studying under Halcyon. Not to mention doing all his cleaning and cooking and laundry. Heh. I didn't mind. He was hiding me, and it's not like there were servants around. So if you ever get hungry, just say the word and I'll whip up something tasty!

Conversation 3

Conrad: Duma Tower isn't far now. How are you feeling, Anthiese? Are you scared? Of course you'd say that. You're as strong as they come. But don't forget you have me and everyone else at your back, okay? I'm not suggesting you don't believe in us. It's more like... Sometimes it's like you're running off ahead without us, and it's...lonely. I don't know. Sorry. I'm not doing a great job of explaining this.