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Clash in Macedon/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


After defeating Grust, the Archanean League at long last reaches Macedon's border. A proud force of Macedon's wyvern knights are at the ready and will not let them pass. Rumors spread of countless warriors ready to spill from the fortresses… Can Marth's army fight its way through them and cross into Macedon?
— Chapter 14 Opening


Gotoh: Marth, can you hear me? I await you in the village north of the Macedon Aerie… Yes, I am near! If you indeed obtained the orbs, then bring them to me with haste! Without Starlight, you have no hope of taking Falchion back from Gharnef. Gharnef has retreated to Thabes, the city of illusion. Without a doubt, he has taken Elice there with him! I have protected your sister till now, but I cannot protect her forever… Hurry! Save Elice!

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Grust would harry the League no more. Marth led his forces on to Medon. However, Medon’s Dragoons were ready to waylay them at the border; countless reinforcements hovered within the fortresses, waiting to strike…Would Marth be able to lead the League safely through the gauntlet?
— Chapter 21 intro

During battle

(If Minerva is not in the party)

Malledus: Sire, we are nearing the Macedonian border.

Marth: Did you send a messenger?

Malledus: Yes...but...

Marth: They will not yield.

Malledus: No reply came, sire...

Marth: I knew they might not switch and join us, but I had at least hoped to avoid bloodshed...So be it. Macedon stands between us and Dolhr. And Gotoh is here somewhere as well. If the battle must be fought, I mean to fight it well.

(If Minerva is in the party)

Marth: Princess Minerva, we will soon reach the Macedonian border. Are you certain you wish to join the battle? If you’ve any reservations about fighting your own countrymen-

Minerva: If I did, Prince Marth, I would not have offered you my axe.

Marth: But surely-

Minerva: You have the wrong idea. Perhaps you think I wish to spare my brother and former vassals, forgive them for seeing things differently?

Marth: ...Don’t you?

Minerva: I would be lying if I said I did not wish it were that simple. But history needs to remember that when Macedon went astray, it was a Macedonian who set things right.

Marth: Even if it means your own brother may die?

Minerva: Since I was little, I followed in Michalis’s footsteps. Whatever books he read, I read; whenever he practiced the sword, I was close by, watching, learning...He was always a step ahead: my hero, something to aspire to. Even now, some part of me loves him. ...I love him enough to spare him death on some stranger’s sword, you see? Let him be punished by my hands.

Against Orridyon

Orridyon: Rebels! You have strutted into the wrong kingdom this time!

Defeating Orridyon

Orridyon: Nngh! I am but a Macedon’s unshakeable foundation...


Gotoh: ...Prince Marth...

Marth: That voice! Lord Gotoh, is that you?

Gotoh: I see you have made it to Macedon. You will find me in a village north of the Macedon aerie, their castle. If you possess the Lightsphere and Starsphere, have them in hand when you visit me here. ...Ah, yes. I also have good news. Your sister Elice is unharmed.

Marth: What?! You are certain? Where is she now?

Gotoh: Thabes, city of illusion. Gharnef took her with him when he fled. I pray you rescue her soon.

Marth: I will!

Gotoh: But first, bring me the two orbs. Without Starlight’s mighty blast, Gharnef will only add your life to the list of things he has taken from you.