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Claude/Supports (Warriors: Three Hopes)

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Available in both parts
Available in both parts
Available in both parts
Available in both parts
Available in Part II
Available in Part II
S: Select before final chapter

C Support

Dimitri: What do you hope to accomplish once this war is over, Claude?
Claude: Why, worried I have some nasty plot up my sleeve? Well, I don't - although I doubt you're gonna like what I do have planned. I'm just gonna come out and say it: After the war, I'm going to abolish the Central Church and depose the archbishop. The people of Fódlan have been shackled by this decrepit system for too long, and I'm ending it.
Dimitri: You're going to do away with the church?
Claude: That's right. Think about it. Who steals your freedom and gives you an endless list of duties and obligations simply because you have a Crest? Who forces you and your friends into a bunch of unwanted marriages and positions of power? The church even forbids any official contact with outside regions! Not exactly great for Faerghus, right? Being as close to Sreng and Albinea as you are.
Dimitri: But to be clear, your issue is with the church, yes? Not with Faerghus itself?
Claude: Exactly. We have nothing to gain by fighting you. And really, our enemy isn't the actual church so much as the people at the top who make all the decisions.
Dimitri: I understand where you're coming from, Claude, and on a personal level I actually agree with you.
Claude: Buuut as a king you're opposed?
Dimitri: Yes, for three reasons. First, abolishing the church would deny the king's right to rule Faerghus. Without one, the people will descend into chaos and war. Would you be able to take responsibility for such a thing, once it came to pass? Second, recklessly discarding the church will only incite discord among the clergy and its supporters. And finally, a revolution of this nature will not only mean casualties among the commonfolk, but will endanger your own life as well.
Claude: Leaving the first two for a second, I have some serious issues with that last one. I'm glad you're concerned for my safety, but I can take care of myself.
Dimitri: But don't you see? The people you wish to depose are human, just as you are. No matter what ingenious scheme you come up with or how careful you try to be, they will suffer. And their vengeance will eventually find you, no matter how hard you try to stave it off. I know full well the guilt that accompanies such actions... and the retribution they provoke.
Claude: Everyone has to deal with the consequences of their decisions. If you let it rule you, Fódlan never changes. And if it doesn't change, it'll just fall apart.
Dimitri: But not taking the time to look where you're going will only lead you to stumble and fall. And if there are those who would be hurt by this, I consider it my duty to help them.
Claude: Heh. There you go, trying to save everyone again. You really are too good for me!
Dimitri: To be honest, I'm jealous of how you're not burdened with the same restrictions.
Claude: In the world I'm trying to create, you wouldn't be burdened by them either. You could even... No, forget that. I'm serious about what I said, though. And I really do admire how you want to save everyone. Honestly, if you weren't a king, I think we could've been friends.
Dimitri: I feel much the same. Had I joined with you, I might have been able to see a different vision of Fódlan.